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China Deviltry to Georgia

China has one million people working to control and flood our social media etc.

During a Tuesday hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, U.S. Indo Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) commander Adm. Phillip Davidson said “China has a vast disinformation machine” with a million people behind it that it uses to undermine the U.S.

Responding to questions by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) about the threat Chinese disinformation presents in the Indo-Pacific region, Davidson said, “They use regular media and social media and have nearly a million people in their propaganda machine.”

Davidson said the goal of China’s disinformation efforts is “to undermine U.S. interests, to capture the narrative to their own benefit and to … corrupt the environment in a way that creates doubt amongst our allies and partners in the reliability of the United States.”

In his assessment, Davidson said China’s disinformation efforts differ from those used by Russia in the Indo-Pacific region. While he said China acts to sow doubt, Davidson said Russia instead “acts much more like a spoiler.” Instead of putting forward its own vision or propaganda narrative, Davidson said Russia looks to “deny the visions” of other nations in the region.

Chinese disinformation efforts have sought to deny COVID-19 originated in China and even claim that the U.S. military brought the virus to Wuhan, where the first virus cases emerged.

China also recently circulated doctored images depicting an Australian soldier slitting an Afghan child’s throat, to further allegations of war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Dirty Chinese Dealing in Georgia!

CDMedia has discussed with a private investigative team working in Georgia on their theory of why and how the election fraud was prosecuted in the Peach State in 2020 and beyond.

This team believes the GA GOP installed machine voting over the last few years in order to take advantage of vulnerabilities and to maintain power in the face of a concerted voter fraud effort from the Democrat Party.

There was also allegedly a lot of money to be made in the process for those involved.

Because of this alleged history, the reasons for the GA GOP’s refusal to remove the machines in favor of verifiable, auditable, transparent voting becomes obvious. This is possibly why removing the machines is not in any of the omnibus bills currently before the GA legislature, according to the theory.

The team also believes the Democrat Party in GA worked with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) to overcome any GOP advantage through massive election fraud, which consisted of a barrage of illegal tactics, including machine access via the internet, to defeat the Republican hold on power.

A Federal grand jury investigation is needed to decide if these claims are not just a theory. What ever happened to just good old paper ballots?

With evidence found in a dumpster near the Fulton County, GA election warehouse after the November, 3rd 2020 poll, it has emerged that Dominion Voting Systems possibly received at least 2,000 large packages from China during the 2020 U.S. general election.

The photo above and below looks to show a purchase order that covers 2,000 boxes.

The Democrat Cartel made a hit in Georgia:

Scared Democrats. SUV Security for Me, Not for Thee.

Freshman Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is providing black SUVs with Secret Service to Democrat members of Congress but NOT Republicans.

It sounds like something you’d expect in a communist regime.

Anti-virus becomes anti-freedom? Avast now censoring

Avast has received funding from Summit Partners, who have an account with the CIA, NSA, and DISA, according to this job posting looking for someone to manage their Intelligence Agency accounts. The job posting says: Responsibilities What You’ll Do - You will manage the strategic selling cycle for DISA and high profile intelligence agencies such as CIA, NSA, NRO, NGA and others. Further, Avast is known to have major investments from CVC Capital, who has been an outspoken Critic of President Trump's economic strategy, with a managing partner stating in a Reuters article that Trump's policy of freeing the economy would destroy the investment industry, despite his economic policy greatly increasing investors' personal wealth until the forced shutdowns destroyed the economy.

Additionally, they fought back against Trump's border wall, saying one of their fence-makers got the cold shoulder.

The Intelligence Community is now using antivirus to censor the internet.

From the CEO of Gab:

From the Pillow Man too! Vocl.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said in an interview published Wednesday that he plans to launch a social media site called Vocl that he described as a cross between YouTube and Twitter.

Lindell, a strong supporter of former President Trump, told Business Insider that Vocl would be meant “for print, radio and TV” and differ from conservative platforms Gab and Parler.

"It's not like anything you've ever seen,” he said. "It's all about being able to be vocal again and not to be walking on eggshells.”

The MyPillow CEO, who was barred from Twitter this year after spreading unfounded claims about widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, said he’s worked on Vocl for four years and plans to be the CEO. He predicted it would launch at the latest in three weeks.

Lindell told Business Insider that he didn’t have any potential investors but about 10 people were working on Vocl. He declined to name any of those people “for their safety.” He also declined to identify the location of Vocl’s headquarters in the U.S. and reveal how much he invested.

The CEO noted that he would rely on his own servers to run the platform instead of using Amazon Web Services, which removed Parler from its servers after the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Lin Wood:

"SCOTUS denial of review of election cases today was no surprise. That handwriting was on the wall from its previous refusal to review any November 2020 elections cases.

It is a fair question to ask whether the rule of law has any meaningful relevance in our current environment.

But I remain hopeful that we will soon return to being governed by established laws and case precedents. "

Just a reminder:

This is the corrected map, and that doesn't even count the ballots thrown away by the USPS union employees. (Oregon has had mail in voting for years - hence much of its blueness.)

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