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Christmas edition of the News 2019

A really good way to get someone to understand:

Wife anon, who doesn’t watch tv, no social media, and doesn’t get into politics, just works and raises children saw the impeachment mania and asked me to explain some things to her. Here’s what I did....... I first explained what impeachment was and I gave her the true version of how the dems are playing this very unfair etc. Then I read her trumps letter to Pelosi, the whole thing. Upon reading her the letter, we agreed that this is a reasonable response to what is going on. Then, I simply did an internet search for “trumps letter to Pelosi”.

I then simply read to wifeanon the headlines that popped up......... 

Wapo-“Trumps letter to Pelosi reveals his apocalyptic views”

CNN-“Trumps letter to Pelosi wasn’t just sick, it was evil”

New York Magazine-“Trumps insane letter to Pelosi shows he’s unfit for office”

And of course there are dozens more. 

As I read these headlines to her after reading her the letter, in the presidents own words, you could see the lights turn on inside of her head, immediately. The confused, surprised look on her face as she listened, she even had to double check and ask me , “are these headlines about that letter that we just read”. I replied, “yes”. 

It was a thing of beauty!

This past week Andrii Telizhenko joined two other Ukrainian officials who all swore under oath that Ukraine was meddling in the 2016 US election.

American hero Rudy Giuliani tweeted out this report.

Budapest | Kiev | Vienna After hundreds of hours & months of research, I have garnered witnesses & documents which reveal the truth behind this impeachment, which includes NO wrongdoing by @realDonaldTrump These threads only touch the surface. Read & watch all. More to come. — Rudy Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) December 15, 2019

Graham promised Maria Bartiromo he will call in EVERY PERSON who signed the bogus Carter Page FISA Warrants.

The list includes: James Comey — Then-FBI Director James Comey signed the first three FISA applications on behalf of the FBI Andrew MCabe — Then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed the fourth one Sally Yates — Then-DAG Sally Yates Dana Boente — then Acting DAG Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein — DAG Rod Rosenstein signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of the DOJ, according to the FISA memo

Income inequality has dropped under Trump!

68% of money managers now say a recession is unlikely in 2020. And, income inequality is shrinking under Trump!

Of course, this is HUGE news that is being ignored by the #FakeNews mainstream media.

Maria Bartiromo: What is not being spoken about in this whole economic boom, income inequality is narrowing. It is lessening. This was the major issue from the left for so many years and it is an important issue, that the rich keep getting richer and that it wasn’t filtering through. It is 100% filtering through! You see income inequality get smaller and smaller as wages go up. And the bottom earners are really seeing the wages go up the most.

Eloquent and informative letter:

Yesterday, I read an article written in Law Enforcement Today entitled “The Law is the law”: Dems threaten to deploy military against cops who refuse to enforce gun laws.

In the first few paragraphs, I was alerted to the fact that the state of Virginia’s leadership is upset that law enforcement officials do not want to violate their oath to uphold the Constitution. So upset in fact, that they want to call up the National Guard.

I wanted to write and address Representative Donald McEachin.  

He said:

“And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law. That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

It disturbs me that this guy got elected and has no concept of the law or reality.

Mr. McEachin, have you ever heard of a little thing called the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878? Apparently, you are not.

Allow me to fill you in.

The purpose of the act is to limit the military branches from enforcing laws against US. citizens. While the PCA does not prevent a governor from calling the Virginia National Guard, the law enforcement capacity of the Guard while on state active duty is full-scale enforcement of martial law when local law enforcement can no longer maintain civilian control.

Are you listening Mr. McEachin? If Governor Northam were to call up the National Guard, it would be through enacting martial law.

Since you are so slow in understanding, allow me to explain further.

Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions by a government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory.

Sheriffs and police chiefs refusing to go against the Constitution to fulfill your stupid anti-gun drivel hardly constitutes a temporary emergency.

If you and your fellow Constitution-hating hacks continue to push an agenda of gun banning, forfeiture and confiscation, I can almost assure you that you might meet more than one requirement for enacting martial law.

