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Canada and Everywhere:

This is a profound and deeply moving message of support from Archbishop Vigano:

Please listen to this historic speech by Pastor Artur Pawlowski: He was arrested shortly thereafter.

Listen and see it here:


See it here:

The 78-year-old great-grandfather arrested and handcuffed by Ottawa Police after honking his horn in support for a protesting trucker said he was not a protester and was not looking for any trouble.“I meant no harm,” Gerry Charlebois told the Toronto Sun in an interview. “I just gave the trucker a thumbs-up and a honk.”

At the same time as concerns over honking in the city reached a fever pitch, Ottawa Police pulled over an elderly, retired Ottawa-area high school janitor.

He was not charged criminally but given a $118 bylaw ticket for “unnecessary noise.” But he did receive a physical takedown he won’t soon forget.

“I’m so sore,” said the father of four children, grandfather of 11 and great-grandfather of four. “It hurts so much.”

The cuts and bruises on his arms and hands, shoulder and knee are evident. A shade of black and blue is more evident Tuesday, his family say.

Video footage of Sunday’s disturbing arrest, and agitators yelling at police during the incident, is being shared around the world.

Charlebois, who is double vaccinated and planning to get his booster shot, said he was “confused” during the incident at the corner of Besserer and Friel Sts., about four blocks from the main protest.

“I was in shock,” Charlebois said. “When (the police) pulled me over, he told me I was in trouble for honking the horn.”

While the video shows he cussed at the officer, Charlebois said he respects police “but I was just upset with him.” He said he had never before been arrested or on the wrong side of police.


Arrested for carrying empty gas containers?

What is wrong with these “cops”? "Shame Shame! yelled the crowd.

Canadian Lawyer Viva Frei is live streaming in Ottawa right now. Citizens are supporting the truckers in large numbers and still bringing them fuel. God bless our truckers... the life blood of modern society! (

🇨🇦Parliament debate in Ottawa: Castreau Jr stormed out of Parliament like the spoiled petulant child he is! 🤣 (

Trudeau said in 2020 “it's never appropriate” for Canada to use army on its own citizens

The police in Canada steals firewood from the Freedom Convoy that keeps them warm. It is currently below freezing. Video .here: (

Also stolen from indigenous peoples who are bringing firewood...

The Canadian Government threatened GiveSendGo. Here is their response:

Here is the link to support the truckers at GiveSendGo. It’s now working again.

The Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario, is an important link between Canada and the U.S. An estimated 40,000 vehicles cross the bridge per day, and more than $450,000,000 worth of goods are transported daily.

The bridge is extremely important to our economy, so naturally, when truckers parked their big rigs on the bridge, forcing it to close, I had to go and cover this act of peaceful protest.

On Tuesday, when I arrived at the blockade, I discovered a group of protesters rallying together on the off-ramp of the bridge in support of the truckers. So, I went into the crowd to see what brought them out to the protest.

Click here to find out what they had to say.

The Blue Water Bridge (Port Huron, Michigan) Backed Up More Than 10 Miles As Protests At The Ambassador Bridge (Detroit, Michigan) Continue — Auto Plants In Canada And US Are Shutting Down Due To Lack Of Parts And Supplies 🔥 💣 (

Ottawa police chief news conference video - notice how he says that they have arrested 20 people who have ‘broken the law directly or indirectly’. WTF is ‘indirectly’ breaking the law. And what percent of the arrests were based on ‘indirectly’ breaking the law. What a POS!! (

New Trucker blockade at North Dakota Canada border (

Trudeau Government Threatens to Criminally Target Americans Who Donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022Posted by Jim Hoft

18 Fundraisers Aiding Riots, Crime, Abortion, and Genital Mutilation That GoFundMe Didn’t Shut Down (

Four Canadian provinces have agreed to modify or abolish their COVID-19 restrictions in the face of ongoing protests led largely by the nation’s truckers. Canada – Saskatchewan will end its vaccine passport system on Monday, February 14. The province’s mask mandate will also be lifted at the end of February. “We want things to be as normal as they can,” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said on Tuesday. Satire from Babylon Bee 02-07-2022. "Trudeau Orders All Geese Rounded Up And Shot For Honking In Solidarity With Truckers". (I'm thinking this is a wild goose chase...misinformation?) (

Satire: Trudeau Demands Protesters Stop Shutting Down City So That He Can Shut Down City ( 💥VICTORY💥 Kenney to scrap vaccine passport program at midnight. This means that Alberta’s government will restore the rights that it confiscated from unvaccinated Albertans. (

12 Countries End COVID Restrictions February 6, 2022

As efforts to prevent the transmission of the virus have faltered and nations lower the threat presented by SARS-CoV-2, Europe is speeding plans to end the COVID regulations. Sweden and Switzerland have announced that they will lift COVID limitations and eventually open their nations, joining Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France, and the United Kingdom.

