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4/3/2 1 Rebirth of Hope?

Numerology? Maybe.

Today is 4/3/21.

Tomorrow is generally celebrated as the date of the rebirth of Jesus.

Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve (the day generally celebrated as the birth of Christ).

Q has often said it would be "Biblical" and often referred to Washington crossing the Delaware.

And then there's this:

I wish to stay anonymous for the time being, as you might understand that my current work has put my life in serious jeopardy.

I am a self employed private investigator specializing in digital data investigations. My team has forensic auditors, data analysts, and in-field investigators. We were contracted by a group of individuals to investigate the 2020 election, specifically election-related data anomalies. The contract has us posting this message to this board.

In our current investigation, our in-field investigators have interviewed dozens of people who have had direct knowledge of the election. These people include election server IT specialists, election officials, and five governors. We have also interviewed people who have, in return for anonymity, described illegal activities they partook to destroy or alter ballots and election materials.

We have travelled tens of thousands of miles across the entire country by vehicle, have sworn testimony from multiple government officials, and video/pictured evidence from those who were paid to hurt the election. We were told things as private investigators versus government officials because those we have interviewed are in fear for their lives every moment of every day.

To summarize what we have collected;

We have crowd-collected proof detailing how the election was rigged, how votes were altered/destroyed/stolen, international actions taken by foreign governments in collaboration with multiple U.S. Agencies and elected officials, and have just recently discovered the murder of three people who had publicly disclosed their desire to step forward with election proof. We also have audio and video proof of current White House cabinet and elected officials stating their knowledge and premeditation of their actions during the election. Our information is stored on multiple drives, copies held by selected teammates in the firm, and held in cloud-based independent servers.

As per the contract we signed, dated Jan 24th, 2021, we are to make public the following action.

Starting April 10th, no later than April 20th, this information will be public. It will be posted here, and among every outlet possible.

The White House has until April 4th to come clean. The DOJ has until 12:00 noon tomorrow to come clean.

The information we have will undoubtedly ignite civil war in the country. Considering there exists no credible authority to take this information to, our choices are limited. Unless those involved come clean by the dates posted above, we will have no choice.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

An odd statement (grammar and punctuation) from President Trump:

Watered down vaccines? From JohnHeretoHelp:

"I have been told by more than one person at a major research hospital, confirmed at another location. That there was such a high incidence of "negative reactions" to the covid vaccines, that "vaccine shots" have been ALTERED.

A percentage of placebo/saline have been included in shipments. These are completely neutral basically water and will do nothing. This was done by the pharmaceutical companies and the "Bi-den admin" together. This was done to lessen the reports of negative reactions

Make this administration look more competent. It was done to lessen the impact of these negative reactions on the pharmaceutical company and it was done for profit, as the vaccines are becoming useless due to "mutations".

Again, the "Bi-den administration" is fully aware of this and supports it so it's not to embarrass their poor decision making. Has hundreds of thousands pour into this country unchecked and many infected. The vaccine is being diluted in this country for that next big lockdown. 🙏

Companies are being paid billions for a vaccine and they deliver water. Then the new mutation arrives and it starts over again. Lather rinse repeat. "

Note: if they leave in the normal adjuvants (a plethora of nasty substances designed to irritate/stimulate the immune system) then the person will still have some sort of reaction and think it is a genuine shot.

In the show on Wednesday AJ, our expert in the pharmaceutical industry, said that she thought the fact that the shots have such stringent low temperature requirements that much of the vaccinations are rendered non-effective because of poor delivery conditions. She thinks that is a blessing in disguise due to the dire predictions from studies cited in the previous post.

Kinda true...

George Floyd, who died last May after a confrontation with Chauvin and other police in Minneapolis, apparently had large amounts of drugs in his system. New surveillance footage from the store where Floyd allegedly used a fake bill before the incident seems to confirm that fact.

On Wednesday, footage from inside the Cup Foods where the counterfeit billincident occurred was shown for the first time during Chauvin’s trial. In the video, Floyd appeared to be acting erratically, shuffling around the store for roughly 10 minutes and bouncing up and down on his toes.

Meanwhile the Ever Given ship is still sitting in the aptly named Great Bitter Lake in the Suez Canal as other ships go on by... damage was minimal but it is still being detained...

How odd that we still do not know the name of the captain... Is it a woman or other protected class?

The media went gaga after news broke that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was riding his bike to work.

What a guy!

What a great example!

What a fake!

Pete Buttigieg used an armored gas-guzzling Suburban to bring a bike within a short distance of the destination. Then he was caught on video unloading the bike and riding in with a security detail in tow, pretending to save energy.


The Republican Senate in Arizona made the courageous decision patriots around the country have been hoping for. These Republicans decided upon the team who will be performing the upcoming audit in Maricopa County and it’s an excellent list of entities.