If you force local law enforcement to start violating peoples 2ndAmendment rights by taking their guns, you will wind up with temporary emergency due to an occupied territory.

There are people who will dig in. They will fortify their habitations. They will stand firm in their resolution to exercise their un-infringed right. And it will get ugly.

Furthermore, Gerry Connolly said:

“I would hope they either resign in good conscience, because they cannot uphold the law which they are sworn to uphold, or they’re prosecuted for failure to fulfill their oath. The law is the law. If that becomes the law, you don’t have a choice, not if you’re a sworn officer of the law.”

I wonder if he sees the irony of his statement.

If the state deems that it should enact martial law because sheriff’s, whose only “crime” is standing up for the Constitution, here is what it looks like.

The state Constitution would be suspended. So would habeas corpus and civil rights.

There would be no freedom of the press, assembly or speech.

Curfews would be enforced on the people.

Troops would be in the streets for enforcement.

Checkpoints would be set up for control.

The Guard would have the ability to hold a person without charge.

Imprisonment without representation or due process.

Seeing that we are talking about gun control, there would be warrantless, house to house confiscation of firearms, ammunition, food supplies.

I have to wonder if this is really what Democratic leaders in Virginia want. Because what it equates to is a tyrannical government using its military as ‘enforcers.’

And that is exactly what the 2nd Amendment was created to protect against.

If the Virginia legislators want to push this issue, it could get ugly.

And oh, by the way, plan on seeing the vast majority of the Virginia National Guard become Conscientious Objectors. It will be really hard for them to arrest cops and confiscate guns when none of them will carry the necessary arms to enforce said arrests and confiscations.

How do I know this? I am one of them and will be one of the first to lay down my gun and walk away.

I will not be a pawn in a tyrannical game of human chess. Neither will most of the men and women I serve with.

They are moving aggressively - Looks like Virginia has introduced a bill that terminates employment of any officer that refuses to enforce gun control!

The Virginia Militia  Tazewell County isn’t going down without a fight. On top of calling themselves a second amendment sanctuary county, they’re also crafting a militia as well.

Just this past Tuesday, on December 10th, the Board of Supervisors from Tazewell County passed two different resolutions in light of controversy circling those who are pro-gun. The first resolution declared the county to be a second amendment sanctuary. This is not at all surprising to see, as 76 out of 95 counties, 9 out of 38 independent cities, and 13 towns have adopted second amendment sanctuary resolutions.

The second item on the agenda was the proposition of establishing a militia in the county. When both of the resolutions passed, the crowd cheered loudly in support of the decisions.  Also, the resolutions didn’t exactly pass by a small margin; the votes were unanimous, with more than 200 citizens standing by in support.

County Administrator Eric Young reportedly considered that element, and that’s why they opted for the militia aspect:

“Our position is that Article I, Section 13, of the Constitution of Virginia reserves the right to ‘order’ militia to the localities. Therefore, counties, not the state, determine what types of arms may be carried in their territory and by whom. So, we are ‘ordering’ the militia by making sure everyone can own a weapon.”

Thus, if anyone from the state tries to remove the Sheriff from their elected office because they refuse to enforce unjust laws, those state officials will be faced with a lawful militia composed of citizens within the state. They’ve also called for schools to adopt firearms safety training programs. Known as SB64, the bill, according to Self Defense Company, would “instantly transform all martial arts instructors into criminal felons.” They also claim that it would criminalize all firearms training classes, including concealed carry classes.

According to SDC, the law would “even criminalize a father teaching his own son how to use a hunting rifle.”

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., tweeted that Pelosi’s decision not to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate until she is satisfied there will be a “fair” trial proves the Democrats’ effort is insincere.

“Now we know this was in fact a fake impeachment,” he said.

Nunes’ tweet was accompanied by a video clip of his appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“This is how you make a coup attempt incredibly boring,” he told host Carlson. For House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York found cheese on his burger in a Washington, D.C.-bound Amtrak dining car.

