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Brazen Crimes

Unpublished Project Veritas Recording Reveals Pfizer Scientist Confirming the Risk of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines — Claims Side Effects of These Vaccines are “Very Sneaky”

These recordings captured internal discussions among Pfizer’s top vaccine researchers expressing grave concerns over the vaccines’ safety, efficacy, and the rush to market due to the pandemic emergency.

According to Zero Hedge, the leaked footage includes an October 6, 2021 conversation with Kanwal Gill, a principal scientist at Pfizer, discussing the ethical implications of rolling out experimental booster injections.

Gill responds by acknowledging the real-time nature of the data being collected and the historical challenges faced by mRNA vaccines, which had never previously reached clinical trials due to side effects.

“This is real-time data that we are generating. We don’t even know when we started vaccinating people. We had no idea how it’s going to look like,” said Gill.

“MRNA vaccines have been there for 50 years, but nothing made to clinical. Why? Because mRNA vaccines have been known to have side effects,” she added.

“Moderna has been working on it for ten years. This is not a new thing. But why it did not reach trial was because of all these side effects. Pfizer and Moderna used the emergency and the pandemic to kind of get through it now. But even the CDC model never gets FDA,” Gill admitted.

Gill also candidly admits that unlike the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, whose side effects were promptly identified, the mRNA and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) used in Pfizer’s vaccine are “very sneaky,” implying that significant complications may not yet have surfaced.

“Only Johnson Johnson’s side effect came out quickly, that there was a clot, that clot that was happening with Johnson Johnson’s. But other than that, mRNA and LNP are very sneaky. I think we are not still seeing a lot of like huge complications,” Kanwal said.

The mRNA gene modification is permanent and your kids will inherit C19 spike via the ova cytoplasm.

McCullough Protocol:

We hope you glean four major takeaways for your health:

1) avoid any more COVID-19 vaccines and boosters,

2) protect against invasive recurrent COVID-19 infection using the updated McCullough Protocol,

3) if loaded with Spike protein, begin the Base Spike Detox (BSD), and

4) use intermittent fasting to induce autophagy to assist in the clearance of the spike protein from your body.

SERBIA - I tweeted this out on June 15, 2021: "Election clerks of USA! Meet your vote counters (because you're not doing it): Bojan Dordevic, Goran Obradovic, Nenad Nikolic, Bojan Janjic, Branko Kolasinovic, Ivan Bulut, Srdjan Saric, Neda Vukman. Software engineers and programmers for Dominion. Belgrade, Serbia."  

The emails Sheriff Leaf in Michigan has show that Dominion voting machines are programmed in Serbia, can be controlled from Serbia.

~ Peter Bernegger

HUGE!! We'll be adding to this over the weeks. Dominion President John Poulos you're going to be arrested, tried and if convicted by a jury, hung for sedition. I dare you to sue me you crook. Dominion voting machines rig elections - we have the proof.

~ Peter Bernegger

From 2017 but still very relevant:

Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences

... It seems that while doing his graduate work in the early 1960s, he had to do research on lab rats, which were given the synthetic hormones used in the then new birth control pills. The results, he told me, showed that the grandchildren of these lab rats would have high rates of homosexual behaviors. From what he told me, the findings were suppressed. Apparently, the powers that be wanted “the pill” to pass muster. What happened to the second generation of rats that followed was of no consequence to them. ...... This was told me in the mid '80s. By his reckoning, we should have seen a societal explosion of homosexuality starting around 2000, and subsequently. And, of course, we have seen such an explosion. His prediction came true. ...

Significant for two reasons:

  1. An example of Big Pharma suppressing results it doesn't like; and,

  2. Another possible cause of the explosion of LGBTQXYZ+ stuff going on with the younger generation

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