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Federal Mandate Injunction!

Serious Rock!! Pure Blooded! Highly recommended. Should top the charts!

Judge Blocks Biden Administration from Firing Unvaccinated Civilian and Military Employees

Federal workers who are fighting President Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandate on the grounds of religion have won a round in court.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the District of Columbia on Thursday issued a temporary restraining order that protects military and civilian employees from being fired while their requests for religious exemptions to Biden’s vaccine mandate are being heard, according to Fox News.

“None of the civilian employee plaintiffs will be subject to discipline while his or her request for a religious exception is pending,” Kollar-Kotelly ordered.

The judge also ruled that “active duty military plaintiffs, whose religious exception requests have been denied, will not be disciplined or separated during the pendency of their appeals,” according to Fox News.

The court further ordered that Biden and the top administration officials named in the lawsuit file a notice Friday to indicate whether they will agree that no plaintiff will be disciplined or terminated until there is a final ruling on the question of religious exemptions.

This should also include contractors and sub-contractors for the federal government.

Chinese phones doing censorship in Lithuania:

In September, the Lithuanian government advised its officials to stop using Chinese-manufactured phones after discovering they were pre-programmed to censor 449 words or phrases considered objectionable by Beijing. That same week it was revealed that community newspapers in Australia serving Chinese speakers were printing censored stories. News articles sent to China for verbatim translation were being quietly scrubbed of criticism of Beijing.

China is now flexing its powers to impose censorship, of hard and soft varieties, beyond its own borders. The new Hong Kong national security law, the basis for Britain’s admonition to Browder, provides for the indictment of anyone, anywhere, for speech seen as inimical to Chinese security interests. China’s diktats affect sports, Hollywood, the publishing world, media and journalism outlets, higher education, tech and social media companies, and more.

Hollywood filmmakers know well that access to the world’s largest film market is determined by Beijing authorities which, under the terms of the country’s 2016 Film Industry Promotion Law, favor portrayals that “transmit the glorious Chinese culture or promote core socialist values.”

Directors and actors associated with such films as Seven Years in Tibet that depict China unfavorably have been frozen out professionally and, in some cases, have resorted to obsequious apologies to revive their careers. By contrast, action films with Chinese heroes and plotlines that flatter Beijing have won privileged slots for broad theatrical release, making as much as hundreds of millions of dollars on the mainland. The result is an acquiescent, anticipatory, even subconscious form of self-censorship whereby U.S. filmmakers have internalized Chinese taboos and rewards as integral to their success.

Governments, universities, and private foundations should invest in research—both government-sponsored and independent—to unmask and publicize Beijing’s octopus-like reach into so many Western industries and institutions. As long as those in decision-making positions are not called out and forced to consider the long-term implications of hewing to Beijing’s line, they will continue business as usual, seduced by China’s markets and money.

Spokeswoman for President Trump Liz Harrington commented on the poll, noting that a sieeable number of Democrats and independents believe the election should be overturned, “Morning Consult Poll: 35% of registered voters think 2020 should be overturned, 27% of Independents,60% of Republicans. Even 16% of Democrats think 2020 should be overturned.

No wonder it took so long... Justice a bit delayed?

WI Sheriff Schmaling: ‘ELECTION LAW WAS NOT JUST BROKEN BUT SHATTERED!” – Releases Evidence of Election Fraud in Racine Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Election Commission took advantage of impaired seniors. The Racine Sheriffs believe this crime occurred in all 72 counties.

Save one kid but kill 120.... FDA math.

Slides, especially notice on slide 30 on: See:

Public campaign to get the public used to the idea that strokes in kids is normal!

TruthSocial will be a Success!

More than 60 percent of registered Republicans said they plan to use former President Donald Trump’s yet-to-be-released social media platform, TRUTH Social, according to a new poll.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll of 1,999 registered voters found that 61 percent of Republicans and 63 percent of Trump voters plan to log on to the platform either “a lot” or “some” of the time.

Just 20 percent of Republicans said they don’t plan to use it at all, while 19 percent said they won’t go on the site “much,” according to the poll.

