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21 August 2019 - Lunch News

The Communist Chinese government is bragging about its social credit system preventing 2.5 million “discredited entities” from purchasing plane tickets and 90,000 people from buying high speed train tickets in the month of July alone.

“China restricted 2.56 million discredited entities from purchasing plane tickets, and 90,000 entities from buying high-speed rail tickets in July,” tweeted the Global Times, a Chinese government mouthpiece.

Chinese citizens are punished by having their social credit score lowered for engaging in a number of different behaviors, including;

– Bad driving.

– Smoking on trains.

– Buying too many video games.

– Buying too much junk food.

– Buying too much alcohol.

– Calling a friend who has a low credit score .

– Having a friend online who has a low credit score.

– Posting “fake news” online.

– Criticizing the government.

– Visiting unauthorized websites.

– Walking your dog without a leash.

– Letting your dog bark too much.

While many on the left and in the media decry China’s Orwellian social credit score system, they simultaneously advocate for a similar thing in the west, where people are deplatformed and have their right to engage in commerce revoked because of their political views.

“Big Tech has already implemented their own “social credit score” system where they punish people for their political views by deplatforming them, censoring their websites and closing their PayPal/bank accounts,” writes Chris Menahan.

“On the other hand, media outlets which push propaganda in accordance with the desires of our ruling oligarchs are rewarded by having their content algorithmically artificially boosted and handed millions of dollars.”

Hong Kong protesters are marching with 2nd Amendment signs.....(when your government becomes your enemy, you better have arms)(

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The protests in Hong Kong continue in spite of the heavy rain and police orders not to march. Hundreds of thousands marched in the streets on Sunday!

Thousands and thousands of Hong Kong residents came out to protest the recent extradition order in spite of rain and police orders. For the most part these are the most peaceful and considerate of any protesters on earth –

By mid-afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest for the 11th week in a row. The crowds gathered at Victoria Park. The government gave approval for the protesters to gather in the park but not to march. The crowd size was massive in spite of torrential rains and could not be contained. Eventually the people of Hong Kong marched from the park to Central Hong Kong in spite of the government not providing the ok for them to march.

The New York Times is Shocked that they can’t pressure them from using Pepe!:

Note: I approve of Pepe! It's the New York Times quoted below:

"HONG KONG — Ask the Anti-Defamation League, and they will tell you Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol, a cheerleader of racism and anti-Semitism, a friend of alt-right extremists. The sad, green frog is widely viewed as toxic across the world, a signal of a sinister and dangerous worldview.

So it can be a bit jarring to see Pepe in his new role: a pro-democracy freedom fighter in the Hong Kong protests, siding with the people in their struggle against an authoritarian state. The protesters here hold signs with his image, use stickers of him in messaging apps and discussion forums, and even spray paint his face on walls.

Does that mean that Hong Kong protesters are alt-right, or that they support the racism he represents?

The question confuses many protesters, many of whom had no idea about the symbol’s racist connotations in the rest of the world. They just like him.

Mari Law, a 33-year-old protester, knows how Pepe is perceived elsewhere, but said it did not matter because Pepe did not carry the same toxic reputation in Hong Kong. Most of the protesters don’t know about the alt-right association, he said.

To me, Pepe is just a Hello Kitty-like character,” he said.

To Hong Kongers, he is just one of them. A sticker pack for messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp depict Pepe wearing the protesters’ signature yellow helmet, surrounded by tear gas or holding antigovernment signs. He has also been transformed into a first aid worker and a journalist holding an iPhone.'

President Trump, when asked about his ongoing trade war with China, deemed himself "the chosen one" when talking with reporters outside the White House on Wednesday. As Trump put it, when it comes to dealing with China's trade practices, "somebody had to do it." He then added "I am the chosen one" as he looked up to the sky.

Back in Portland Oregon...

13 violent protesters were arrested - all of which were Antifa! No conservatives were arrested.


Reports have it that Mr "Beta Cuck 4LYFE" was arrested, beat down and forcefully "Demasked" publically by Portland Police earlier today.

It was brilliantly played by former Infowars contributor Joe Biggs and Enrique Tarrio, head of the Proud Boys, who organized the “End Domestic Terrorism” protest. They had their peaceful protest that lasted for about an hour and a half, then they left. Antifa and other far left activists were left in the park, full of weeks of pent up rage, and they needed someone and something to take it out on. Unfortunately for the bystanders of Portland, they were once again subjected to the chaos from the left.

Violent antifa agitators targeted a young girl, used hammer and rocks to attack patriots who were getting on their bus to leave, assaulted bystanders with batons and threatened them skateboards, and stomped on one guy unconscious on the ground. This is in addition to the numerous instances of what appears to be some form of Disorderly Conduct as protesters sparred with police.

Police confiscated various weapons, such as sticks, shields, and bear mace. The Oregonian is reporting that at least 13 people were arrested:

Portland police made arrests around town — at least 13 — as people posted video of the confrontations, including black-clad protesters breaking the windows out of a bus that was said to carry Proud Boys supporters. One person arrested on the east side was bleeding from the head.

Elsewhere, a large group of left-wing protesters encircled a man and what appeared to be a young woman in American-flag garb, taunting, threatening and chasing them.

Police, who counted about 1,200 demonstrators, said they were scrambling to continue to try to keep the opposing groups apart. They also reported four injuries, all minor, including a person officers found hurt and sent to a hospital.

At 3:30 p.m., with the clashes abating, a group of left-wing protesters gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square and streets near it, where they continued to march and chant, blocking streets and prompting the civil disturbance declaration from police.

Later in the afternoon, police made more arrests, then pulled out of the area, leaving a mostly quiet crowd that by 5:30 p.m. had dwindled to about 100 people. By 6 p.m., few people remained.

With their head in the sand (or up somewhere else), the “media” is framing it as if those arrested came from both sides of the dueling protest. It appears as though the media is doing everything possible to cover up the fact that all of the arrests were far left activists, and that the right wing side was peaceful throughout.

The Portland Mercury only makes mention that 13 people were arrested, neglecting to say that they were all from left wing groups, while also complaining that police stopped antifa from stalking the Trump crowd across the Hawthorne bridge.

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