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17 February 2019 - Brunch News

The Leftists are planning a Nationwide Protest on Monday, President’s Day:

Sent out from Move On:

"Dear MoveOn member,

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to fund his racist, anti-immigrant wall and deportation agenda.

This is an undemocratic power grab from an unhinged man unhappy with a Democratic Congress that will not indulge his temper tantrums.

In response, a number of partners have called for Presidents Day Protests around the country on Monday, February 18 at noon local time (or the time local hosts deem best). The reception to this day of action has been electric: over 150 events with over 10,000 RSVPs are already on the map! Together we will stand against Trump's fake crisis and racist deportation force and stand with immigrant, Muslim, and Black and brown communities.

Click here to find and join a Presidents Day Protest. If there's not already and event near you, you can also create one!

Trump’s fraudulent national state of emergency and constant attacks on immigrants, following his unhinged government shutdown, fly in the face of the will of the American people. In the 2018 election, Trump and his Republican allies ran on a platform of building a wall and criminalizing immigrants and asylum-seekers—and lost by millions of votes.

We can—and we must—do better. We can live up to our nation's aspirations to welcome immigrants seeking a better life for their families. We can invest in resources to more quickly process asylum requests. We can confront the humanitarian crisis the Trump administration is escalating—while refuting the manufactured national security crisis Trump and his cronies are promoting through their xenophobic lies. And Congress can swiftly act to vote to end this fake "state of emergency"—which is why we need an immediate national outpouring in defense of democracy and in solidarity with immigrant communities.

Can you join us on Monday at a Presidents Day Protest?"

Tuesday RBG is supposed to show up at the Supreme Court.  Will she?  The left has gone to great lengths to pretend she is still functional:

What Trump signed was only signed with explicit written provisions preserving his constitutionally guaranteed powers: "Trumps statement is brilliant Deep State loaded the bill with multiple facets to block it and his white house statement just released systemically points out section by section where they tried to block him and he's countering that by citing presidential and constitutional authority. “ Q 2750

"These phrases below imply that Trump plans on following his constitutional rights no matter what he signed in the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” (the “Act”), which authorizes appropriations to fund the operation of a number of agencies in the Federal Government through September 30, 2019.

“My Administration will treat each of these provisions consistent with the President’s constitutional authorities with respect to foreign relations.”


“my Administration will continue the practice of treating provisions like these as advisory and non-binding.”


“My Administration will make appropriate efforts to notify the relevant committees before taking the specified actions and will accord the recommendations of such committees all appropriate and serious consideration, but it will not treat spending decisions as dependent on the approval of congressional committees.”

Q 2752

It will come down to the SOTUS and RBG:

NYT busted faking Ginsberg last week:


Ironic! Democrats march to support partial birth abortion/infanticide, and they march to protest pulling troops out of Syria.  Thus they have become the party of Baby Killers and War Mongers…

Now they protest against a wall that would block slave trade…

How low can they go?  How ironic can it get? Trump Tweets:

It’s very simple: We want to stop drugs, criminals, and gangs from coming into our country.

See video clip at:


52% Approval Rating, 93% in Republican Party ( a record )! Pretty amazing considering that 93% (also) of my press is REALLY BAD. The “people” are SMART!

Democrats in the Senate are still slow walking hundreds of highly qualified people wanting to come into government. Never been such an abuse in our country’s history. Mitch should not let Senate go home until all are approved. We need our Ambassadors and all others NOW!

Important meetings and calls on China Trade Deal, and more, today with my staff. Big progress being made on soooo many different fronts! Our Country has such fantastic potential for future growth and greatness on an even higher level!

The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial. The Caliphate is ready to fall. The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them............The U.S. does not want to watch as these ISIS fighters permeate Europe, which is where they are expected to go. We do so much, and spend so much - Time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing. We are pulling back after 100% Caliphate victory! Isn’t California disenfranchising all the other states?:

Dagny: Don’t worry.  If you like your current personal wall, you can keep your current personal wall...

Posted on 2/16/2019, 12:22:52 PM by re_tail20

A White House study released on Friday found that President Donald Trump’s Obamacare reforms will save Americans roughly $450 billion over the next ten years. 

A White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) study released on Friday found that Americans will save $450 billion through Trump’s Obamacare reforms. The CEA suggested that Trump’s repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate and the expansion of short-term insurance plans and Association Health Plans (AHPs) will save Americans billions over the next ten years. 

The White House also suggested that the benefits of Trump’s deregulatory actions saved Americans billions, increased access to more health insurance options, and did not amount to a “sabotage” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

President Trump signed an executive order in October 2017 which expanded short-term limited-duration health insurance plans. 

Short-term plans allow for Americans to keep their plans for up to 364 days and to renew their plans for up to three years. Because short-term plans do not have to comply with many Obamacare insurance regulations, insurance companies can offer more customized and cheaper plans compared to the individual market. 

Trump also expanded AHPs, which offer businesses and workers more affordable health insurance options. AHPs are health insurance pools sponsored by an industry, trade, or professional association that provides health coverage to their members. 

Land O’ Lakes, which created the nation’s first AHP, said that their plans were roughly 50 percent less expensive compared to Obamacare plans. 

The CEA estimated that five million Americans will choose an AHP or a short-term plan as the result of the Trump administration’s health care executive orders. The study also suggested that another five million will benefit as the result of the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate. 

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Why did [LL] [ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES] grant 'special entry' to Natalia Veselnitskaya (Don Jr. 'set up' meeting)? Why was [NV] barred from entering prior to? If you have no real evidence of 'Russian Collusion' you must attempt to manufacture. Q What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

The House Speaker held a public bill signing on Thursday, and during her remarks, she wished reporters a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

It was Valentine’s Day. She was a mere 84 days late.

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