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7 March 2020 - Dinner News

Where has it broken out?  As research suggests it takes physical contact.  Thus the flashpoints of origin in many countries have been:

Hospitals (Italy)

Churches (S. Korea)

Nursing homes (Washington State)

Enclaves/meetings (Iran)

Prisons (Iran and China)

Where else do people have physical contact?


Dance venues?

This math is from a PhD Biologist and Engineer.  Check his math if you like:

Yeah, it’s alarming.  He figures by May 8th, give or take a week or two, the hospital beds will be filled, and not just the isolation ward ones.

And this from the American Hospital Association:

It’s just the flu?

I don’t recall the flu causing China to quarantine almost half their population, or seeing videos of body bags in China and Iran during the last flu.  If this was just the flu do you think that China was just shutting down for no reason then?  It caused a massive loss of money and face. People dying in the Iranian parliament is not your flu kind of behavior.  Nah.  A lot of people want to minimize it for a number of reasons: Denial Financial portfolios (huge deal) Political support from a happy face/narrative China payoffs (yes it is happening) Want to just enjoy themselves like normal and not want to think about it Don’t care if it is older folks Believe in “manifesting” like a friend of ours (If it goes badly then it’s my fault for not manifesting strongly enough - ala Tinkerbell) Then you have the Democrats and media who want to maximize the panic.

Oregon limiting testing:

Oregon will approve coronavirus testing only for people sick enough to be hospitalized who don’t have the flu and people with symptoms who have either traveled to affected countries or who have had contact with a person confirmed to be sick, state and regional county health officials said Thursday.That’s a departure from new federal guidelines allowing doctor discretion in determining who can get tested.

Oregon’s state lab has the capacity to test 80 samples a day, which equates to about 40 people, said Dr. Dean Sidelinger, state health officer. Getting results for one person can take anywhere from one to four tests, Sidelinger said, and averages out to about two tests per person.If testing is opened up for “anyone with a fever,” then the system could be overwhelmed, he said. In the next week or two, Sidelinger said he expects commercial testing to become available, which is when more people would likely be able to get tested.

Where has it broken out?  Some research suggests it takes physical contact.  If so then it fits with the fact that many of the flash-points of origin in many countries have been: Hospitals (Italy) Churches (S. Korea) Nursing homes (Washington State) Enclaves/meetings (Iran) Prisons (Iran and China) Where else do people have physical contact? Hairdressers? Dance venues?

Race and Coronavirus? Historical data:

More and more people are beginning notice the racial dimension to Corona virus. According to Woke Wisdom - which declares that “race” is only skin deep - the Coronavirus should be ravaging Africa by now. After all, Africa is poor, poor health compromises the immune system, and access to medical care is, for most Africans, extremely limited. Surely, Africa should be worse affected that any other continent in the world—as should black minorities within white countries. But, consistent with the findings of the Chinese scientists, this is not the case: Whether it’s a matter of faulty detection, climatic factors or simple fluke, the remarkably low rate of coronavirus infection in African countries, with their fragile health systems, continues to puzzle – and worry – experts.

To date, only three cases of infection have been officially recorded in Africa, one in Egypt, one in Algeria and one in Nigeria, with no deaths.

This is a remarkably small number for a continent with nearly 1.3 billion inhabitants, and barely a drop in the ocean of more than 86,000 cases and nearly 3,000 deaths recorded in some 60 countries worldwide. [With only three official cases, Africa’s low coronavirus rate puzzles health experts, France 24, March 2nd, 2020].

Does this low infection rate worry “experts” precisely because it raises the possibility - which I discussed last week - of blacks having a relatively high immunity due to many of them being adapted to a hot and wet ecology which, like the cold and wet ecology of much of Europe, is high in flu and thus selects for flu resistance?

The African media have noticed the surprising lack of deaths as well. Recently, a series of African news outlets reported that “the African Blood Genes” may permit resistance to Corona. In response, the Nigeria-based Centre for Democracy and Development (a democracy-promoting NGO, not a scientific organization) has asserted on its blog that: “experts have said claims that black people were resistant to the virus were ‘false information.’”