Leading Israeli officials also stated this week that the country’s COVID vaccine passport, known as the “Green Pass,” will be phased out of restaurants, hotels, gyms, and cinemas.

NZ Police assaulting Convoy and dragging them away.(

The HONK destroys echo chambers. They can't censor the HONK. They can't go "No contact" with the HONK. They can't go into an internet safe space to escape the HONK. The HONK proves their world is a lie. It proves their world is a digital illusion that breaks if you step outside.

NZ Fascism update - Naked woman dragged by hair at Convoy. But it's for their health!!!! (

Deep State Operatives at Work under color of law: Watergate 2.0:

The DOJ has opened the constituent mail of Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert’s at least twice, he said Tuesday.

That same day, Rep. Troy Nehls, also of Texas, said a Capitol Police officer had taken illegal photographs of materials being processed in his office.

In January, Gohmert’s office received a letter from a Christian missionary already opened and with a stamp indicating it had been through the DOJ mailroom and had been X-rayed, the congressman said in a statement.

Last week, Gohmert said, another opened letter arrived at his office, this time with a postmark indicating it had been delayed four and a half months. That letter also had a DOJ stamp, he said.

Congress and the executive branch have different ZIP Codes and their mail should not be mixed, much less opened, according to the congressman.

“It is gravely concerning that since Congressional mail is constitutionally protected under the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution, it could be routed, intentionally or not, through the highly partisan DOJ. This is felonious behavior,” Gohmert said in his statement.

Capitol Police Dressed Like Construction Workers Break into GOP Rep’s Office – Photograph Confidential Documents and Harass Staff

Colorado Election Clerk Tina Peters Who Refused to Break the Law and Delete 2020 Data from Her County’s Voting Machines Arrested on BS Charges

Governor Abbott is protecting the military at all costs! He just posted a direct order that no National Guard soldier will be punished for refusing the vaccine!

The Governor of Texas does not take orders from the President.

President Biden must be held accountable for his unconscionable willingness to hollow out the Texas Guard with another illegal vaccine mandate.

I will deploy every legal tool in defense of these American heroes.


Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has already proposed 88 bills for the 2022 legislative session, including legislation to ban machine counting in elections.

One of these bills, SB1133, will ban a city, town, or school from conducting mail-in elections. On Monday, this bill passed through the Senate Government Committee with six more new elections laws, including currency-grade ballot counterfraud requirements.

Rogers announced another critical election security bill via press release. This bill will require elections to be counted by hand and ban electronic tabulating equipment.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

In an effort to restore election integrity and to make sure all legal votes in Arizona are counted for, Senator Wendy Rogers (R-6) is introducing legislation that aims to get rid of automated voting machines.

SB 1348 would prohibit the use of electronic or other tabulating equipment and would require all ballots to be counted by hand for any and every state, county, city or town election. Furthermore, neither the Secretary of State, the Board of Supervisors, nor any other officer in charge of elections shall allow the use of electronic or other tabulating equipment. Ballots would be counted by hand only and required to remain segregated by precinct, both before and after counting.

“An alarming number of voting machines are vulnerable to hackers,” said Senator Rogers. “These systems aren’t reliable and don’t have any credibility. We need to make bold moves to guarantee that every vote is accurately counted. We owe this to the people of Arizona. Even just a dozen votes can make or break a race. In order to improve the security of the ballot and election integrity, we need to move from machines to human hand counts.”

To quote American columnist and author William Vaughan, “To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer.” SB 1348 returns to an election system that every American can understand: hand counting. With complicated voting systems comes complicated vulnerabilities that can be difficult to detect. Arizonans deserve a voting system they can both understand AND trust. SB 1348 returns us to this.

Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, who facilitated the shady, corrupt 2020 election, recently said that “AZ must go 100% ballot by mail.” Rogers responded by calling him a “crook” and telling him her plans for this session.

Representative Mark Finchem has filed a resolution to recall Arizona’s eleven electors.

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to demand justice.

Contact Arizona Legislators and demand a yes vote to reclaim Arizona’s fraudulently certified 2020 electors.

Here is a link to the decertification bill already filed in Minnesota:

This is also of value:

SB 1344: Prohibition on Social Media Company Censoring

There is more happening on the voter fraud but it's hard to keep on top of it all. More later...

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