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Democrat Mail Games Etc.


Biden in the Basement while President Trump is out there meeting crowds in 120 Degree Weather!

The president spoke inside an open hanger in Yuma with Air Force One in the background. “You know it’s 122 degrees in this place?” Trump asked the crowd, referring to the temperature in the building of people gathered for the rally. “You think Joe Biden could do this?”

The forecast for Yuma on Tuesday called for temperatures as high as 114 degrees with temperatures at the airport reaching 111 degrees at the time of Trump’s speech.

“It is hot in here, it’s 120 … think of yourself in a great spa, great sauna where it’s 120 degrees and you have to pay a lot of money to be there,” Trump joked with the crowd during his speech.

Trust the mail?

For years the USPS has arranged for paid leave en masse for its employees to campaign for Democrats:

CNN reported:

An Office of Special Counsel [OSC] report said the United States Postal Service actions during the 2016 campaign violated the Hatch Act, in favor of Hillary Clinton.

“Washington (CNN) – A government investigation concluded that the United States Postal Service “improperly coordinated” with a postal workers union that supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

According to the OSC report, the postal union would provide a list of USPS employees to USPS, asking that they be put on unpaid leave to participate in the political effort. Then the USPS management would disperse the lists, which were viewed lower down as “directives,” to give the letter carriers time off, including telling local supervisors to do so over concerns it would affect postal operations. The union would pay the employees out of its own political fund during their time off.”

“The OCS report said the practice was longstanding, perhaps ranging as far back as the 1990s.”

In a memo to fellow Democrats, the organization labeled Democrats is encouraging Democrats to vote more than once in the upcoming election. 

Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. 

In an email to their membership the liberal group claims “It’s okay” to vote twice.  After requesting and sending in a ballot using the emergency federal write in ballot (FWAB), the organization says go ahead and send in your official ballot too if you receive that:

And how would anyone know which ballot to keep? Aren't these secret ballots? Who decides which if any to throw out? A postal official? Like the one that is in the union that just endorsed Biden?

Democrats claiming Donald Trump is destroying the Post Office?

Msc. Tweets from people:

Why didn’t Joe Biden fix the USPS during his 47 years in office? Protestors are gathering in large groups, to protest in person voting, at the voting booth, because it’s not safe to gather in large groups. Wrap your head around that one.

According to USPS IG [Inspector General]:

“Nationally, the number of mail collection boxes declined by more than 12,000 in the past 5 years.” Before you scream @realDonaldTrump did it! That quote is from 2016, so all those mail boxes were removed when Obama and Biden were in office. "I’m a carrier for the Usps. I can confirm that. They did this bc they said mail volumn has declined, which is true. Also they save work hours by not having to pay someone to drive around to all the boxes and pick up what little mail is in there."

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What Happened to Millennial Millie?

They shut off power to the house when they were arrested and interrupted the movie upload. CPS is having a hearing to take her 2 kids before she's even been arraigned. Youboob and FB now attempting to memory hole the movie.

Message from Millie's Mother:

"This is Millie’s mother … It’s my cell phone worth about $50, that she took during a family dispute that happened months ago when I was in Ohio visiting my family. She took it because I had my phone on record during an argument we were having. We resolved the issue immediately and I dropped all charges right after it happened before I left Ohiobecause it was a gross misunderstanding and no harm was done. All families have their disagreements…especially during a quarantine…. In Ca nothing happens when you call the police…..I am shocked my family was arrested after I told the police to drop all charges months ago. I had a general affidavit of non prosecution notarized today and I spoke with the police chief , who told me I could not do anything until Monday morning and my daughter, son and her boyfriend have to stay in jail over the weekend. I am extremely upset… this is not what I wanted to happen. I think they have a lot bigger fish to fry…makes me think this might have been done to prevent her from coming out with some political information she is covering. There was no reason for this.

SOURCE URL: It certainly looks like someone in power wanted an excuse to arrest Millie. It is especially suspicious since the power was reportedly cut to her home just as she was uploading the documentary she made.

Flight Tax! California plans to tax those who leave...

Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto questioned California State Assemblyman Rob Bonta on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Friday over his proposal to institute a 0.4% wealth tax on Golden State residents worth more than $30 million.

The Alameda Democrat told Cavuto the proposed tax “affects about 0.15% of the California population — not the top 10%, not the top 1%, the top .15%, about 30,000 people” and would generate $7.5 billion in revenue for the state. Cavuto asked Bonta what happens if people move. Bonta called that “avoidance.” California would tax them for ten years. Bonte claimed they accrued the wealth in California. 

“If you move in Year One, 90% of the tax bill applies…” he said, adding that the following year it drops to 80% and so on until it is phased out to zero.

Cavuto said to Bonta they won’t be able to leave the state and “they might hate you.” He then asked Bonta what happens to people who acquired their wealth in another state.

If someone acquired their wealth in another state, they still have to pay the taxes for ten years when they move into the state.

(They had something like that in the Weimar Republic of Germany to prevent Jews etc. from leaving the country with their earnings. Cuba does something similar.)

BLM and Antifa are made up of gang members and their useful idiot pawns:

Members of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa threatened and assaulted a group of men who showed up, while accusing them of being “fascists.”

The militant leftists shined the lasers they have been using the blind officers in their eyes and threw projectiles while threatening them.

Antifa and BLM are threatening to kill the men.

“You’re playing with gang members, we’ll shoot every one of you.”

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 16, 2020

What percentage of BLM and Antifa are actually gang members doing it for gang purposes?

Gangs/Cartels want:

Open Borders

Freed Criminals

No drug prosecutions

Human sex trafficking unimpeded


Terrified people hiding from roving gangs

Defunded Police....

You get the idea. How is the Cartel wish list different from the Democrat platform? Not at all different. What does that tell you about what is really going on?

Peace Progress in the Middle East! Who could be against that? Democrats and their buddies:

Iran, Turkey, @brhodes and @RashidaTlaib United in criticizing a Peace deal. The possibility of returning to the Obama-Biden foreign policy days has our Middle East partners in fear. — Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) August 15, 2020

The Digital Democrat Convention has been a stinking mess!!

On Tuesday Black Democrat lawmakers chanted, “That’s a big effing deal!”during their Obamacare discussion. They were repeating Joe Biden’s hot mic moment where he told Obama his health care tornado was a “big f**king deal.”

Kamala Harris's "audience" was made up of duplicate people. Kamala's audience apparently couldn't hear her and just sat there like gerbils in a box. Fake Audience!

Joe Biden bowed before Kamala - Creepy Joe groveling before a racial and gender icon.

Low ratings compared to supposedly lesser internet beings...

More weirdness and fakes to come no doubt as tonight Hunter Biden the crackhead shows up.

Correction from what I (Dagny) said on the show Wednesday. Gateway Pundit and Dinesh D'Sousa were in error when they said Michelle urged people to vote twice. What she actually said was to vote early and then follow up to make sure it was counted. How you do that I don't now. Trying to do that might result in a second vote, which is probably the cause of Gateway pundit and D'Sousa to have erred. Normally they are highly reliable sources.

The statement was made on Monday night when former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to the virtual audience at the DNC Convention online. I had to listen to her speech to verify it

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