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29 December 2019 - Afternoon News

Democrats blatantly cheating in California:

The point being many (R)s are confused re: must go through additional 'hoops' in order to vote (re: (R) party registration). % not mailed? % 'supposedly' lost? % delayed? % returned [D] _unchanged? Q

Interference in US Elections by Soros:

Smartmatic, a U.K.-based voting technology company with deep ties to George Soros, has provided voting technology in 16 states including battleground zones like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Other jurisdictions affected are California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin.

Its website includes a flow-chart that describes how the company has contributed to elections in the U.S. from 2006-2015 with “57,000 voting and counting machines deployed” and “35 million voters assisted.”The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who sits in the British House of Lords and on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. He was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds and even the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations when he worked as chief of staff to Kofi Annan.

Malloch-Brown’s resume includes stints as vice-president of the UN World Bank and in British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s cabinet.

In addition to a close relationship with Soros, Malloch-Brown has worked with consulting firms that are well-connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was an international partner with the Sawyer-Miller consulting firm and was a senior adviser to FTI Consulting.Smartmatic has already encountered controversy in the ongoing presidential contest. It ran the online balloting for the Utah Republican caucus last March, when many critics said it was impossible to secure personal electronic devices that are used to register and vote.

A Christmas Gift:

This is fantastic!  Huge fun for about half an hour: Really worth it.  Marvelous fun!

Guaranteed you will laugh again and again!

The California Governor has sent a special branch of the State Militia he controls to the Ukraine and brought Ukraine militia to California.   

No other countries.  Just Ukraine.

Suspicious as heck:

The California State Guard (CASG), formerly known as the California State Military Reserve, is one of three branches of the Active Militia of the California Military Department.[11] The State Guard was formed to provide California a trained and organized military force in the event of a state security or natural disaster emergency to augment the California National Guard or when the National Guard is deployed. Its current mission is articulated in CA Military & Veteran's Code § 550:[12]"... as the Governor may deem necessary to defend and for the security of this State ..."For the 2012–2013 fiscal year, the CASG had 1400 volunteers[13] and its expenditures were $620,000.[14]

Please allow me to introduce you to the California State Military Reserve (CSMR). It has been in existence since 1846. This little-known group provides California with a trained and organized military force in the event of a state security emergency when the National Guard is deployed. The CSMR is a military entity authorized both by the California State Code and by Executive Order of the Governor of California.

Amazingly, the CSMR is involved in Ukraine. Possessing an understanding of the Logan Act, the CSMR and their legally prohibited role in Ukraine explains a lot. 

This exercise in foreign policy law is about to get very interesting. The CSMR says that it desires to strengthen the principle of democracy and free market economies. As we know the Ukraine economy is one of the most corrupt on the planet. 

Why is the office of the Governor of California facilitating, directly or indirectly this corruption through the use of his personally controlled CSMR? 

The Logan Act forbids anyone but the President and his appointees (eg State Department and Diplomats) from conducting business with foreign governments. A State can enter into a memo of understanding with a foreign entity (Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution), however, it can only be done with the express permission of Congress. California and Governor Newsome have not obtained that permission and as such, they are in violation of the Logan Act.

The nonsense and illegal rhetoric for the CSMR goes on to say that “Ukraine's size and strategic location make it one of the most influential countries in the region, thus making the CSMR a key factor in assisting Ukraine as it “develops it budding democracy”. Who are we kidding? This is the vehicle that carries the water for the illicit participation in businesses like Burisma by the California Democratic leadership (eg Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc). One month ago, I had a tip by Paul Preston that this was going on, now we have the smoking gun.

Paul Preston told me this afternoon that Hunter Biden is directly involved in the direct overthrow efforts against the Ukrainian government. A successful coup will indeed bury the evidence of criminal wrongdoing against the aforementioned Democrats. 

The Foreign Assistance act of 1961 requires the President to determine that there is no criminality attached to any foreign aid. Joe Biden, as the former Vice-President, would have been the front person for this corruption as has been demonstrated in several journalistic venues. Here is the link to see the Feb 17th 2013 webpage of it:

"The Office of International Affairs provides the Adjutant General and Joint Forces Headquarters staff advice and policy recommendations on international initiatives for the California National Guard. This includes the Security Cooperation components of the National Security Strategy and National Military Strategy aspects of international relations activities conducted by the California National Guard.

The Office of International Affairs manages the State Partnership Program (SPP) with Ukraine. The SPP deploys California National Guard teams to Ukraine and brings Ukrainians to the United States for information sharing to assist Armed Forces of Ukraine in re-structuring, modernizing its forces, and strengthening principles of democracy and free market economies. Exchanges include information about the processes underpinning US military structures that result in subordination to civilian control, consensus building, methodologies for achieving objectives, and interagency coordination of civil/military issues. Future missions for International Relations will include partnerships with other countries to bring the same philosophy to these regions of the world as has been done successfully in the Baltics.

Along with California many other state National Guards are providing bilateral engagement partnerships with their partnered nation. As the program evolves, it is becoming a sophisticated security cooperation tool of US National Security Strategy which brings together civilian expertise, multi-level government agencies, NATO, non-government organizations and commercial interests to address social, economic, military and political issues such as border security, base conversion, emergency response, interagency cooperation, civil-military relations and security cooperation.

