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Crimes Catching Up

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

They stole it so many ways...

Excellent Summary of Kari Lake's lawsuit: Fast Tracked to be tenatively heard Next Week...

Lake's challenge against Hobbs has standing and has overwhelming support and precedence from the law.

Broken machines forcing long lines and turning away voters, mostly Republicans

Greater than 200K ballots with broken chain of custody

Maladministration and cover up by election supervisors when problems and errors were reported by front line election officials

Greater than 20K Signatures on envelopes were absent or invalid

Box 3 mixed counted/uncounted ballots breaking chain of custody

Twitter Files: Hobbs interfered with election by getting the Feds to ban or shadow ban opponents

Hobbs threatened County officials to certify county canvassing against their will claiming that their roles are merely "ceremonial" and they must certify or face felony charges. This is illegal and overstepping the lawful bounds of an SOS.

Kari Lake Attorney Kurt Olsen: "When you see images of signatures that clearly don't match on the scale of tens of thousands, this is STUNNING."

“The experts Mike Lindell brought together have been quite explicit and factually well-supported in laying out how the fraud goes far deeper and is far more comprehensive than any sort of ham-handed ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing or illegal voting schemes on the ground.”

You should know that the Lindell Legal Offense Fund is the ONLY organization in the country dedicated to fighting the use of electronic voting machines!

But hiring quality lawyers and waging effective lawfare is expensive. We have the best computer specialists and cyber experts in the world! We are so blessed to have great people with so much talent working to secure our vote and get rid of these electronic voting machines! The personal cost has been enormous though and the costs are mounting.

We are relying on contributions from those who share our love for this country and want these machines gone!

I am asking you to dig deep and contribute to the Lindell Legal Offense Fund. We are working around the clock to end the use of electronic voting machines and save our country!

Georgia too....

DiFi owns Dominion IP?: EXPLAINS A LOT.

Democrat megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried is arrested in the Bahamas

FTX Summary:

Former FTX (crypto-exchange) CEO Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested on Monday by authorities in the Bahamas because they were notified that the U.S. Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against him and is expected to request extradition.

🔹FTX was a cryptocurrency exchange, which crashed in November due to a lack of liquidity and mismanagement of funds, followed by a large volume of withdrawals from rattled investors.

🔹Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX execs donated a total of $70 million to political campaigns in 18 months, $40 million of which Bankman-Fried himself donated to mostly liberal efforts

🔹FTX is at the center of the Ukraine military financial aid scandal: a portion of the financial aid might have been invested in FTX that then made massive donations to Democrats


Sorry I haven't had time to look more closely at this to verify but it looks like Pelosi's husband has monkeypox. Event in DC last week. It certainly fits with him using gay prostitutes while Nancy is in DC. The hammer incident appears to be a prostitute tryst gone ary.


It was obvious since the first quarter that they needed to stop the vaccine roll out because people were getting injured and dying from the mRNA shots.

It was obvious since the second quarter that the vaccines were failing to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Anthony Fauci continued to gaslight the American people up until November 2021 when he admitted that the vaccines are not stopping cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from rising in Israel.

Bill Gates spent 2020 talking about the importance of creating a vaccine that stopped infections and transmissions, but ignored that these vaccines do neither, until November 2021, when he finally admitted that these vaccine are not stopping transmission.

They've basically admitted what independent scientists, doctors, and journalist have been saying all year long.

The only thing left for them to admit is that the vaccines are killing people.

But these people are snakes, professional conmen, and instead they will continue to redefine medical terms, move goal post, and double down on their gaslighting and lies.

So why are they finally admitting that the vaccines are not working and what is there solution for vaccines that do not stop the spread of Covid-19 ❓

Booster shots.

A life-time subscription to a deadly mRNA shot that does not work and has killed more people than all other vaccines combined over the last 30 years.

On top of that, if they have their way, all basic human rights - the right to work, to travel, and to participate in society - will be predicated upon signing up for a lifetime subscription to deadly mRNA shot.

The people of the world need to wake up and unite against these tyrants.


Sen. Ron Johnson Blast Fauci For Track Record Of Blocking Effective AIDS Treatment

In the 1980s, Fauci withheld Bactrim, an early treatment medication that could have prevented AIDS patients from developing a particularly virulent form of pneumonia that was the most common cause of death for AIDS patients.

Turning back to COVID-19, Johnson argued, “[Fauci] is using the exact same playbook for COVID as he did for AIDS: Ignoring therapy, like Bactrim, or the cornucopia of cheap, generic repurposed drugs that are being used successfully to treat COVID and save lives.”

“The solution has always been early treatment,” Johnson said. “But, again, Dr. Fauci is ignoring therapy and pushing a vaccine.”

Through refusing to explore early treatment options, Johnson contended, Fauci’s advice could have contributed to “as many as 500,000 lives” to be “needlessly lost.”

Not satire...

Ghana will purchase oil with Gold: Ghana is experiencing an unprecedented crisis marked by debt distress, currency depreciation and depletion of foreign exchange reserves. In such a scenario, Ghana’s government has decided to take a step against the prevalence of US dollars and it’s taking inspiration from Zimbabwe’s experience. Zimbabwe did the same thing in July and it looks like many African countries will follow suit.

Kinda similar...

Detect any pattern?

🇷🇺❗️Russia officially banned surrogacy for foreigners - Volodin State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin announced that a law banning surrogate motherhood has been adopted. According to him, this will prevent the sale of children and protect them from criminals who can sell them, including for organs.

Remember peace with North Korea and Trump as President....

Please note: NOW North Korea can send a nuke to all parts of the US, including DC:

💶The Council of the European Union has increased the size of the European Peace Fund by €2 billion in 2023. This fund is allocated for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine.

European Peace Fund.

Used to buy weapons.

Doublespeak and doublethink...

See the Qs? This was tweeted by Elon..,.

See Pepe? It is kind of like the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes in Washington DC right now...

This is satire. In case you couldn't tell...

Maybe if we call it Critical Liberty Theory then they would not know to attack it... kind of like Critical Race Theory was camouflage for racism...

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