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El Salvador president Nayib Bukele described how the life of the country, it's economy and it's social relations changed after the crack down on the criminal gangs despite the opposition of the global economic elites.

This is the most enlightening fact rich, concise expose of what is happening. It is amazingly informative!!

Tucker Carlson has released a new video on his website that gives an inside look at a grocery store in Moscow, Russia.

The video, TC Shorts: The Moscow Grocery Store, and in the description of the video, Tucker writes, “We’ve been told sanctions on Russia have had a devastating effect on its economy. We visited a grocery store in Moscow and found a very different situation.”

In the video, Tucker points out that sanctions by the United States and other European nations have had no impact on grocery stores in Russia despite the corporate media claiming so.

Tucker also showed the large variety of food the Moscow supermarket contained and noted their prices are much more affordable than in the U.S.

Swing State That Passed Constitutional Carry Sees Decrease in Gun Crime, Dealing Blow to Gun Control Claims

In June 2022, Ohio’s constitutional carry law went into effect.

“In the year following, crime involving guns dropped across Ohio’s eight largest cities as a whole and in six of the eight individually,” the state attorney general’s office said in a Jan. 3 news release.

“Researchers analyzed data spanning from June 2021 to June 2023 — a year before and a year after the law took effect — focusing on crimes involving firearms, verified gunshot-detection alerts and the number of officers struck by gunfire,” the office said.

“The study showed significant decreases in the number of crimes involving firearms in Akron, Columbus and Toledo, and across all eight cities combined,” it said.

Parma had the largest drop in gun crime at 22 percent. The total decrease across the eight cities was 8 percent.

AI Attitude Changer

The attitude-changing machine. Dr. Bertram Raven, in the Psychology Department at the University of California at Los Angeles, is in the process of building a computer-based device for changing attitudes. This device will work on the principle that students’ attitudes can be effectively changed by using the Socratic method of asking an appropriate series of leading questions logically designed to right the balance between appropriate attitudes and those deemed less acceptable. For instance, after first determining a student’s constellation of attitudes through appropriate testing procedures, the machine would calculate which attitudes are out of phase and which of these are amenable to change. If the student was opposed to foreign trade, for example, and a favorable disposition were sought, the machine would select an appropriate series of statements and questions organized to right the imbalance in the student’s attitudes. The machine, for instance, would have detected that the student liked President Kennedy and was against the spread of communism; therefore, the student would be shown that JFK favored foreign trade and that foreign trade to underdeveloped countries helped to arrest the communist infiltration of these governments. If the student’s attitudes toward Kennedy and against communism were sufficiently strong, Dr. Raven would hypothesize that a positive change in attitude toward foreign trade would be effectively brought about by showing the student the inconsistency of his views. There is considerable evidence that such techniques do effectively change attitudes. The question arises: what is the appropriate subject material, or “attitudes,” in this instance, with which to indoctrinate the student?

The Missing Binder...

The Missing Crossfire Hurricane Binder: President Trump Demanded its Contents Be Released – The FBI Wants It Hidden from the American Public and Will Do Anything to Prevent Its Release

In an explosive development in August 2022 following the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, sources close to the high-profile investigation revealed that the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago was specifically aimed at recovering a “missing top-secret binder.”

This document is rumored to contain damning evidence of former President Barack Obama’s CIA and FBI involvement in initiating the Russia collusion narrative against President Trump.

You can still find the link to this memorandum of declassification here.

Those darn white supremacist mass shooters:

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