“I witnessed first hand Nadler’s snippy sense of entitlement when I caught up with him in the Cafe Car,” GOP media consultant Bradley Blakeman wrote Tuesday on Facebook. “He demanded that the attendant take the cheese off his hamburger before serving him. When she hesitated he had a hissy fit.

“She told him: ‘calm down sir.’ That only got him more pissed. At that point I left with my order. What an A-hole.”

In the post, Blakeman added two photos of a man who appears to be Nadler in the Amtrak train, lending some major credibility to his story.

It’s often said that one’s true personality comes out when dealing with waitstaff.

If that’s true, Nadler’s alleged outburst should be an indication to voters that who they’re putting in office might not be the smiling man in the campaign ads.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response to a reporter’s impeachment question has many wondering about her shockingly incoherent answer.

This is a short but very revealing video of her babbling about impeachment:

Nobody wants to get this impeachment stuck to their names.

The Democrats on Wednesday rejected Rep. Liz Cheney’s motion for a manual roll call vote on impeachment.

Madame Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to…provide for voting by a manual call of the roll so the American people can see precisely who is supporting the impeachment of a duly elected president,” Cheney said. “Members should be required to stand and identify themselves openly and on camera on the question of the adoption of these articles of impeachment.”

Cheney’s motion was denied. 

The Democrats know this impeachment is a sham so they won’t even show their faces as they vote on two bogus articles of impeachment.

Rep. Tom McClintock the California Republican dismantled the case Democrats have built out of straw — in two minutes!:

“Nullifying a national election requires an overwhelming case of high crimes supported by indisputable evidence that the vast majority of the nation finds compelling,” he said in the opening of his remarks.

“Now Article One is a made-up crime called abuse of office. It does not charge that the president broke any law, but that Congress doesn’t like the way that he lawfully discharged his constitutional duties. This would reduce the presidency to that of a minister serving at the pleasure of Congress, destroying the separation of powers at the heart of our Constitution.

“Article Two is another made-up crime, called obstruction of Congress. It means the president sought to defend his constitutional rights and those of his office. It removes the judiciary from our Constitution and places Congress alone in the position of defining the limits of its own powers, relative to the president.

“Our Bill of Rights guarantees every American the right to confront their accuser, to call witnesses in their defense, to be protected from hearsay, and to defend these rights in court.

“The Democrats have trampled them all in their stampede to impeach.

“Even in this kangaroo court, the Democrats’ hand-picked witnesses provided no firsthand knowledge the president linked aid to action. In fact, two witnesses provide first-hand knowledge that he specifically order no quid pro quo.

“Any case that charged no actual crime, and offered no legally admissible evidence, would be laughed out of court in a heartbeat.

“That’s the case before us today. It would redefine the grounds for impeachment in such a way that assures that it will become a constant presence in our national life.

“Now we know just how reckless is the Democrats’ chant of resist by any means necessary.

“This is a stunning abuse of power and a shameless travesty of justice that will stain the reputations of those responsible for generations to come.”

Well said.

Coup update. — Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) December 18, 2019

Obama officials are advising Iran on how to defeat US Foreign policy - using confidential or even classified information.  It’s called spying and treason - not just a violation of the Logan Act.

Short video from OAN here:

Obama knew it all:

Lisa Page then told Rachel Maddow, “The President’s attacks and insults are one thing, but this is my institution, my Justice Department — betraying us.”

BREAKING Lisa Page calls the FBI and the DOJ "My institution, my Justice Department." 

Lisa is the *perfect* example of the entitled, unelected, authoritarian bureaucrat attempting a Coup on President @realdonaldtrump

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) December 18, 2019

This is the woman who was having sex with not only married Strzok, but also her boss Andrew McCabe.  When Strzok’s wife complained the wife suddenly got a very ku

shy job at the Federal Reserve.

They knew back in 2008! Tom Brokow was a real journalist back then and he nails Biden...

