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Voting in France is on Sunday: NO Mail-in Ballots, NO Dirty Voting Machines, Only Paper Ballots and EVERYONE Must Show a Voter ID

Voting in the French presidential election is Sunday. There are NO mail-in ballots. There are no dirty voting machines. Only paper ballots are used. And EVERYONE must show a voter ID. In France, the ballots are counted by hand and the winner is announced by the end of the day. ABC News reported: French voters in Sunday's presidential election will use the same system that's been used for generations: paper ballots that are cast in person and counted by hand. Despite periodic calls for more flexibility or modernization, France doesn't do mail-in voting, early voting or use voting machines en masse like the United States. About 48.7 million French are registered on the electoral rolls of the place where they live. Voters make their choices in a booth, with the curtains closed, then place their ballot in an envelope that is then put into a transparent ballot box. They must show photo identification and sign a document, next to their name, to complete the process.

True the Vote used two petabytes of data, ten trillion cell phone pings, and four million minutes of surveillance video to uncover a nationwide organized criminal ballot trafficking ring. ...

In Georgia for example, True the Vote alleges there were 242 traffickers who made 5,662 trips to ballot drop boxes between the early morning hours of 12 AM and 5 AM, potentially unloading hundreds of thousands of illegally harvested ballots over the course of several weeks. ...

“This is how money laundering works,” Charlie observed. “This is not just a one-off thing, this is not some Democrat activist that really wanted Trump gone and might have had a couple friends do this. This was a machine.”

“Which state was the worst offender?” Charlie asked. “Pennsylvania,” Gregg said. “The worst in every way: 1,155 people met our criteria… in Philadelphia.”

“What's even more insane,” Catherine said, “is watching the data, watching the pings come across the bridge in New Jersey and into Philly.” The traffickers actually crossed state lines to participate in the fraud. And it wasn’t just in Philadelphia. Two mules in Arizona made their way to Georgia for the runoffs. ...

Even more disturbing, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSA) knew about the systematic ballot stuffing and did nothing. “We learned that there were off-duty law enforcement officers, paid for by the Republican Party, that reported all of this. And [the NRSA] just covered it up,” Gregg said.

“Who's running this?” Charlie asked.

“Our current hypothesis,” Gregg said, “is that there are new money folks, like the Stacey Abrams of the world, who all of a sudden show up in Maricopa Country after the election, arm in arm with the SEIU and others, [where they thank] her for delivering the state… The second piece of this is there are old money ties… to some foundations that started in Chicago back some 80 years ago, in the 1960s.”

“So you're saying that there's a foundation, a 501(c)(3) that was potentially funding some of this activity?” Charlie asked.

“Yes. Many,” Catherine and Gregg responded.

Gregg Philips explained, “We had been receiving information from witnesses, from whistleblowers, people who had been involved, people who knew somebody who was involved. And we were able to identify those organizations, those stash houses. So not only were we able to look at the drop boxes, where the people were going in and out of the drop box, sometimes over 50 times — in Philadelphia, we had quite a few people who went over 100 times to the drop boxes — but they were also going to these organizations.”

“The hub and spoke model,” Charlie summarizes.

“And there were multiple hubs,” Philips continued. “In Atlanta, we had 10.”

“Is there a typical mule profile?” Charlie wondered.

Every county is different, Gregg replied. “We had some incidents at this place in Atlanta called the Bluff, one of the heaviest heroin trafficking places in the U.S., very dangerous, one of the top five most dangerous places in the U.S. We interviewed some people down there… That same night, we also went to 201 Washington Street, which is an advocacy center attached to a church… in downtown Atlanta.”

But “in Arizona, the profile looked a little different,” Catherine noted. “It’s been happening in Arizona for an awfully long time. What we see there are people who really control communities. And you have people at the top of the pyramid coming in and doing everything from building underprivileged housing to controlling the full vertical of the contractors, and the banks, and the financing organizations, and all of those people are participating in rounding up ballots.”

As the ‘2,000 Mules’ movie will soon show, “we have informants who have come forward to describe exactly what happens,” Catherine said.

“And these collectors and these mules are making between $10 and $40 a ballot here in Arizona, according to the testimony we have,” Gregg added.

Has China gone Insane? Lethal Lockdowns for a relatively harmless virus?

People living in the Chinese city have been banned from leaving their homes and have reportedly taken to singing “why are you starving us?” from their balconies in protest of the lack of food and water available.
In footage shared on social media, a drone can be seen urging residents to return inside, saying: “Please comply with Covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.”

Screams of anguish in Shanghai: It's like a modern version of hell.

See video of this guy here:

Premeditated regicide in the palace?

The BBC is blowing the whistle on Ukraine's False Flags!:

Elon Calling it "Truth"...