Numerous future reciprocal events will continue to strengthen the cooperation and understanding that both governments now enjoy. Of the several benefits SPP provides, one major contribution will continue to be the security and welfare of both our citizens." Vegetarians apparently neutered at Burger King:

18 Million Times More Estrogen Than Regular Whopper

In short, the Impossible Burger is a genetically modified organism filled with calorie-dense oils that can make a man grow breasts if eaten in a moderate but sufficient quantity.

A doctor recently broke down the facts behind Burger King’s vegan Impossible Burger, discovering that it may not be a healthier option when it comes to caloric or protein intake, and that it has a whopping 18 million times more estrogen than a standard Whopper.

Writing for, Dr. James Strangle explains the chemical process used to create Burger King’s Impossible Burger, and alludes to the possibility that the engineered vegetable burger may be less healthy than a regular Whopper.

Strangle starts by noting that the Impossible Burger clocks in at 630 calories “mostly from the added oils,” compared to the original Whopper’s 660.

“So, about 5% less calories, this is not a huge improvement,” wrote Strangle.

Strangle goes on to explain that the Impossible Burger’s protein, though seemingly only three grams lower than the regular Whopper, is not equal to animal protein: The doctor goes on to explain the process used to make the Impossible Burger have the look of meat, writing that the beef-like appearance of the vegetable-based burger is a product of genetic engineering.

According to Strangle, the red appearance of the vegetable patty comes from genetically splicing a soybean and yeast:

The bacterial enzyme that binds the nitrogen is damaged by the presence of oxygen so the bacterium makes the leghemoglobin to bind oxygen to keep it out of the way. To make enough leghemoglobin to add to the impossible whopper, scientists spliced the gene for leghemoglobin into yeast. They can grow the yeast easily and separate the leghemoglobin and add it to the impossible whopper. So the impossible whopper is technically a genetically modified organism (GMO).

Finally, the doctor explains the radically high amount of estrogen featured in each burger.

The impossible whopper has 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5 ng of estrogen,” wrote Strangle. “That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper.”

He went on to compare the level of estrogen in the Impossible Burger to soy milk, writing that eating four of the vegetable burgers daily would result in a human male growing breasts:

Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day. You would have to eat 880 pounds of beef from an implanted steer to equal the amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.

The standard Whopper, of course, is “a ¼ lb* of savory flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun,” according to Burger King.

President Trump talks to the real people on the front lines to find out what is going on:

Months after becoming president in 2017, Donald Trump began taking meetings with enlisted U.S. service members who deployed to Afghanistan in order to get a better understanding of America's longest war.

"I want to sit down with some enlisted guys that have been there," Trump told advisers, according to the national-security journalist Peter Bergen's latest book, Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos.

"I don't want any generals in here. I don't want any officers," Trump added, according to Bergen's book, which is sourced from dozens of interviews with current and former White House officials and military officers. "I just want enlisted guys."

Enlisted service members are typically viewed as the lifeline of the military — they are the men and women who conduct the specific tasks given to them by their officers, whose primary purpose is to lead. Compared to their commissioned counterparts, enlisted troops are also unencumbered by the day-to-day politics of the military, and may have given an unfiltered assessment of the war in talks with their commander-in-chief.

One of the first groups of Afghanistan veterans to speak with Trump were U.S. Navy SEALs who spoke critically of the war.

"It's unwinnable. NATO's a joke. Nobody knows what they're doing," the SEALs told Trump, according to Bergen's book. "We don't fight to win. The morale is terrible. It's totally corrupt."Navy SEALs appeared to concur with the views held by these senior military leaders.

"The officials in the government are awful people. They lie to you," the SEALs said to Trump.One day after the meeting, Trump was said to have met with senior U.S. military officials in the Situation Room at the White House. In the meeting, Trump said the U.S. service members he spoke with knew "a lot more than you generals," and added that "we're losing" in Afghanistan.

Trump also compared the senior military leaders with a consultant for a Manhattan restaurant from the late 1980s. Instead of heeding the advice of an overpaid consultant who merely suggested expanding a kitchen for renovations, Trump argued that it would have been more prudent, and cheaper, to solicit the advice of waiters from a restaurant.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign indirectly used prison labor to make telephone calls, according to a Tuesday report.

Bloomberg’s campaign used third-party vendor ProCom, a New Jersey call center company, to make the calls, according to The Intercept

ProCom reportedly operates two call centers from Oklahoma state jails, where prisoners were making calls on behalf of the billionaire’s campaign to California residents. A source familiar with the matter revealed to The Intercept that incarcerated individuals at Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center were making the calls.

The Bloomberg campaign claimed it did not know prisons were being used to make the calls and said it had terminated the agreement.

John Scallan, ProCom’s co-founder, said he pays $7.25 per hour to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, which the agency then uses to pay prisoners to make the calls inside the call centers. According to the state’s Department of Corrections, the maximum wage prisoners can make is $20 dollars per month, however, a second policy stipulates they can be paid up to $27.09 monthly, The Intercept notes.

… this may be useful:

How to win Ann Argument with youth Liberal Relatives - from the Trump 2020 organization:

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