2008- Tom Brokow calls out Biden on the Father & son transgression twosome. Banks Bills and campaign contributions Oh my.

This video is short and shocking in that Tom Brokow is saying things he wouldn’t dream of saying today:

Rasmussen: We the people are now backing jail time etc. for the coup plotters:

Voters are ready to jail or fire senior law enforcement officials who illegally targeted President Trump, but most think they are unlikely to be punished.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters consider it likely that senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Trump from winning the presidency. Thirty-nine percent (39%) say that’s unlikely. This includes 36% who say it’s Very Likely they broke the law to get Trump and 24% who say it’s Not At All Likely. These findings are virtually unchanged in surveying since February of last year. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

A plurality (43%) thinks these officials should be jailed if they are found guilty of breaking the law to prevent a Trump presidency, up dramatically from 25% early this year, while another 22% say they should just be fired. Fifteen percent (15%) favor a formal reprimand. Just 11% say no disciplinary action should be taken.

Ukrainian MP Says Burisma Financed Clinton Campaign With $10M Unmarked Cash, Biden Personally Prevented Money Laundering Witness From Entering USA

Today CD Media sat down with former Ukrainian MP Alexandr Onyshchenko in Dusseldorf, Germany to discuss the issue of Ukrainian corruption. We have reported before on his allegations regarding payments to the Biden family from Burisma and how he was pressured by a senior FBI agent to not speak to the press on the issue. We later reported corroborating information on his testimony.

The meeting was a long conversation held in a hospital room where Onyshchenko was going through a comprehensive three day health exam; the environment was surreal as nurses came in and out of the room during our discussion with various examination requests. He seemed relaxed and confident, after all it was after the Zelenskiy election which deposed his arch enemy – former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

We asked about the charges against him in Ukraine which he says were politically motivated for shining light on the corruption of Poroshenko with audio tapes live on Ukrainian television. 

“The new government wants me to make a deal,” he says, referencing the new Ukrainian prosecutor’s request to testify against Poroshenko. Onyshchenko says the Zelenskiy government has 13 corruption cases in progress against the former president and have served papers just today to the defendant. 

Poroshenko has a billion in cash; he is buying anything and anyone in Ukraine at the moment, so you have to be careful,” he adds.

Onyshchenko then laid out what actually happened with the Bidens and Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas group of companies where Hunter Biden was paid millions to sit on the board while having no experience in the industry.

“In 2015, Burisma was considered a corrupt company, but a very lucrative and powerful one. Poroshenko was trying to ‘get in’ and get a piece of the action [CD Media has reported how Poroshenko also wanted Privat Bank for the same reason]. So, essentially Zlochevsky [Mykola Zlochevsky – oligarch owner] brought in Biden for protection, and the Biden family got paid of course. No one would mess with Burisma with the Vice President involved. Zlochevsky showed everyone Biden was on the board pushing his father’s name. The problem with the ‘corrupted company’ label in the United States went away quickly in about three months. It was amazing.

“And of course, Burisma also helped the Clinton campaign prior to the election.”

How did they help we asked?

They paid them around $10 million.”

Wouldn’t those wire transfers show up? we questioned.

This was Ukraine; everything was done with big bags of cash to the Clintons.

Onyshchenko then went on to describe how he was approached by prosecutors in the U.S. to testify in the United States on American corruption in Ukraine. He showed us a letter published below from the Department of Justice in 2016, where he says they provided him a temporary visa to come testify on the theft and money laundering of American aid to Ukraine, and on the illegal money to the Clintons.

Right before I was to leave for the U.S., I received notice that my visa had been cancelled due to the personal involvement of Vice President Joe Biden. He made a personal phone call and the visa was cancelled. I guess he didn’t want me telling what I know so I didn’t make it to the United States to testify.” The cancellation of the visa has been confirmed by CD Media by a secondary source.

