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Biden Builds a Bunker!

The Biden Administration is building a wall like the one at the southern border wall but around the White House. Apparently they are expecting trouble of some sort...

Amazingly Huge Lie: Direct from the White House

Under President Biden, the economy has created more jobs per month than under any other President – ever.

Real Progress! The narrative is crumbling!

(except for the the inflation... but we knew that and now the vast public does too...)


A way to drive the conservatives out of DC and unable to vote perhaps?:

Officially from the Queen:

Maxwell no longer fighting to hide the John Doe Names...

In a legal brief filed on Wednesday, Giuffre requested that the judge unseal the names of the John Does currently kept out of the public eye, in part due to their complaints of how disruptive the media attention would be to their lives.

“Upon review of the objections of those Does, it is apparent that their objections essentially mirror objections to unsealing that this Court has already rejected,” Giuffre’s lawyer wrote, as cited by the producer of the Prince and the Pervert podcast that is chronicling the events of this case.

Maxwell has previously fought the unsealing of the legal names of the John Does revealed in the still-sealed court documents, but a letter from her lawyer dated January 12th notes that Maxwell “does not wish to further address” detailed objections submitted by Non-Party Does 17, 53, 54, 55, 73, 93, and 151. You can read the full letter below.

Perhaps a deal was struck now that she has no other options...

Supply Chain Crisis Incoming:

California is heading for a massive water and energy crisis:

The majority of the state population depends on water run from the northern and central state Sierra Nevada snow melt - this water passes through gravity fed canals (State Water Project) most of the way (from Sacramento to San Diego, roughly speaking) but needs to clear the Tehachapi mountains, south of Bakersfield. It's an enormous hydraulic lift, and is mostly powered via Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant (which they are planning to shutter 2024). Right now, this water supplies up to 70% of the drinking water for 28 million people, and the plan for replacing it is a bit fuzzy - theres no new nuclear happening, and gas and coal are out without power to pump it over the mountains, things are going to get scarce and or expensive (probably both). At the same time, southern California utilities are phasing out fossil fuel power generation and plan to replace it with 'yet to be determined' green energy supply.

They're talking the warm fuzzy notes of clean and noble environmental action, and much more tight lipped when it comes to reliability and cost. So, while they talk about increasing local water supply to offset the longer distance imports, they mean groundwater (heavily contaminated with industrial solvents and legacy oil extraction byproducts), recycled (cleaned sewer water), and desalination All of these are much more expensive than the water coming from the State Water Project (2 to 3 times so) and require a huge increase in local energy supply to power the pumping/filtration/air stripping remediation etc. That same power which is already over stretched, will be more in demand for car charging, all these electric gadgets they're mandating, etc. Its an enormous edifice of robbing Peter to pay Paul and probably a huge burden on the health of poor and elderly residents (let's do SoCal Summer Heatwaves without air conditioning: you cant afford it and even if you could it doesn't work reliably).

It's a mess, it's obviously being deliberately contrived to make it much worse, and the people who can fix or address it won't


Global Warming?

Yes, the Ronald McDonald House decided to evict the unvaccinated older than 5.

Amazing Performance!

A little background on video - this is at the Dallas City Council meeting - this dude is TROLLING them by acting ridiculously pro-vax. He's done similar stunts in the past.

Borat for real uncovers pedo ring. FBI does nothing.

Two pages later:

I conduct research on children and families affected by war [...] my initiative to include children born of wartime rape as core members of the research team [...]

No computers or phones allowed at the Chinese Olympics.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are still set to take place in Beijing, China, next month.

According to Reuters, the Dutch Olympic Committee has told its athletes not to bring any personal phones or computers when they travel to Beijing, citing cybersecurity concerns.

“The importance of cybersecurity of course has grown over the years,” committee spokesman Geert Slot said. “But China has completely closed off its internet, which makes it a specific case.

A Legitimate Organization to help stop Children Sex and Organ Trafficking:

This is a gripping real life documentary of brave people going out and actually rescuing trafficked kids - all caught on live camera.

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