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24 January 2019 - Dinner News

Posted on 1/24/2019, 3:24:27 PM by tcrlaf

- The United States will return the first group of migrants seeking U.S. asylum to the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Friday, a Mexican government spokesman said on Thursday.

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Posted on 1/24/2019, 3:05:37 PM by blueyon

Washington (CNN)The White House is preparing a draft proclamation for President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency along the southern border and has identified more than $7 billion in potential funds for his signature border wall should he go that route, according to internal documents reviewed by CNN. Trump has not ruled out using his authority to declare a national emergency and direct the Defense Department to construct a border wall as Congress and the White House fight over a deal to end the government shutdown.

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T Tweet: As the Shutdown was going on, Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the State of the Union Address. I agreed. She then changed her mind because of the Shutdown, suggesting a later date. This is her prerogative - I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over. I am not looking for an........alternative venue for the SOTU Address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber. I look forward to giving a “great” State of the Union Address in the near future! Nancy just said she “just doesn’t understand why?” Very simply, without a Wall it all doesn’t work. Our Country has a chance to greatly reduce Crime, Human Trafficking, Gangs and Drugs. Should have been done for decades. We will not Cave! The Fake News Media loves saying “so little happened at my first summit with Kim Jong Un.” Wrong! After 40 years of doing nothing with North Korea but being taken to the cleaners, & with a major war ready to start, in a short 15 months, relationships built, hostages & remains.......back home where they belong, no more Rockets or M’s being fired over Japan or anywhere else and, most importantly, no Nuclear Testing. This is more than has ever been accomplished with North Korea, and the Fake News knows it. I expect another good meeting soon, much potential! So interesting that bad lawyer Michael Cohen, who sadly will not be testifying before Congress, is using the lawyer of Crooked Hillary Clinton to represent him - Gee, how did that happen? Remember July 4th weekend when Crooked went before FBI & wasn’t sworn in, no tape, nothing? The economy is doing great. More people working in U.S.A. today than at any time in our HISTORY. Media barely covers! @foxandfriends

Anti-Christian Democrat Kamala Harris announced her bid for president this week.

Kamala is the odds-on favorite to win the rigged Democrat primary by party elites.

Kamala, who attacks Christians for sport, opened her campaign by praising “Wakanda forever” a racist fantasy science fiction community. Dagny comment:  Personally, I really hated that movie Black Panther which featured Wakanda.  It was the most racist movie I’ve seen since Birth of a Nation from the time of Woodrow Wilson. Black Panther is the most racist modern movie I know of.

The frauds in the mainstream media propped up far left Native American activist Nathan Phillips as an ‘Elder’ and ‘Vietnam Vet.’

The media piled on the Covington Catholic teens for ‘disrespecting’ and ‘mobbing’ the poor Vietnam Vet — how dare these boys be so disrespectful to a man who served in one of America’s nastiest wars!

Except he didn’t.

Nathan Phillips served in the United States Marines from 1972-1976.

He claimed he was a Recon Ranger — there is no such thing as a Marine Recon Ranger, Rangers are in the Army.

As Cristina Laila reported on Tuesday — Retired US Navy SEAL Don Shipley, who is known for publicly outing people for ‘stolen valor,’ obtained Nathan Phillips’ DD-214 form and exposed the truth.

Nathan Phillips was enlisted under the name Nathaniel Richard Stanard.

“Nathaniel Phillips enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves on May 20th, 1972 and served until May 5th, 1976,” Don Shipley said as he read the DD-214 form.

“He served under just four years and was discharged at the exalted rank of ‘Private'” Shipley said sarcastically.

Shipley continued, “His entire military education was as a basic electrician in the Marine Corps — while he served in Lincoln, Nebraska, he served as a refer mach.”

Nathan Phillips went AWOL THREE TIMES while he was stationed at El Toro Marine Base in Southern California, according to his DD-214 form.

Now this…

Nathan Phillips committed numerous crimes while in the service including underage drinking, assault and escaping from a penal complex.

Nathan Phillips was arrested for escaping from prison!

The litmus test for Socialism.  Who supports the failed state of Venezuela under the presidency that ran it into the ground?  Just how in the tank does one have to be to support such utterly failed socialism?: Supporting current former President Nicolás Maduro Mexico Cuba Bolivia Turkey Russia Syria Supporting the new president Juan Guaido as "interim president”: USA Canada Brazil Paraguay Colombia Peru Ecador Costa Rica Argentina Chile Guatemala Kosovo Honduras The European Union, the Pope, and China are staying non-committal. China also called on the U.S. to stay out of Venezuela's political crisis and said it opposes all outside intervention there. Over the last decade, China has given Venezuela $65 billion in loans, cash and investment. Venezuela owes more than $20 billion.

The prospect of Maduro being ousted is a geopolitical and economic headache for Moscow which, alongside China, has become a lender of last resort for Caracas, lending it billions of dollars as its economy implodes.

While the European Union called for Venezuelan authorities to respect the "civil rights, freedom and safety" of Guaido it stopped short of following Washington and recognizing him as interim president.