It added: A UK-based specialist in infectious diseases and epidemics, Paul Hunter, told DW [Africa has been spared so far from coronavirus. Why?, February 14, 2020] that the absence of Covid-19 on the continent maybe largely due to luck. There is nothing special about Africa not having seen a case other than pure chance at the moment… “I doubt we will see a big outbreak in Africa, Droplet diseases don’t seem to be as big an issue in Africa,” he said, adding that SARS, a respiratory disease that is also a coronavirus, spread through 26 countries in 2003 but failed to gain a hold in Africa. From scientific evidence, there is no medical proof that African blood is resistant to the Coronavirus [Is the African Blood Resistant to Coronavirus? CDD West Africa, February 17, 2020.

Perhaps not. But there is now scientific evidence that Africans (and Whites) are more resistant to it than Asians and that this is for genetic reasons.

“In fact, residents of Connecticut who were of Italian origin were more likely to die than those of Irish, English, Canadian, German, Russian, Austrian or Polish background,” writes Spinney. She goes on to insist that this was due to Italians being “poor” and having a poor diet.But this doesn’t make any sense, because the Irish and Polish immigrants would also have been poor. In addition, a study in the journal PLOS ONE found that there are race differences in susceptibility to influenza even when you control for health and socioeconomic status [Role of genetic heterogeneity in determining the epidemiological severity of H1N1 influenza, by Narmada Sambaturu et al., PLOS ONE, 2018].

According to historian Alfred Crosby, all immigrants were more likely to die of Spanish Flu (presumably due to immigrant poverty) but the mortality rate was far lower among English, Irish and German immigrants (that is: evolved to a cold, wet climate) than among those from Poland, Russia and Austria-Hungary.Among Italian immigrants, however, Spanish Flu was particularly acute. Crosby writes:

The pandemic scythed through urban America’s Little Italies, and Italian-Americans had one of the very highest mortality rates in the entire country [America's Forgotten Pandemic: The Influenza of 1918, by Alfred Crosby, 2003, pp.227-228].A 1921 investigation into Spanish Flu, in The American Journal of Hygiene, reported ethnic differences in mortality from the virus, commenting that, in comparison to other immigrants, the death rate was “enormously high among Italians” but “lower than would be expected among persons of Irish, English and German stock,” presumably based on the mortality rate that poverty would predict [Influenza: An Epidemiologic Study, by Warren Taylor Vaughan, American Journal of Hygiene, 1921].

Another academic article, published in 1919, noted that Irish Americans seemed to be 75% less likely to suffer from acute influenza than Italian-Americans [Society Proceedings, Journal of the American Medical Association, 1919, p. 1548].

So, if there are differences is disease susceptibility between “races” then we would expect the differences to exist, in a less pronounced form, between ethnic groups within races. This makes perfect sense. Influenza has long been a more pernicious problem in Northern Europe, where the cold and wet climate allows it to breed better. On this basis, we would expect Northern Europeans to have developed greater resistance to flu, meaning that their immune systems would be better able to cope with novel forms of influenza should they manifest. (Influenza also flourishes in hot and humid climates—and, indeed, blacks are showing exceptional resistence to Coronavirus).

The non-East Asian country other than Italy that has been severely impacted by Corona is Iran. Iranians are often classified as “White” but similarly they would be unlikely to be adapted to flu, given the region’s climate. And, indeed, Laura Spinney reports that in 1918, “Persians [= Iranians] fighting in the British army were more severely affected by the flu than native British soldiers.”

She quotes a doctor as speculating that the explanation might have been that Persians were more likely to have an “underlying disease” such as “malaria.” But, presumably, there were also different chronic conditions that British soldiers would have been more likely to have suffered from.So, it seems fairly likely that Corona, like other forms of influenza, discriminates not just by age, sex and race, but also by ethnicity and, in the U.S. ethnic ancestry.

15-20% will need to be hospitalized?:

Now that the latest White House task force press conference is over, we'd like to highlight one comment that seems to have attracted a lot of attention this evening: Dr. Fauci's "estimate" that "15-20%" of those infected with the virus will require hospitalization. That's much higher than the hospitalization rate for the flu, which, according to the CDC is a tiny fraction of a percentage point (though, of course, there's a vaccine for the flu).

The article then suggests the travel ban imposed on China - including the restriction of people who have visited China - was 'unkind,' and has had a 'great economic impact' on the country. US government officials, such as Secretary of Commerce Rose, US Secretary of State Pompeo, and US White House Economic Adviser Navarro, have publicly gloated over China's new crown pneumonia epidemic, saying that the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in China is good for the United States and will help companies return to the United States.

