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Canada: Globalist Police State

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Under a "State of Emergency" there is no rule of law. There is no legitimate nation.

FOX News had Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington on to discuss the current situation in Canada. He says that the country is in a civil war and Trudeau and his followers don’t think these truckers matter.

Reporter Joe Warmington shared on FOX News:

Canada Is a police state at this time,.. it’s like within a police state. There’s no rule of law, it’s now in the hands of …the Emergency Act, which is the War Measures Act…Just by donating $25 to the truckers’ convoy puts you as an enemy of the state. It sounds like Cuba or China, that’s kinda what’s happening in Canada…

It’s a civil war is what it is. They will finish this job whatever it takes. I was just talking to a driver who said… guns were drawn…Look the Prime Minister has made it clear. These people don’t matter, they’re unacceptable. And of course, they do matter. They matter to everybody. They have freedom. And they haven’t done anything wrong other than parking their trucks there, honking the horn.

…They suspended the debate in Parliament on the Emergency Act that allows all this to happen. This is not rule of law. This is Marshall law.

Moments ago, Trudeau's police attacked our reporter Alexa Lavoie.

She was simply doing her job: documenting Canada's shocking descent into martial law. She's not a protester. She's a journalist. But she's not one of Trudeau's journalists.

So when one of Trudeau's cops spotted her today, he made a bee-line for her. He beat her with a stick, and he shot her in the leg with a tear gas canister.Take a look:

Trudeau has a vendetta against Alexa. You might remember, Alexa asked the best question in the entire 2021 election debates — about why he doesn't recognize natural immunity when it comes to Covid. Trudeau was so flustered by the question, he refused to answer her.

He's never forgiven her for making him look like a fool.

So today he got his revenge — he sent an armed thug to beat up a woman.

I'm shocked. I hate it when any of our reporters are attacked. But it's always worse when it's a female reporter. She was targeted on purpose.

We normally have security for our journalists — but security doesn't work when it's the police that are attacking.

I spoke with Alexa and she's in pain. I asked her if she would go to the hospital, but she insisted on staying on the scene, to document Canada's descent into authoritarianism. She insists on finishing her job, despite her obvious injuries.

I salute her courage — she has a tremendous Rebel spirit.

I also promised her that I would sue the police for her, in an attempt to get justice. I don't know if that's a fool's errand in Trudeau's Canada. But out of sheer loyalty and support, we must try.

I just got off the phone with one of our lawyers, and it's our plan to sue the government when the weekend is over. I'll send you a copy of the lawsuit when it's filed.

If you can help chip in to cover the cost of the lawsuit, please do — obviously we're up against the combined resources of the entire police state.

I'm deeply troubled by what I'm seeing in Canada. But that's the point — I'm seeing it only because of brave journalists like Alexa who show it to me, by being on the front lines and telling the truth.

Trudeau knows that, too, which is why he's specifically trying to take out our reporters.

Help me help Alexa stay strong and defend her rights — please click here to help chip in to cover the cost of what will surely be a David and Goliath battle.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant, editor of Rebel News

P.S. I've never seen such brutal policing in a democratic country. Even when Rebel News sent reporters to Hong Kong it wasn't this brutal. Canada has truly fallen.

Unaccountable Police without Identity:

The "police" have no id - no badge - no identifying information on them. For all we know they are helpers sent to Canada from the US or the UN. Remember the fake patriots drill squad Patriot Front sent to protest as obvious plants?

Some journalists who are on the scene, like the Westphalian Times’ Marie Oaks, have reported seeing the officers “laughing” as they commit their brutal assaults.

Trampling people with horses including an elderly woman with a walker:

Video here:

Fake arrests for show?:

They arrested people, wrote down their id on a pad, put them in the paddy wagon, drove over to the mall, and then let the people out free to go in front of the mall.

Police forces taking an ax to the door of an RV with a “Liberty” sticker on it:

In video that went viral on social media, at least six police officers — two with rifles — broke into the camper, which The Wall Street Journal reported was parked near the edge of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy encampment.

This video and others are here:

Here is video from inside a truck as the police smash the window and say they will drag the person out:

"Let him answer. He's not good at it."


Twitter took this page down....

Threat against Trump Supporters:

Canada has gone full totalitarian...

Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on protests under an Emergencies Act order specifically exempts refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and other ethnic minorities.

And kill your puppies.

On Thursday the Ottawa By-law and Regulatory Services announced they would start confiscating the pets of the Freedom Convoy protesters when their owner is arrested.

The city officials say they will keep the dogs for 8 days and then the animals “will be considered relinquished.”

and take your children:

"...and if you mention any of our crimes, we will use the government agencies to label and prosecute you as a terrorist."

The Ottawa Police have threatened to arrest members of the media who are covering the Freedom Convoy arrests.

“All media who are attending the area, please keep a distance and stay out of police operations for your safety. Anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrest. There will be a media availability later today at 474 Elgin Street,” the department tweeted from their official account.

"We won't be allowing people to come down for the unlawful activity of engaging in demonstrations". Never thought I'd hear these words in Canada. What a time to be alive.

And don't try to cover these arrests as journalists because you will end up in jail yourself.

Don't believe us? We already KILLED your Grandma MF'er.

A fight breaks out in Ottawa: (A snowball fight)

Ottawa - Best peaceful and funniest protest EVER!!! SNOW BALL FIGHT IN OTTAWA: Snowball fights, BBQ's, music, bouncy castles.. STATE OF EMERGENCY. Summer of 2020 - Businesses burning to the ground, murders.. "this is fine."

Snow being used to barricade trucks:

The China option for Trudeau:


These Canadian military officers don't look too happy about it.

This is the hacker that released the donors to Give Send Go. His insane and writing video is absolutely demonic looking:

Aubrey Cottle, aka Kirtaner is seen here during a livestream, doxxing himself as the hacker who took down the Freedom Convoy’s GiveSendGo account.

A self-described “famous cyber terrorist”, Cottle loves to brag about working for the FBI, RCMP, Interpol and the “alphabet agencies” and about how he hacked Parler, Gab and Infowars’ hosting service, Epik.

Indeed, some claim that Cottle was hired by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) specifically to hack GiveSendGo and to leak this data.

Cottle also claims (some say falsely) to have been one of the original members of the Anonymous hacktivist group that infamously hacked AT&T and who are reportedly still selling the data of 70 million customers a decade later.

Cottle’s equally hate-soaked and vituperative pal, Dean Blundell published the GiveSendGo donor list, which the Canadian government is now using to dox all those who donated $25 or more and to freeze their bank accounts and crypto wallets, with some people reportedly being fired from their jobs over their support for the Freedom Convoy.

An unintended consequence of the leaked donor list and the media’s doxxing those who supported Canada’s Freedom Convoy is that it’s revealed how much broad support the protest movement has among ordinary, hardworking Canadian citizens and even among members of the Canadian government.

Dox karma: He who lives by the hack...

This guy helped him do it: Looks nuts too.

Bank Run? Canada's Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline

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