Russia’s Ryabkov did not mention Maduro by name, but made clear Moscow backed his government.

"Venezuela is friendly to us and is our strategic partner," he said. "We have supported them and will support them."

Russia has also provided military support to Maduro, who has led the oil-rich nation since 2013.  Two Russian strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons landed in Venezuela last month in a show of a support that infuriated Washington.

Tensions began ramping up earlier this month as Maduro took the oath of office for a second six-year term won in an election last May that many in the region contend was not free or fair because his strongest opponents were barred from running. But Guaido declared Wednesday that the constitution gives him, as president of the congress, the authority to take over as interim president and form a transitional government.

submitted 1.6 hours ago by TurquoiseLover

More than 1,000 media jobs lost in one day

By the numbers: 

Verizon Media will cut roughly 800 jobs, or 7% of its global workforce across the organization, as well as certain brands and products. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg told Axios earlier this month that each of the company's three units, including the media business, needed to be able to stand on their own. (A company spokesperson later clarified to Axios that Verizon Media Group will still have access to Verizon customer data when customers opt in to provide such information.)Buzzfeed will cut roughly 250 jobs, or roughly 15% of its workforce, including jobs within its news division. Gannett cut over 20 jobs Wednesday, per Poynter, with more expected as the company tries to shed costs amid buyout talks. BuzzfeedHuffington PostVerizon MediaGannett "Hi all. So some sad news. As of this morning, HuffPost's opinion section is no more. I and the rest of the team have been let go.” All these Leftist Media outlets just cut jobs big time. Were they too on the Federal payroll?  Why now?

Robert Barnes, the lawyer for the Catholic teens who were assaulted and then slandered says on Twitter: "All of these have issued deletions, retractions, corrections and/or apologies except @rezaaslan@maggieNYT #48HoursTilJustice

So…only hard core nuts are left like: Reza Aslan Who Eats Human Brains on CNN (the Cannibal News Network)

Perkins Come the Lynchpin of the Deep State Money machine: TAXPAYERS PAID OBAMA LAW FIRM PERKINS-COLE LLP OVER 2.6 Million Dollars

Robert Bauer Relationships through Perkins Cole LLP (America Votes)

Note Perkins Cole LLP is one of Obama’s lawyers in the “Birther” issueAT&T Wireless Services >> through Perkins Cole LLP Boeing Company >> through Perkins Cole LLP Craigslist >> through Perkins Cole LLP Google Inc. >> through Perkins Cole LLP Microsoft Corporation >> through Perkins Cole LLP Nintendo of America >> through Perkins Cole LLP David T. Biderman >> through Perkins Cole LLP Thomas L. Boeder >> through Perkins Cole LLP Alexandra R. Cole >> through Perkins Cole LLP Craig E. Courter >> through Perkins Cole LLP Theresa Cropper >> through Perkins Cole LLP Marc E. Elias >> through Perkins Cole LLP Susan D. Fahringer >> through Perkins Cole LLP Robert E. Giles >> through Perkins Cole LLP Judy Gold >> through Perkins Cole LLP Salim Ahmed Hamdan >> through Perkins Cole LLP Stewart M. Landefeld >> through Perkins Cole LLP Joseph E. Mais >> through Perkins Cole LLP Guy R. Martin >> through Perkins Cole LLP Chun M. Ng >> through Perkins Cole LLP Roy W. Tucker >> through Perkins Cole LLP Edward Wes >> through Perkins Cole LLP Laura N. Whitaker >> through Perkins Cole LLP V.L. Woolston >> through Perkins Cole LLP 13th Regional Corporation >> through Perkins Cole LLP Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound >> through Perkins Cole LLPAmerica Votes >> through Perkins Cole LLP Dragonslayers, Inc. >> through Perkins Cole LLP HRK Group, Inc. >> through Perkins Cole LLP Metropolitan Water District of Southern California >> through Perkins Cole LLP Navajo Nation >> through Perkins Cole LLP Tamarack Resort LLC >> through Perkins Cole LLP Western Urban Water Coalition >> through Perkins Cole LLP 

Robert F. Bauer campaign contributions: (Donations of $3,000 or more during 2007-2008 cycle)Obama for America – $3,600 on 7/31/2008

This was posted yesterday...

HRC Campaign Law Firm, Perkins Coie Busted for Human Trafficking - The Smoking gun to bust everything Wide Open? Facebook also in big trouble: In a report published Thursday by PlainSite, an independent research shop led by Aaron Greenspan, analysts calculated that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been regularly lying to investors and the public about the company's user metrics, and that the company could be overestimating the number of users by as much as 50%.The team detailed their findings in a 70-page report published on their website.

Facebook has been lying to the public about the scale of its problem with fake accounts, which likely exceed 50% of its network. Its official metrics—many of which it has stopped reporting quarterly—are self-contradictory and even farcical. The company has lost control of its own product.

Ultimately, this is just the latest sign that Facebook - formerly one of the world's most successful companies - is doomed to go the way of CompuServe and AOL.

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