At yesterday’s meeting, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors continued to do all it could to not make it easy for the Senate to perform its audit. The Supervisors have been doing this for months. They even sued the Senate once in an attempt to not allow the Senate to perform an audit which is the Senate’s right. At that time the Board of Supervisors argued that since the ballots were all sealed, they could not unseal the ballots for the audit because during the audit the ballots would have to be unsealed and the law says they have to keep them sealed? The Senate updated state laws so this silly argument became moot and a judge also stepped in a sided with the Senate.

In yesterday’s meeting, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors said (as noted below) in short, you cannot do your audit here at the Tabulation Center, let us know where you want the ballots delivered.

Class Action Lawsuit Against all States and for the Congress and the Presidency.

"Our lawsuit seeks new federal elections both for Congress and President, not just President. Also, the report does not accurately state who I represent. I represent individual Americans who are representatives of a class action of all Americans who’s constitutional rights were violated in the 2020 federal elections. Jenloh, interviewed right after me in this video, is one of our class action representatives. You can view a copy of the lawsuit here:

"My name is Paul Davis, and I am the lawyer for this lawsuit. You can find all the most up-to-date information on our lawsuit at Sign up for email alerts. If you want to volunteer for the bus tour to serve the lawsuit in DC and help organize the DC rally, please email We need all the help we can get to fight the political establishment and take our country back from the rich elites!"

"Hey, the DOJ/FBI did the dirty on Trump and NOBODY went to jail - so now anyone is fair game. If they can screw the POTUS, a US Rep should be easy-peasy - and even if they're found out, nobody goes to jail. "

Mat Gaetz went to Wyoming to campaign against Liz Cheney. RINO's out for blood.

David McGee, an attorney with Beggs & Lane, is the man the Florida Republican named during an appearance Tuesday evening on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show in which he responded to reports that he is under federal investigation over a former relationship.

McGee served for six years as the first assistant at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and for seven years as the lead attorney for a Justice Department's Organized Crime Task Force, according to his biography on the website of his law firm, which is based in Pensacola, Florida.

The New York Times reported Gaetz, 38, is being looked at as part of a broader investigation into local Florida official Joel Greenberg, a political ally who was indicted last summer on an array of charges, including sex trafficking of a minor and financially supporting people in exchange for sex, at least one of whom was an underage girl.

Investigators are said to be examining whether Gaetz had a sexual relationship two years ago with a girl believed to have been 17 at the time and paid her to travel with him. Specifically authorities are trying to determine whether he violated federal sex trafficking laws.

The Florida Republican told Carlson that the 17-year-old in question “doesn’t exist”, and that “providing for flights and hotel rooms for people that you’re dating who are of legal age is not a crime.”

Gaetz told Carlson that the FBI, alongside the Department of Justice, had his father wear a wire to eavesdrop on conversations between him and McGee, who the lawmaker alleged was trying to receive $25 million in exchange for making the allegations disappear. The Florida Republican said his father was set to catch McGee on Wednesday in the act demanding "4.5 million" as a "down payment" on the "bribe," adding further that the New York Times leak hampered the investigation.

“This former Department of Justice official tomorrow was supposed to be contacted by my father, so that specific instructions can be given regarding the wiring of $4.5 million as a down payment on this bribe,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that tonight — somehow — the New York Times is leaking this information, smearing me and ruining the investigation that would likely result in one of the former colleagues of the current DOJ being brought to justice for trying to extort me and my family.”

Gaetz also claimed McGee wasn’t working alone, and the group said they had “connections” within the Biden White House

Tucker video: — Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) March 31, 2021

Is it just me or does this little kid looked shocked and creeped out at what he is being compelled to see?

Meanwhile... a book deal (payoff) and blaming Russians again...

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter has acknowledged a laptop computer with a slew of previously secret messages could be his but also suggested he was hacked by Russians.

“There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the—that it was Russian intelligence,” Hunter Biden told CBS in an interview clip released Friday.

The laptop was dropped off in 2019 at a computer store in Delaware owned by John Paul Mac Isaac, who says Hunter Biden asked him to recover contents from the damaged machine. An authorization allegedly signed by the younger Biden was submitted in a recent lawsuit filed by Mac Isaac against Twitter.

The computer contained explosive messages and emails between Hunter Biden regarding his various business dealings, which have taken place in countries such as Ukraine and China. A cybersecurity expert authenticatedone email that indicated Vadym Pozharskyi, a top executive from Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, met with Joe Biden while in Washington in 2015. Joe Biden was vice president at the time, and Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma.

Hunter Biden’s dealings are under investigation by lawmakers in Congress and his tax returns are being probed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.

Another case where the demonization of whites led to violence...

Muslim, Black, 25 year old, Unemployed Farrakan zealot, who believed whites are devils and the Mother Ship is coming to save mankind...and now murderer:

This is the guy who rammed the Capitol Police, knifed one, and was shot dead. Noah Green. Notice they tried to cover up his identity - probably trying to keep up the reputation of the groups he was a member of.

Here are some pictures removed from his FB page BEFORE it and his twitter account were both removed:

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