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Closer to WW3

Joe Biden's speech at the Atlantic Council in 1997: "And then the Russians tell me:" you continue to expand NATO, we will take it and make friends with China. I almost neighed, barely restrained myself, answered: “Good luck to you guys. If it doesn't work with China, try Iran." Video here:

Scott Ritter on the Serious Nuclear Situation:

Video here: Short and very informative.

We are not transferring our tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, but we will deploy them and train the military, just like the United States does in Europe, Putin said.

July 1, Russia completes construction of a tactical nuclear weapons storage facility in Belarus.

President Trump in Waco: “Either the Deep State Destroys America, or We Destroy the Deep State”

◾Donald Trump, speaking to his supporters in Texas, did not bypass the topic of Ukraine

- Russia and Ukraine, this would not have happened with me. I talked with Putin, we had good relations. Until I was deposed, Russia was not forced to send troops to the border. See what's happening now. Smart guys: President Xi and President Putin get together and decide the fate of the world for the next hundred years. And our deep state only pushes us to a terrible war. I know these people, I can talk to them and seek peace. I am the only US candidate who can make this promise - if I become president, I will prevent a third world war.

🇷🇺🇨🇳Bloomberg: Russia plans to provide China with technology and fuel that will allow Beijing to significantly increase its nuclear arsenal and change the prevailing global balance of nuclear weapons

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have announced a long-term agreement to continue developing fast neutron nuclear reactors optimized to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons.

In December 2022, Rosatom completed the transfer of 25 tons of highly enriched uranium to China's CFR-600 nuclear reactor, which analysts estimate is capable of producing 50 nuclear warheads per year.

US Department of Defense officials and US military planners have calculated that the CFR-600 will be critical to building China's nuclear arsenal from 400 today to 1,500 by 2035.

However, China has rejected this assessment, claiming that the CFR-600 is connected to its civilian power grid.

The Bloomberg report notes that Russia is the world's largest supplier of nuclear reactors and fuel, and that China's fast breeder reactors, which use liquid metal instead of water for moderate operation, are based on Russian technology.

Current mood in the office of Dmitry Medvedev.

"And whoever comes to us with depleted uranium will get some enriched in return" A. Nevsky.

Medvedev urges Russians to download pirated movies to make Netflix go bankrupt

"You know what? Look for the right pirates and download from them. If they're gone, all those Netflixes and others, then we'll download it all, we'll use it for free. And I would scatter it all over the network in order to cause them maximum damage. Maximum damage to make them go bankrupt!"


The greatest defeat of Rome was not Cannae, or Carrhae, or the Teutoburg Forest. It was at the city of Adrianople (now Edirne in Turkey) when Emperor Valens marched to his doom against the Goths in 378 AD. The battle itself was, by Roman standards, quite small: some 20,000 of their soldiers fell, about two-thirds of the force engaged, after an overconfident Valens made a grave tactical mistake and failed to secure his flanks adequately against the Gothic cavalry. The Gothic horsemen quickly drove off their Roman counterparts and then enveloped the Roman infantry, leading to a massacre. This was itself hardly unusual by Roman standards, Hannibal executed such maneuvers a dozen times with bloodier results.

For the Roman Republic of the Punic Wars, owning a modest slice of Italy, Adrianople would have been a minor strategic setback. For the Late Empire, controlling the most developed parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, it was a catastrophe from which they arguably never recovered. This was in part because the Late Imperial Army was made up of professionals instead of the legendary citizen-soldiers of the Republic, but largely because the Late Empire was a failing state with a limited capacity to actually generate forces. The wealth of Rome at the time was squandered on everything but defense, to the point its carcass was ultimately colonized by migrants from the East who took what they wished. Attila should have been met by a million men in 451 - with the Empire itself on the line, Aetius was able to put a mere 40,000 into the field against him.

What does this have to do with Ukraine? Everything. The West was once able to produce tanks by the thousand, shells by the million, and trained divisions by the score. Now, despite far greater wealth, it struggles to produce a dozen tanks, a thousand shells, or a single brigade. And there's no indication things are improving.

The Russian steppes howl just as loud, though.

- Alcibiades

🇺🇦🤡"If Ukraine loses Bakhmut, pressure on Kiev will begin and we will no longer be respected all over the world" - Zelensky

Zelensky gave an interview to the Associated Press.

Key points:

- If Ukraine does not win the protracted battle at Bakhmut, Russia could begin to garner international support for a "deal that could require Ukraine to make unacceptable compromises."

"If Bakhmut falls, Putin will sell this victory to the West, to his society, to China, to Iran," Zelensky said.

- If Ukraine is defeated in Bakhmut, pressure on Kiev will begin - both from the international community and within the country.

"Our society will feel tired. Our society will push me to compromise with them," Zelensky added.

- If the US stops providing assistance to Ukraine, it will not win.

Russia's Wagner PMC aka "The Musicians" in Bakhmut center:

⚡️A new group of Wagner PMC fighters who have completed their contract from among the former prisoners returned from the front.

“I go home with a pure soul and a sense of accomplishment. I did what I set out to do. I am alive and will see my family. What else can you ask for?” One of them told the FAN correspondent.

However, many of the "musicians" do not intend to stay in civilian life for a long time. After a short rest, they are going to go to the front again, because the SVO is not finished yet. 🫡

Yevgeny Prigozhin announced the pardon of five thousand prisoners after the end of the contract with PMC "Wagner".

According to him, only 0.31% of those pardoned committed a second crime within a month after returning from the special operation zone.

Ukrainian Nazis have been involved in not only J6 but also insurrection activity in Hong Kong.

Sounds wild but seems to be true...

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