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14 January 2020 - Afternoon News

Pelosi threat:

“Trump won't be president next year, one way or another"

@SpeakerPelosi is threatening @realDonaldTrump openly.

Apparently a sophisticated attempt on President Trump’s life was recently made:

A former Marine who was kicked out of the military 10 years ago has been charged with impersonating one of the soldiers guarding President Trump’s Marine One helicopter.

Brandon M. Magnan, 37, was arrested by the Secret Service and charged on Monday after he allegedly breached two checkpoints at Palm Beach International Airport and posed as a member of the security team assigned to Marine One.  Magnan is alleged to have claimed that he was part of HMX-1, the Marine Corps unit assigned to pilot and protect Marine One, the president’s personal helicopter.

As Magnan approached a security checkpoint, he identified himself as a member of HMX-1.

According to authorities, Magnan produced a fake credential indicating that he was a law enforcement officer with the Marine Corps.

The fake credential is alleged to have contained the seals of the Marines and the Marine Corps Executive Flight Detachment, the unit responsible for executing and protecting Marine One flights carrying the president.

Magnan’s fake credential worked, as he was permitted to proceed to the second checkpoint, where he once again presented the bogus documents.

He was then allowed through the second checkpoint, according to the Secret Service.

But a sheriff’s deputy standing nearby noticed that Magnan was not wearing a Marine Corps uniform, which is standard procedure for those assigned to HMX-1 during presidential travel.

The deputy contacted members of the security detail, who confirmed that the credentials presented by Magnan were fake.

When law enforcement officials confronted Magnan, he told them that he was a retired member of HMX-1.

The Secret Service then began to investigate Magnan further.

Magnan was dishonorably discharged from the Marine Corps 10 years ago after he was convicted at a court-martial for ‘serious offenses.’

According to military court documents, Magnan sexually abused and sodomized junior Marines after providing them with alcohol.

Magnan was charged with wrongfully providing alcohol to minors, fraternization, abusive sexual contact, wrongful sexual contact, forcible sodomy, and assault consummated by a battery.

It is unclear if the man with whom Magnan was driving was also arrested.

More Clinton related deaths:

Surviving Spouse and Hero Dr. Robert Epstein:

#Hillary has long depended on #Google for both money & votes. Her largest donor in 2016 was Alphabet/Google. Her Chief Technology Officer during the campaign was Stephanie Hannon, a former Google exec. And then there's #EricSchmidt, longtime head of Google - the guy in the pic:

Frank Guistra: Was deeply involved with the Uranium One scandal,

Is involved with the Prince Harry and Hollywood Bitch “progressive”cashing in on royalty scandal,

Gave vast amounts of money to the Clintons, and 

Founded a charity that displays the FBI’s listed pedophile symbol!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been hiding out at the home of Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra, whose close ties to the Clintons have created international controversy, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

Harry and Meghan refused to reveal the owner of the multi-million dollar waterfront mansion near Victoria, British Columbia — the place where they plotted their shock exit from the royal family.

But multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told Page Six that the owner is Giustra, 62, who made his fortune as a stockbroker, co-founded Hollywood studio Lionsgate — producing flicks including “American Psycho” and the Michael Moore documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” — and is best known in the US as one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation.

Then in 2016, as Hillary Clinton was running for president, the leaked e-mails of her campaign chairman, John Podesta, revealed that Giustra and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim gave an endowment of $20 million in 2010 to the Clinton Foundation to set up the for-profit Haiti Development Fund, intended to give seed money to Haitian entrepreneurs after the devastating earthquake. Yet there is “almost nothing in the public record” showing what happened to the millions of dollars, according to reports at the time.

Note the symbol on the window in the picture.

Note the symbol for Elpida on the bottom of the page.

About Elpida:

Flashback 2017: Congressman Xavier Becerra turned over to law enforcement a FAKE server in the Imran Awan scandal. 

His reward: California Attorney General position (using CA taxpayer dollars and law enforcement and legal time and resources to harass POTUS, his Cabinet, his administrative agencies, and his policies).

Where is the accountability for his role in the Imran Awan scandal and subsequent cover up? 