Australia is the canary in the coal mine. She is the testing ground for what they can get away with and what people will allow.

Dear frens,

It is an honor to associate with you. We are all, truly, brothers and sisters in the Great Awakening.

Now, right at this moment, the People of Australia and Victoria desperately need your assistance.

We desperately need people around the world to inform your representatives (congress, senators, influencers), your patriotic media (alt media, patriotic news outlets, etc) your people, of the now Dangerous Dictatorship arising in Victoria Australia. This is now 1933+ in Victoria. There is a new law being proposed, and instead of weeks of debate, the Premier (i.e. governor) is pushing it through to make it law with NO debate, in one or two days. We have little time.

Do you think I exaggerate? I do not.

Victoria has been in almost 15+ months of lockdown over the past 18 months. Must of that lockdown has been DRACONIAN. 1 hour exercise, one person shopping, only 3.5 miles travel allowed, no visitors, no small businesses, no churches, curfew from 9pm - 6am.

Now, the Premier of Victoria is rushing through Parliament a new law that will allow: the Premier to declare a pandemic emergency based only on his own concerns "That there is a serious risk". He can ignore or go against the advice of the Chief Health Officers, and declare the emergency unilaterally, without Parliament (congress), and whether or not the disease in question is present in the state (i.e. 0 cases) and whether or not the disease in question "has pandemic potential".

If he declares an emergency, he can do so for up to 3 months at a time, and extend it indefinitely (for ever). (Currently, it is limited to 6 months, and then extensions can only be 1 month at a time.)

Under these powers, the Government can then apply restrictions (masks, self-quarantine (house arrest), prevention from working, travelling, visiting, anything, based on a category of person, defined by sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, etc.

People in the state can be fined $20,000 (US $15,000) or imprisonment for 2 years for not wearing a mask. A business can be fined $100,000 (US $75,000) if a customer does NOT scan in using the government code system "correctly" (citizen tracing).

This bill will make the Premier of the state a full blown dictator in literal terms.

We need your help, because the Parliament is stacked, and the only way to prevent this is to raise such a hell of a ruckus and awareness that the people refuse to accept it. That will only happen when the WORLD begins to point out how dangerous this man has become, how lunatic and insane he has become, and how dangerous to Australia he is. He needs to be ridiculed, mocked, exposed.

By you.

I will attempt to post resources you can use.

Starting with the draft of the Bill first. SEND this to your congress people, your patriots, your analysts.

Please Demand that they denounce This megalomaniac for the violation of human freedoms and human rights he is now positioning himself to carry out.

Demand that Victorians be offered refugee status from a dictatorial regime. Anything to get the point across.

I will post resources in the following days, Please watch out for them. THese are resources suitable for MSM and regular normies...

Thank you for any aid you can provide on this one. We are fighting. WWG1WGA

Nobel Prize Winner tells the truth about PCR:

2 minutes 19 seconds that blow the whole PCR test out of the water:

Fauci being dogged by the truth (just kidding):

One timeline view of Fauci's career:

It's meaning is "The Metaverse". The trans-humanism universe. All things and all religions under Facebook control.

Q drop regarding Facebook and Meta data collection:

The Biden Administration has hired a George Soros lackey to run an investigation into the international strategy of the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Over the past three decades, Mr. Johnson has served in a variety of senior roles, including as global general counsel for Soros Fund Management, the investment management firm founded by George Soros;

This is what the FBI/DOJ didn't want you to see on the Jan 6 protesters: Police talking with them and then letting them in all peacefully.

1 minute.

This is Marvelous:

A musical creation you will enjoy and laugh at! LGB! 1.5 minutes.

This is awful:

“Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied, [and In This Case It’s] a Probable Death Sentence” – Dissenting Wisconsin Supreme Court Judges After Majority Refuses Man Ivermectin

Perhaps he should be arrested for what he did to all those nursing home residents...

To the tune of the Hall of the Mountain King:

2 minutes of what would be comedy if it weren't so serious:

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