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30 April 2020 - Demonic Virus Performance

A stadium full of hospital beds.  The image of a giant coronavirus.  Hundreds of nurses doing robotic finger stick motions….  2020?  No.

It is 2012 in London.   You would have to see this to believe it.  

This was the first part of the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in London in 2012.  The creepy performance strangely predicts the Coronavirus situation.   Go to When you click on it a message may say “error” and "try back later".  Just click on it to reload  and it will come up. Jump ahead to 43 minutes for the creepiness. (There is another creepy quasi-religious and demonic dance demonstration at the 1 hour 25 minute mark with a strange combination of a peaceful preligious type song coupled with violence of a mob.  A fleeing young boy is being lured by a violently acting man into a group of violently insane acting people.  The young boy embraces the creepy man, is picked up, and is taken into the mob.) The whole thing is reminiscent of the CERN tunnel opening dances.

Here are some highlights: The hospital beds with children in them:

The coronavirus:

The coronavirus with :Gosh” in the middle, which is slang for God.

Creepy robotic nurses doing finger pokes.  Some sort of vaccine poke?

A massive cage for capturing the children, driven by black horses and a really creepy man:

Chinese? Woman ahead of the child abduction cage wagon:

Monstrous demons sneak up on the hospital beds:

Monstrous demon surrounded by his demon minions that are attacking the children while the nurses become robotic slaves for the demons:

Creepy giant demon with a bone sword or wand towering over a frightened little girl in a bed:

Mary Poppins comes in and saves the day later...

The Queen was present for this disgusting display and she had a very sour look on her face - even at the beginning as the children sang God Save the Queen..

The Olympics opening ceremony is something that children would have been watching...

Other parts of the event included a harmless and humorous performance by Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) with the Philharmonic orchestra, as well as a piece that seemed to glorify two black teens hooking up and kissing through a musical montage.

How could they have been so prescient?  How could they have been so creepy?

Just when you think the world has gotten quite shocking enough (like Fauci paying 3.7 million to the lab to make the virus that was banned by the State Department for being too dangerous so we ended up paying for the virus that has been killing Americans and others around the world) - then there is this.

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