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Fight For Trump - Save America - Save the World

President Trump released a video entitled ‘Fight for Trump’:

See it here: 2 minutes

Last night, President Trump sent out a tweet at 1:42 AM, where he promoted a “big protest” in DC against the election fraud.

President Trump included a link to a Washington Examiner story about Peter Navarro’s 36-page report alleging election fraud that was “more than sufficient” to swing the victory.

Navarro is the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

A great report by Peter. Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” President Trump wrote.

What is actually going on:

The Executive Order repost regarding foreign interference in our elections was due Friday, but the Deep State in the intelligence agencies gutted it, so good guy DNI Radcliffe refused to sign off on it until the parts about China were put back in. In the meantime Navarro submitted a report full of election fraud proof so plans can proceed on schedule.

We are not short of proof - and more prof keeps coming in. What we are short of now is representatives with backbone. Therefore President Trump called for the march on Washington on the 6th.

We are also short on justice. While some of Sidney Powell's filings were accepted, the court is slow walking them by scheduling them to the time when they become relatively moot. Conservative justices were able to get it on the docket, but the scheduling is done by others - presumably under the control of Chief Justice John Roberts. Apparently all it takes is a liberal justice dragging their feet to delay a hearing.

Damning information about Chief Justice Roberts has been leaking out for some time. Lin Wood has been pointing out that a John Roberts is in Epstein's Lolita Express flight logs.

Now a real blockbuster has now been released: It appears the John Roberts in the flight logs is in fact the Chief Justice:


Pictures of the other people in the image was released years ago, but the wider picture with Roberts was just released now. Someone was withholding them until now. It certainly looks like him and he is in the flight logs for the Lolita Express.

The allegations of bribery for the Obamacare ruling paid off in Milan immediately after the ruling, and the allegations that his two adopted children were the products of a sex slave farm being run by John of God in Brazil seem all the more likely to be true now.

Then there is this reported conversation overheard in the SCOTUS:

2 minutes 15 seconds:

The SCOTUS tried to explain it away saying there were no meetings in person because of Covid, but it would be reasonable for a transcriber and witnesses to have been present in a Zoom meeting in the Court and be overheard. Whether it happened or not is not clear.

Lin Wood wrote:

"In discussing @realDonaldTrump in phone conversation in 8/19, Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.” Roberts engaged in phone conversations with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to work to get Trump voted out."

Wood, asked to share the information he has, told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement: “At this time, I cannot. People are worried about their safety.”

Since that was released many are calling for Justice Roberts to recuse himself from any election related cases due to obvious bias.

In another "ruling" the SCOTUS again kicked the can down the road - perhaps hoping that Biden would pack the court in their favor later:

The SCOTUS approved of excluding illegal aliens from the Census for now...

In a 6-3 decision, the court ruled that since Trump lacked the standing to order that illegal immigrants not be counted, the court could not weigh in on the issue in any substantive way. In making an appeal to the Supreme Court, Trump was required to show that "an actual controversy must exist not only at the time the complaint is filed but through all stages of the litigation."

"Consistent with our determination that standing has not been shown and that the case is not ripe, we express no view on the merits of the constitutional and related statutory claims presented," the court wrote. "We hold only that they are not suitable for adjudication at this time."

Justice Stephen Breyer, in a dissent joined by Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, wrote that "the uncertainty" about the timing of the case "does not warrant our waiting to decide the merits of the plaintiffs’ claim." Breyer added that in his view, excluding anyone from the census is unlawful and that the court should speak out on that fact.

The fight now goes to the Congress - where it is expected that the electors will be challenged by conservative Senators and Representatives.

On Thursday Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) and 18 House colleagues sent a letter to Mitch McConnel, Nancy Pelosi and various House and Senate chairs requesting fraud hearings ahead of the Jan 6th Electoral College vote submissions.

See the letter here:

Following the remarks by Brooks on contesting the fraudulent election Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell WARNED GOP MEMBERS NOT to object to the stolen election! Mitch said it would force Republicans to vote against the move and “that would look anti-Trump.”

What can we do? 3 things:

1. Contact every Representative in your state, other states, and in DC. Burn up the phone lines and internet social media. Give them a good chewing out. Make them aware of your anger to help them know you support them if and only if they fight for Trump.

It's easy by clicking here:

2. Financially support the legal fight by donating to Sidney Powell.

3. Attend rallies and be loud! - especially the one in DC on the 6th of January - or find someone to sponsor to go.

Supporting the legal fight:

You can make donations to support Sidney Powell by following this link:

She is planning on legally overturning the fake election in every state, and get Republicans their rightful offices. She is also preparing a RICO suit against Dominion, Smartmatic and all those involved in the fraud. She has also filed for expedited relief in the SCOTUS. Perhaps if they feel enough heat they may yet do the right thing. She is courageous and honorable, and working very hard for us.

Share their messages:

General Flynn here:

CLEARLY THERE WAS A FOREIGN INFLUENCE Tied to These Dominion Machines - Goes Back to China, Russia, Iran - TRUMP SHOULD REVOTE THESE STATES!

More is coming out about the vast amounts of money and malfeasance going on:

Newsome sent billions to China "for masks" that never arrived. Here may be why:

"Why would they be sending money to China, disguised as various deals and purchases, masks Etc.?

They didn't.

In many States, including the contested States, the elected officials raided their own state, plundered their wealth, took your tax dollars and sent it overseas.

These untold billions of dollars, stolen from your state's taxes from federal money coming in for covid relief, has been hidden away under Chinese protection in various accounts around the world. Disguised as deals for services that never come through.

I have found six different accounts overseas that are tied to Newsome in California with a total of almost two billion dollars in them. Hogan in Maryland has his own accounts overseas. As do elected officials in multiple States. "

As if we did not have enough proof already, here is some more from Georgia:

Because I promised to post this here it is:

Pelosi urging people to congregate in Chinatown because Trump's COVID travel restrictions were "racist". February 24, Nancy Pelosi encourages large groups to congregate in Chinatown.

This was three weeks after Trump clamped down on travel from China:

And this from the United States Space Force:

Today, after a yearlong process that produced hundreds of submissions and research involving space professionals and members of the general public, we can finally share with you the name by which we will be known: Guardians.

Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, and now Guardians:

If you would like a letter to use as a model for your letters here is one:

Dear Senator,

I request you exercise your Constitutional and statutory authority to object to the certification of any elector from any state that refuses to allow a meaningful audit of the November general election for electors to the Presidency, which must include:

1) a re-canvass of the vote that authorizes independent confirmation of a signature match using the same standards the same election officials use for nomination petitions, recall petitions, and initiative petitions;

2) publishing of the ballots for the world to review and observe, as states promised when they wrote large taxpayer checks to election machine companies like Dominion and others; and

3) audited review of the voter rolls to insure only qualified voters cast ballots for electors to the Presidency. If a state refuses to allow an honest audit of the vote, then I request you object to the certification of any electors from that state which has refused such an audit. At present, this includes the electors from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

It's best if you use your own words, but this is a good letter.

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