It also called on companies around the world to consider the risks of China's supply chain. Even the infamous "Wall Street Journal" published an infamous article "China is a real patient in Asia", and the "New York Times" in the United States also published a document condemning the closure of Wuhan in China as a violation of human rights. The American culture of falling rocks is really shameless. Today, Feng Shui is taking turns, and the United States has become a victim of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At this time, China has not fallen into rocks and has not condemned the United States. At this time, the United States should recognize its mistakes. Apologize to China for your actions. -Xinhua (translated)

If China retaliates against the United States at this time, including a travel ban or a strategic restriction over medical exports,  America would be "plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

Xinhua notes that "most of the drugs in the United States are imported," and that "most masks in the United States are made in China and imported from China," an that if restricted, the US won't be able to take "the most basic measures to prevent the new coronavirus.”

Indeed (via F. William Engdahl of New Eastern Outlook):

80% of present medicines consumed in the United States are produced in China. This includes Chinese companies and foreign drug companies that have outsourced their drug manufacture in joint ventures with Chinese partners. According to Rosemary Gibson of the Hastings Center bioethics research institute, who authored a book in 2018 on the theme, the dependency is more than alarming.

Gibson cites medical newsletters giving the estimate that today some 80% of all pharmaceutical active ingredients in the USA are made in China.

It’s not just the ingredients. It’s also the chemical precursors, the chemical building blocks used to make the active ingredients. We are dependent on China for the chemical building blocks to make a whole category of antibiotics… known as cephalosporins. They are used in the United States thousands of times every day for people with very serious infections.”
  1. The made in China drugs today include most antibiotics, birth control pills, blood pressure medicines such as valsartan, blood thinners such as heparin, and various cancer drugs. It includes such common medicines as penicillin, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and aspirin. The list also includes medications to treat HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, cancer, depression, epilepsy, among others. A recent Department of Commerce study found that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States came from China.

More US companies have cancelled events: Last night, Google said it would cancel its developer conference and Netflix has cancelled SXSW screenings. In London, HSBC has evacuated its entire research department and parts of its Canary Wharf trading floor, Financial News reports. A Facebook contractor has been infected in the company's Seattle office. Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook have all asked their Seattle employees to work from home. Though it wasn't all good news out of Beijing: Last night, the western press reported that a 36-year old man thought to have recovered from coronavirus had died from respiratory failure in Wuhan five days after being discharged. It's alarming because the man was young and otherwise healthy - characteristics that should have made him particularly resilient to the virus.

Also, Beijing has imposed a new rule on residents: Eat alone, keep away from co-workers, and under no circumstances should you share plates with others (popular in so called 'hot pot' dishes and other communal-type meals).

Xuzhou City in E #China’s Jiangsu, has put into use the country’s first self-vending machine that dispenses #masks. With a daily limit of 800 masks, this tool has been in use since Mar 2. Residents can buy two N95 masks using their ID cards every 24 hours for 12 yuan ($1.72).

The Vaccine manufacturers who cried wolf:

The CDC unabashedly decided to create a mass market for the flu vaccine by enlisting the media into panicking the public. An obedient and unquestioning media obliged by hyping the numbers, and 10 years later it is obliging still. The CDC's decision to play up flu deaths dates back a decade, when it realized the public wasn't following its advice on the flu vaccine. During the 2003 flu season "the manufacturers were telling us that they weren't receiving a lot of orders for vaccine," Dr. Glen Nowak, associate director for communications at CDC's National Immunization Program, told National Public Radio. "It really did look like we needed to do something to encourage people to get a flu shot." The CDC's response was its "Seven-Step 'Recipe' for Generating Interest in, and Demand for, Flu (or any other) Vaccination," a slide show Nowak presented at the 2004 National Influenza Vaccine Summit.

Here is the "Recipe that fosters influenza vaccine interest and demand," in the truncated language that appears on his slides:

"Medical experts and public health authorities [should] publicly (e.g. via media) state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes) - and urge influenza vaccination." This recipe, his slide show indicated, would result in "Significant media interest and attention ... in terms that motivate behavior (e.g. as 'very severe,' 'more severe than last or past years,' 'deadly')."