Onyshchenko also reiterated that former FBI agent Karen Greenaway was pushing hard during this time for him to not talk to the press about his knowledge of the Biden scandal, holding the threat of American law enforcement action against him to do so. Greenaway has since retired from the FBI but remains in Ukraine involved with one of the Soros foundations.

She was pushing hard…for me to say nothing,” he declared. “She was running everything for the Democrats, all the coverup for the corruption.” This is going to seriously mess with some big city tyrant Democrat mayors...

Humane and reasonable decision by the SCOTUS. Public means public.

Let's go camping America, free public camping anywhere ,anytime as long as it's public property. (If other shelter is unavailable...)


Marvelous musical piece with Comey and Hillary: “At this point what difference does it make.” Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State is not only an enduring political scandal, it's also a new hit song: 2.5 minutes


Joe Biden, at an MSNBC education forum, told teachers to “touch” their students and tell them “how much you love them.”

From the video below:

“. . .you teachers who touch them, figuratively speaking. [Pause] I hope you touch them [Biden simulates grabbing a student] and telling them how much you love them, too”:

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani taunted the Deep State-Democrat-media complex Sunday morning and said he will be sharing evidence he “has garnered through hundreds of hours of research.”

A few hours after his initial tweet on Sunday, Rudy began dropping bombshells one tweet at at time.

Rudy said Victor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor general investigating Burisma was not only fired after Biden threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine, but that he was poisoned and barely survived the poisoning. 

“Shokin holds documents proving money laundering by Burisma & Biden’s,” Giuliani said. “He was fired due to VP Joe Biden’s threat not to release $1 billion in vital US aid.”

Giuliani then said, “Shokin’s medical records show he was poisoned, died twice, and was revived.”

“Lots of heads will roll in Ukraine if this opens up,” he added.

All of a sudden Shokin gets this communique from Latvia that shows a $16 million laundering transaction — classic laundering transaction,” Giuliani said. “It goes from Ukraine, to Latvia, it’s disguised as a loan to another company to ‘Wirelogic’ I believe — it then goes to Cyprus, gets disguised as another loan — this is called “Digitech” then it’s dispersed as payment as board fees,” he added.

Giuliani added, “Now you don’t make two loans to make board fees unless you’re laundering the money. $3 million gets to Hunter Biden in that way.

“That is a straight out violation of a money laundering statute,” he said. Rudy revealed a huge money laundering operation involving the Bidens and Burisma Holdings. Money was flowing through Latvia and Cyprus disguised as loans to various tech companies then paid out as ‘board fees’ to Hunter Biden.

“That is a straight out violation of a money laundering statute,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani revealed that there is documents showing Schiff’s star witness, fired US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch perjured herself at least twice during her impeachment testimony.

On Monday Rudy Giuliani went on with Laura Ingraham to discuss his damning Ukrainian investigations.

Rudy unloaded on corrupt former Ambassador Marie Yovanotich.

Rudy Giuliani: I didn’t need her out of the way. I forced her out because she’s corrupt. I came back with a document that will show unequivocally that she committed perjury. When she said that she turned down the visa for Mr. Shokin because of corruption. The fact is that on the record in the State Department’s own records, the reason given is because he had an operation. He hadn’t recovered yet. The operation was of course two years before. It’s documented evidence that she committed perjury. I have four witnesses that will testify that she personally turned down their visas. Because they were going to come here and give evidence either against Biden or against the Democratic Party. This isn't about Trump anymore. It's about what kind of America are we going to live in? Will it be one where secret police and courts can do anything they want to us? -- John Solomon December 14th, 2019: Hillary Clinton's charity confirms Qatar's $1m gift while she was at State Department. Without informing the State Department. (QRV)