Having deleted several 'interesting' tweets on the strategic direction of Twitter, Elon Musk has filed a 13D explaining he may buy more stock and offer his opinions to the board and management.

By not joining the board, Musk can now perform a hostile takeover if he so chooses.

Elon Musk will no longer hold a question-and-answer session with Twitter staff this week since he isn't taking a board seat with the social media giant, according to Bloomberg.

Musk was set to join CEO Parag Agrawal for an "ask-me-anything" session.

The meeting was canceled after Musk decided not to take a seat. Employees have the day off Monday for a regular, monthly day of rest the company provides. The break is well-timed as several people described the vibe as “super stressed,” with employees “working together to help each other get through the week.” Twitter staff had mixed feelings about attending the session with Musk anyway. It might have clarified whether Musk had plans to be friendly or hostile with his stake, but it could also have raised further questions about how to react to his whims. In the past week, his ideas have ranged from striking advertising for Twitter’s subscription service to turning part of its headquarters into a homeless shelter. -Bloomberg

Is Elon a good guy? Apparently yes:

Elon Musk is HEAVILY opposed by the MSM, the left, deep state actors, WEF members, and the overwhelming majority of other billionaires. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Deep State wouldn’t EO expend resources attacking Elon if Elon was under their control.

Logic aside, he’s proven it empirically many times. He sat down on an hour+ long interview with Babylon Bee and called CNN a bunch of perverts for their recent paedophilia scandals. He called wokeness “one of the greatest threats to modern civilization” while pounding a white claw. If that doesn’t tell you he’s on our side, Idk what to tell you.

He also zoomed in to the WSJ CEO Council meeting, trolled and mocked all the CEOs there and said the majority of positions at their companies are useless, calling them all greedy. Then proceeded to trash the globalist Build Back Better bill and said we need to stop government spending and end ALL government subsidies. He has publicly criticized Biden and the left-wing agenda on every front.

Left-wing media endlessly write hit pieces about him and are clearly vocally in opposition to Musk. Here’s NBC hinting at comparisons to Hitler and “right-wing”.

Here is Vice attacking Elon back when he displayed C19 scepticism. Declaring “something extremely bogus is going on” after testing positive and negative for C19 at the same time.

Elon Musk has proven endlessly that he is on our side and is a direct enemy of the deep state and the left...

(Credit to BioClandestine)


From the head of the Chechen Fighters in Ukraine after Elon challenged Putin to a fist fight:

Elona's reply:

Dorsey Regrets the Totalitarian Twitter:

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey takes partial responsibility for internet centralization. In a statement issued via Twitter, the former CEO said, “the days of usenet, irc, the web…even email (w PGP) …were amazing. Centralizing discovery and identity into corporations really damaged the internet. I realize I’m partially to blame, and regret it.”

A decade before banning then sitting U.S. President Donald Trump, Twitter described itself as the “free speech wing of the free speech party.” As the platform banned more people for seemingly ideological reasons, the commitment to free speech was not paramount, with Dorsey’s successor as CEO, Parag Agrawal, maintaining that the company’s “role is not to be bound by the First Amendment.”

Dorsey signaled an affinity with Twitter’s original stance on free speech, saying the banning of President Trump set, “a precedent I feel is dangerous: the power an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation.”

⚡️ Russian Foreign Ministry statement regarding Twitter’s act of censorship ⚡️

❗️ On April 5, the US social media company Twitter resorted to a blatant act of censorship by concealing a post on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official account in English behind a warning that it violates the platform’s rules. The post covered the main points of the Russian Defence Ministry’s statement about the provocation in the Ukrainian town of Bucha and a link to the full text of the statement. The material was marked as "offensive" (supposedly violating "abusive behaviour"... with facts apparently) and the ability of Twitter users to share it has been drastically curtailed. This is the first time such a restriction has been placed on the Foreign Ministry’s verified account since it was created in 2011.

We regard this step as clear confirmation that Twitter as well as other US tech companies are direct participants in an unprecedented act of information aggression launched by Washington and its satellites, which is designed to shape international public opinion, creating a vastly distorted picture of events in Ukraine. Large-scale measures are being taken to conceal the horrendous crimes committed by the Kiev regime that is steeped in Nazi ideology. The fabrication of pretexts for ramping up political and sanctions pressure on Russia and flooding Ukraine with an endless supply of weapons continues unabated. Before it was censored, the post was seen by over two million users, mainly outside of Russia. Obviously, the widespread interest prompted Twitter executives to resort to these unscrupulous methods.

☝️ We demand that Twitter immediately restore access to this post. There can be no place for bias in the company’s content moderation in the future. Otherwise, it may acquire a reputation as an accomplice to the Kiev regime’s atrocities.

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