Other emotive recommendations included fostering "the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza" and "Visible/tangible examples of the seriousness of the illness (e.g., pictures of children, families of those affected coming forward) and people getting vaccinated (the first to motivate, the latter to reinforce)." The CDC unabashedly decided to create a mass market for the flu vaccine by enlisting the media into panicking the public. An obedient and unquestioning media obliged by hyping the numbers, and 10 years later it is obliging still. 30-40% of Iran to be infected soon: Health officials worry that Iran could be a sign of things to come in the much of the rest of the world — a deeply alarming prospect given a member of Iran's National Committee for Influenza and specialist in infectious diseases, Dr. Masoud Mardani, has just issued a stark warning for the capital city of Tehran, brimming with about 9 million people and over 12 million in the greater metropolitan area. Dr. Mardai said he expects 30 to 40 percent of Tehran's population to be infected with coronavirus within the next two weeks.

This won't work:

This might:

And now some amusing/encouraging politics…. ICE raids dozens of ‘birth tourism’ establishments in California: “Done with their games"

immigration officials were entrenched in raids throughout the counties of Orange, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles in California.These weren’t the typical raids, though: They were targeting what’s been described as suspected “birth tourism” establishments.These businesses are essentially operations where establishment owners charge pregnant women who are either legally or illegally in the country upwards of $50,000 in exchange for concealed housing, meals, and transportation to hospital appointments.The purpose behind all this is for soon-to-be mothers capitalizing on the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees birthright citizenship.I hate the birth tourism

Research by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) finds that each refugee resettled in the U.S. cost American taxpayers anywhere on average between $60,000 and $133,000over the course of a lifetime.

CIS researchers said the average refugee will cost taxpayers roughly $60,000 over a lifetime, though adult refugees — due to their low educational attainment — cost taxpayers upwards of $133,000.

“No plausible model, not even the National Academies’ best-case scenario, comes close to suggesting that refugees who enter as adults will be net fiscal contributors,” CIS researchers note. “Refugee-specific costs add about 22 percent over and above the cost of other immigrants, but low education by itself is enough to push adult refugees’ estimated fiscal impact well into negative territory.”

Clinton’s appearance on Bravo came in advance of the release of a four-part documentary series about her life titled “Hillary,” which premiered Friday on Hulu.

In the docu-series, former President Bill Clinton reportedly addresses his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in the 1990s, saying it was a stress reliever for him.

You feel like you’re staggering around, you’ve been in a 15-round prize fight that was extended to 30 rounds and here’s something that will take your mind off it for a while, that’s what happens,” he said.“Because there, whatever life — not just me. Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments, terrors, fears of whatever,” Clinton added. “Things I did to manage my anxieties for years. I’m a different, totally different person than I was, a lot of that stuff 20 years ago.” Satire, but really good satire:

CHAPPAQUA, NY—In a recent interview from her wine cellar this week, Hillary Clinton revealed some of her favorite methods for dealing with stress.  "Being the president is an extremely stressful job," she told reporters. "Since I am the president, I have to deal with anxiety on a regular basis. One way to calm my nerves is with a good, old-fashioned assassination. Of course, I would never do such a thing, but If I did do something like, say, killing Jeffery Epstein, it would be a great way to cope with the demands of my very important job. Ok, I killed Epstein. I needed to do it to manage my anxieties. I feel bad about it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Hillary bemoaned the fact that since she isn't allowed in the White House or situation room for some reason, she no longer has access to handy tools like drones or Treadstone super-soldiers. "Sometimes," she said, "I have to settle for watching that prison assassination scene from Breaking Bad over a bottle of wine! Can you imagine? HAHAHAHAHAHA!"Let it be known that The Babylon Bee proudly supports everything Hillary Clinton does and we are glad she is our president. She is a wonderful leader and we would never do anything to ever upset her in any way.  We are also not suicidal. Charlie Kirk Tweets are really excellent: Did you know: Republicans just joined with 42 Democrats to pass a bipartisan act to stop convicted terrorists & sexual predators from becoming TSA Agents 174 Democrats voted against it Including: AOC Ilhan Omar Rashida Tlaib And even House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Why? Nancy Pelosi tore up the State of the Union speech Chuck Schumer threatened conservative justices by name Bernie won't condemn his supporters attacking Trump supporters Remind me again how the president is the one dividing the country? Newly released transcripts from Lisa Page's private testimony reveal that top FBI officials wanted to charge Hillary Clinton under the Espionage Act The DOJ shut it down. Reminder: We still don't know what was discussed during Loretta Lynch & Bill Clinton's secret meeting Take a little moment to laugh at the Dems for discarding a black woman, a white woman, a native American woman, two Mexican guys, a black guy and a gay guy ... in favor of 2 old white guys. The non-political ones are near the bottom and they're really funny too! Here are some of the best, for your enjoyment:

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