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Election Fraud Cases back from the Dead

General Flynn, former Director of National Intelligence flat out says it:

Members of the House and Senate are blackmailed due to having sex with children in foreign countries.

Georgia Supreme Court rules Voters have Standing!!!

Here are the Democrats in their own words…

"I continue to think our voting machines are too vulnerable." Democrat Adam Schiff (CA)

"Researchers repeatedly demonstrate that ballot recording machines and other voting systems are suspectable to tampering." Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee (TX)

"In 2018 Electronic Voting Machines in Georgia and Texas deleted votes for certain candidates or switched votes from one candidate to another." Democrat Jennifer Wexton (VA)

"The biggest seller of voting machines is doing something that violates cyber-security 101...directing that you install remote access software which would make a machine like that a magnet for fraudsters and hackers." Democrat Ron Wyden (OR)

"These voting machines can be hacked quite easily." Democrat Ted Lieu (CA)

"You could easily hack into them. It makes it seem like these states are doing different things but, in fact, three companies are controlling that." Democrat Amy Klobuchar (MN)

"There are a lot of states that are dealing with antiquated machines that are vulnerable to being hacked." Democrat Kamala Harris, Vice President

"We know now how vulnerable our systems were. I know the 'hack-a-thon' that took place last year where virtually every machine was broken into fairly easily and quickly." Democrat Mark Warner (VA)

Police State

Is the United States becoming a police state? Incredibly the answer is yes, and both sides of the aisle agree. The only difference is that each accuses the other of seeking to establish a police state. Who’s right? This film resolves the question by defining what a police state is, and showing how it got started, how it operates, and who’s in charge. Working with Dan Bongino, Dinesh D’Souza has created his scariest and timeliest film!

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Sued by 42 States for Harming Young People with Addictive Facebook, Instagram Features

QUOTE: Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, formerly Facebook, is being sued by 42 U.S. states in multiple lawsuits accusing the tech giant of harming young people's mental health with addictive Facebook and Instagram features. The states, however, have not filed a similar complaint against the Chinese-owned app TikTok, which has shown itself to be a danger to young people. In one lawsuit, 33 states accuse Meta of knowingly designing Facebook and Instagram features that addict children and teens to the platforms. In addition to the 33 states, nine other attorneys general are filing suits in their states, bringing the total number of states taking action against Meta to 42, according to a report by Associated Press. The complaint, filed against Meta Platforms Inc. in federal court in California, claims the company consistently collects data on children under 13 years of age, without their parents' consent, which is a violation of federal law. It also accuses the tech giant of damaging young people's mental health and contributing to the youth mental health crisis. As Breitbart News reported, the app, owned by a hostile foreign country, is known as being harmful to young people, as it encourages kids to participate in trends that are dangerous and life-threatening — with some instances even resulting in death. TikTok is also widely viewed as a national security threat, and an entity that has meddled in U.S. elections. Some states, however, are trying to take action against the Chinese app. In May, Montana became the first U.S. state to ban TikTok when Governor Greg Gianforte (R) singed legislation that he said would protect the residents of his state from "the Chinese Communist Party."

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