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Canada the brave!

At the Parliament:

Mayor of Ottawa is calling tow truck companies to remove the trucks, and they are all telling him they have covid. HA!

video here:

This guy is fantastic!! 2 minutes of setting a good example:

Video here:

SWAT Team at the Canadian Border - Truckers Defy.





Fake News tries to Pretend it's Nothing or that its actually a BLM rally:

Dozens of trucks and other vehicles blocked the downtown area of Ottawa for a second day after thousands descended on Canada's capital city on Saturday to protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Trucks remained parked on the streets near parliament on Sunday, a day before lawmakers are due to resume work after the holiday break. Hundreds of protesters were out on Sunday, too. Some truckers said they will not leave until the mandate is overturned.

Canada State Media Suggests Russia is Behind Truckers For Freedom Convoy – Yes, Really

Ottawa launches financial attack:

False Flag exposed and hopefully averted by alert Anon with cellphone camera:

Trudeau Cops brought explosives into hotel by Ottawa airport

Video here:

Elon Musk Supports the Truckers and seems to have given them $42,069.

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