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23 January 2019 - Breakfast News

Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann was persecuted for standing silently while a far left Native American activist beat a drum in his face.

Sandmann is a teenage boy who showed incredible restraint in the face of being harassed and heckled by black racists who called him a “cracker.”

After being heckled by black racists, a far left Native American activist approached Sandmann, got in his face and loudly beat a drum while chanting.

The left-wing media persecuted Sandmann for his “smirk” or as George Orwell called it “facecrime.”

Attorney Robert Barnes joined FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning to discuss the legal options of the children and families at Covington High School in Kentucky against liberal media hacks and far left politicians who misrepresented the events and slandered the children.

Barnes is giving major media and celebrities 48 hours to retract and apologize or face a lawsuit.

He claimed he was a Recon Ranger — there is no such thing as a Marine Recon Ranger, Rangers are in the Army.

Retired US Navy SEAL Don Shipley, who is known for publicly outing people for ‘stolen valor,’ obtained Nathan Phillips’ DD-214 form and exposed the truth.

Nathan Phillips was enlisted under the name Nathaniel Richard Stanard.

“Nathaniel Phillips enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves on May 20th, 1972 and served until May 5th, 1976,” Don Shipley said as he read the DD-214 form.

“He served under just four years and was discharged at the exalted rank of ‘Private'” Shipley said sarcastically.

Shipley continued, “His entire military education was as a basic electrician in the Marine Corps — while he served in Lincoln, Nebraska, he served as a refer mach.”

Nathan Phillips went AWOL THREE TIMES while he was stationed at El Toro Marine Base in Southern California, according to his DD-214 form.

Does this create a Constitutional Crisis?:

Speaker Pelosi has informed the House Sergeant at Arms that no executive branch official will be permitted entry into the Capitol building.

It is a public building.  Furthermore, the FBI and the DOJ are both in the Executive Branch.  So is she banning the FBI as well?

And now this:

President Trump notified far left Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday that he will hold the State of the Union Address in the US House of Representatives next week.

President Trump sent a letter to Pelosi on Wednesday.

Trump will deliver the address “with or without” the Speaker in attendance. Trump Tweet:

BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL! This is the new theme, for two years until the Wall is finished (under construction now), of the Republican Party. Use it and pray!

Great unity in the Republican Party. Want to, once and for all, put an end to stoppable crime and drugs! Border Security and Wall. No doubt!

Trump retweet:

Deroy Murdock, National Review: “We are now exporting oil, which is the first time in my lifetime - we are right now the largest producer of oil and gas. This is not good if you’re Vladimir Putin where your chief export is oil. W.H. Agent - Not good for Kremlin.” @TuckerCarlson

Reciprocity?  Will Every State’s Gun Laws Look like Texas?

"Now Kennedy is gone, replaced by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a gun-rights enthusiast who takes a breathtakingly expansive view of the Second Amendment. With a firmly pro-gun majority in place, the conservative justices finally seem ready to supercharge Heller."

"Once the Second Amendment is extended beyond the home, public-carry bans generally will be the next to fall. Lower courts, now packed with pro-gun Trump nominees, will swiftly tear down restrictions on concealed and open carry. A central premise of Heller and McDonald—that the Second Amendment protects handguns “in the home”—will be cast aside. New York State Rifle will be the first shot in a coming constitutional revolution."

This is progress in the right direction: The Perkins Coie law firm that was doing so much of the dirty work for the Clintons and the Deep State has had some of its assets held in trust for a sex trafficking website seized for human trafficking.   Here is a twitter link to documents from the US case against Backpage, an internet front for human trafficking. Assets in the law firm Perkins Coie's name were seized, to the tune of $2.9 million. It’s like putting a big cat into a sealed barn full of mice. About the HAMR: On March 19, 2017, Lt. General Thomas McInerney, who seved as as commander of 11th Air Force in Alaska, as well as other top military positions under the secretary of defense and the vice president of the United States before his retirement in 1994, was a guest on Ann Arbor’s WAAM radio program “Operation Freedom.” McInerney told host Dr. Dave Janda that he had just received from retired Four-Star Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, who had served as Commander of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet from 1985 to 1987, information showing that “President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan oversaw a secret computer system known as ‘The Hammer.’”That program was used to conduct “illegal and unconstitutional government data harvesting and wire-tapping.” While reading the message from Lyons, McInerney states that Montgomery is the original source of the information. The revelation of “The Hammer” meshes perfectly with WikiLeaks “Vault 7” revelations of a CIA project code-named HAMR that is used to conduct mobile phone hacking for the purpose of turning a target’s mobile phone into a surveillance tool. the question arises….who is wielding the HAMR now?

China Starts "Debt Shaming": New App Warns Users If They Are Walking Near Someone In Debt

Authorities in the northern Chinese province of Hebei have rolled out an app over WeChat which can tell people if they're walking near someone in debt, according to China DailyThe program, aptly named "map of deadbeat debtors," flashes a warning if someone in debt is within a 500-meter radius - showing their exact location according to a screenshot of the app. Whether the app reveals the debtors' names or photos is unknown, nor does China Daily mention how much money is owed or to whom - but according to paper the app allows people to "whistle-blow on debtors capable of paying their debts.""It's a part of our measures to enforce our rulings and create a socially credible environment," said a spokesman for the Higher People's Court of Hebei - which is behind the app. The "map of deadbeat debtors" is yet the latest in China's push towards a shame-based "social credit score" system which has already been deployed in several parts of the country. According to a November report, Beijing has an ambitious plan to control China's citizens through a system of social scoring that punishes behavior it does not approve. Some critics warn the new system is fraught with risks and could reduce humans to little more than a report card, said Bloomberg. Hangzhou, the capital city of China’s Zhejiang province, rolled out its social credit system earlier this year, rewarding "pro-social behaviors" such as blood donations, healthy lifestyles, and volunteer work while punishing those who violate traffic laws, smoke and drink, and speak poorly about government. By mid-Q2, China had blocked more than 11 million flights and 4 million high-speed train trips for people who had poor social credit scores, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.According to the Beijing plan, different agencies will link databases to get a more detailed picture of every resident’s interactions across a multitude of financial and social platforms. In March, we reported that China had rolled out an advanced facial recognition system over 16 provinces, cities and autonomous regions ominously called "SkyNet" for the "security and protection" of the country, reports Workers' Daily. "The system is able to identify 40 facial features, regardless of angles and lighting, at an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent," reported the People's Daily. "It can also scan faces and compare them with its database of criminal suspects at large at a speed of 3 billion times a second, indicating that all Chinese people can be compared in the system within only one second." Out There Tech: Well, this is full of fun material for those who like super secret out there stuff.  It’s a list that is apparently declassified studies of foreign advanced aerospace weapon threats:

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