The Clinton Foundation has confirmed it accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was U.S. secretary of state without informing the State Department, even though she had promised to let the agency review new or significantly increased support from foreign governments. Qatari officials pledged the money in 2011 to mark the 65th birthday of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband, and sought to meet the former U.S. president in person the following year to present him the check, according to an email from a foundation official to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta. The email, among thousands hacked from Podesta’s account, was published last month by WikiLeaks. Clinton signed an ethics agreement governing her family’s globe-straddling foundation in order to become secretary of state in 2009. The agreement was designed to increase transparency to avoid appearances that U.S. foreign policy could be swayed by wealthy donors. If a new foreign government wished to donate or if an existing foreign-government donor, such as Qatar, wanted to “increase materially” its support of ongoing programs, Clinton promised that the State Department’s ethics official would be notified and given a chance to raise any concerns. Clinton Foundation officials last month declined to confirm the Qatar donation. In response to additional questions, a foundation spokesman, Brian Cookstra, this week said that it accepted the $1 million gift from Qatar, but this did not amount to a “material increase” in the Gulf country’s support for the charity. Cookstra declined to say whether Qatari officials received their requested meeting with Bill Clinton.

We cannot support the FISA court right now. The judges are refusing to take action against these dirty cops and dirty lawyers who did this.”

The FISA court immediately attacks the FBI to prove their innocence:

NBC News reported:

The secret court that approves orders to conduct surveillance on suspected foreign terrorists or spies issued a highly unusual public rebuke to the FBI on Tuesday, ordering the agency to say how it intends to correct the errors revealed last week by the Justice Department inspector general. Rosemary Collyer, presiding judge on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court, said the inspector general’s report “calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable.” She ordered the FBI to file a report by Jan. 10 on how it intends to remedy those mistakes. In his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Inspector General Michael Horowitz expressed misgivings about the FBI’s errors and omissions in its requests for judicial approval to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. “We are deeply concerned that so many basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate, hand-picked investigative teams on one of the most sensitive FBI investigations after the matter had been briefed to the highest levels within the FBI,” Horowitz said.


BREAKING: US FISA Court Slams @Comey and FBI for Fraud — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) December 17, 2019

...And then Rosemary Collyer, the head of the FISA Court suddenly resigns (for “health” reasons)!  She also ordered a destruction of evidence when the FISA hoax was exposed.

The American Report published an exclusive exposé titled “Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System” on Friday, March 17, 2017. 

That same afternoon, March 17, 2017, as Members of Congress were leaving Washington for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Ranking Member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, held a classified briefing about President Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

Two days later, on March 19, 2017, Four Star Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons and Air Force Three Star General Thomas McInerney brought The American Report’s exposé on Dennis Montgomery and “THE HAMMER” to America’s radio airwaves during the broadcast of Operation Freedom with Dr. Dave Janda on WAAM 1600.

That same evening, March 19, 2017, FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page exchanged a text message that specifically mentioned Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman.

The following morning, March 20, 2017, FBI Director Comey launched the hoax Trump Russian collusion investigation and lied before Congress by claiming that the FBI had no information confirming President Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Montgomery, in fact, provided Comey’s FBI with 47 hard drives of evidence that, according to Montgomery, proves that Brennan and Clapper used THE HAMMER to wiretap Trump.

Judge Collyer’s April 26, 2017 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Memorandum Opinion and Order states:

No later than June 26, 2017, the government shall submit one or more written reports that provide the following:the results of the government’s investigation of whether there have been additional cases in which the FBI improperly afforded non-FBI personnel access to raw FISA-acquired information on FBI systems; anda description of the installation of the [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] personnel on an FBI system including:[REDACTED] At 90-day intervals, the government shall submit written updates on NSA’s implementation of the above-described sequester-and-destroy process to information acquired on or before March 17, 2017 by upstream Internet collection under Section 702.

Strange Going-ons with Vast Amounts of Money:

Something strange is going on: at the same time that central banks are injecting $100 billion each month in electronic money to crush volatility and ramp markets, a similar amount in hard physical currency and precious metals is literally disappearing.Take gold: as we reported last week, it was none other than Goldman Sachs which recently laid out the case for gold, saying "gold's strategic case still strong." One reason for this is that the same central banks that are "full tilt" printing cash, they have also been splurging on gold, and as a result of "geopolitical uncertainty" there has been a record surge in gold demand by central banks themselves. As Goldman notes, "CBs globally have been buying gold at a very strong pace" and "2019 looks to be a record year for CB gold purchases with our target of 750 tonnes combined purchases likely to be met."Goldman points out that just over the past three years, there have been tens of billions in gold flows which have mysteriously and inexplicably disappeared from the official record, yet which are most certainly taking place behind the scenes as the world's "top 1%" brace for a major shock. But it's not just gold that is disappearing: according to the WSJ, so is the world's cold, hard cash. 

Some Australians are burying it. The Swiss might be hiding it. The Germans are probably hoarding.

Indeed, while banks are printing more bank notes than ever and, these seem to be "disappearing off the face of the earth" and nobody knows where or why. or as the WSJ notes, "central banks don’t know where they have gone, or why, and are playing detective, trying to crack the same mystery."To be sure, there is the criminal element: as anyone who has watched a documentary on Pablo Escobar knows the Colombian drug kingpin buried tens of billions in the ground for "safe keeping" (in fact, as "The Accountant's Story" writes, "Pablo was earning so much that each year we would write off 10% of the money, or about $2.1 billion, because the rats would eat it in storage or it would be damaged by water or lost"). As such, dollar bills are often vital grease for criminal gangs and tax cheats.Physical cash is also popular with preppers and "collectors" who worry about a future collapse of the financial system.But these two groups are far too small to explain the wholesale loss of cash as central bankers scramble to "follow the money" and glean how society's saving and spending patterns change in a time of zero and negative interest rates. As the WSJ notes, bankers aren’t just hunting down cash to satisfy their own curiosity. If central banks don’t know how much cash is out there, they could print too much currency and risk inflation. President Trump on Sunday went after Barack Obama and DOJ IG Michael Horowitz, who was appointed by Obama.

“As bad as the I.G. Report is for the FBI and others, and it is really bad, remember that I.G. Horowitz was appointed by Obama. There was tremendous bias and guilt exposed, so obvious, but Horowitz couldn’t get himself to say it. Big credibility loss. Obama knew everything!” Trump said in a tweet.

The report revealed what we knew to be true all along — the FBI defrauded the FISA court and purposely omitted exculpatory information from the FISA judges in order to obtain FOUR FISA warrants on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.Horowitz refused to state the obvious — the FBI purposely targeted Trump’s 2016 campaign and beyond because they hated him and wanted to take him out.

Amazing attempt to control what we see in online searches:

A Pizzagate movie about a congresswoman who was being blackmailed came out a month after the Pizzagate story broke. It was called The Finders - the same name of the cult revealed much later from the FBI regarding the Finders pedo cult they investigated decades ago...

What a coincidence.  The FBI recently released a file and declassified it about an elite kidnapping/pedophile cult they indicted many years ago called the Finders.  

So this was to make finding real info about the CIA operated Finders child kidnapping/ritual abuse ring harder to find.

THE FINDERS, a feature film by Hammonton Resident Tracy Lucca - YouTube
The Finders - Political Control & Pedophilia with Jon Rappoport - YouTube

Quickly making a movie similar to the reality would definitely make it harder to find the real thing in searches.  The new material for the movie would always come to the top - and make it look like the real thing was just a movie fantasy. Amazon seizes the narrative:

The Amazon series "Jack Ryan" is a fucking travesty, Clancy would roll over in his grave.

The newest season revolves around Venezuela where - get this - mass starvation and economic turmoil is gutting the country because of a "nationalist right wing" authoritarian president who's responsible. They even take it a step further with the addition of his political opponent in the upcoming election who is a female, left winger running on a "social justice platform."

So, they've basically flipped the reality of what's actually happening in Venezuela to blame the right and give socialists a pass.

Obviously, I know better...but think of the moronic college kids and otherwise stupid people who would watch this series and then actually attribute what's happening in Venezuela to a right wing nationalist when the exact opposite is true. 

This is how they brainwash, people.

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