He shows a pattern as one gamy player, not the least because of his fake server role in the House server scandal associated with the Awan Pakistani tech family, and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. According to the Daily Caller News Foundation

On Jan. 24, 2017, Becerra vacated his congressional seat to become California's attorney general. "He wanted to wipe his server, and we [a 'senior official'] brought to his attention it was under investigation. The light-off was we asked for an image of the server, and they deliberately turned over a fake server," the senior official said.

Judicial Watch does the heavy lifting on Voter Fraud:

One of the most important things we can do in this election year is continue to force states and counties across the nation to comply with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).

And we are. We have sent notice-of-violation letters to 19 large counties in five states that we intend to sue unless they take steps to comply with the law and remove ineligible voter registrations within 90 days. Section 8 of the act requires jurisdictions to take reasonable efforts to remove ineligible registrations from their rolls. 

We found major voting list issues in CaliforniaPennsylvaniaNorth CarolinaVirginia, and Colorado. The following counties have excessive registration rates or have failed to cancel sufficient numbers of ineligible registrations:ColoradoJefferson CountyCaliforniaImperial CountyMonterey CountyOrange CountyRiverside CountySan Diego CountySan Francisco CountySan Mateo CountySanta Clara CountySolano CountyStanislaus CountyYolo CountyNorth CarolinaGuilford CountyMecklenburg CountyVirginiaFairfax CountyPennsylvaniaAllegheny CountyBucks CountyChester CountyDelaware CountyWe are the national leader in enforcing the NVRA, which requires states to take reasonable steps to clean their rolls. In 2018, the Supreme Court upheld a massive voter roll clean up that resulted from our settlement of a federal lawsuit with Ohio. California also settled a similar lawsuit with us that last year began the process of removing up to 1.5 million “inactive” names from Los Angeles County voting rolls. Kentucky also began a cleanup of up to 250,00 names last year after it entered into a consent decree to end another Judicial Watch lawsuit.

Dirty voting rolls can mean dirty elections and we will insist, in court if necessary, that states follow federal law to clean up their voting rolls. Our previous lawsuits have already led to major cleanups in California, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio – but more needs to be done. It is common sense that voters who die or move away be removed from the voting rolls. Department of Homeland Security gets busy protecting our elections:

Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ordered a review of state laws that allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses and restrict data sharing with federal immigration authorities.

Wolf on Tuesday ordered all of the components of DHS to conduct a department-wide review of the state laws to determine how they affect their day-to-day operations, according to a memo obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. The DHS chief’s directive indicates he is prepared to take aim against the state laws. Project Veritas shares it’s undercover video showing the true colors of Bernie’s socialist supporters:

Des Moines, IA: Today’s new video reveals that a paid Iowa Field Organizer for the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign, Kyle Jurek, says cities will burn if President Trump wins re-election, and calls for the mass murder of anyone who opposes a socialist revolution.

Some of the key findings of today’s video:

·      Kyle Jurek, Iowa Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign: “I’m Ready to Throw Down Now…The Billionaire Class. The F***ing Media, Pundits. Walk into MSNBC Studios, Drag Those M*****F***ers Out by Their Hair and Light Them on Fire in the Streets.” 

·      Kyle Jurek Suggests That Liberal Democrats Should be Placed in Gulags or be Put to Death: “Liberals Get the F***ing Wall First.”  

·      Jurek: “Well, I’ll Tell You What in Cuba, What They do to Reactionaries? You Want to Fight Against the Revolution, You’re Going to Die for it, M*****F***er.”

View our latest video:

The head FISA judge who just suddenly retired ordered evidence sequestered and destroyed once the FISA fraud was revealed to the public:

New FISA Court Judge James E. Boasberg Falsified his Senate Ethics Disclosures to Hide Anti-American Leftist Bias and Propaganda James E. “Jeb” Boasberg, the incoming presiding judge of the FISA Court, has a secret past hiding under his black robe. He avoided disclosing numerous Oxford University relationships with well-known globalist Pilgrims Society/Privy Council media propagandists. The Senate ethics rules require judge candidates to disclose all "material" relationships. Pelosi has yet another tie to Iran…

Nancy Pelosi and the IRANIAN-American Boss of Twitter Inc. - Omid Kordestani* - are mourning the loss of THEIR DEAR FRIEND Qassem Soleimani.

*Omid Kordestani = Executive Chairman of Twitter Inc.

This is the guy who is shadowbanning and censoring US, the Trump supporters.

Not only is he a Twitter executive, but a Google one too. Pelosi is a public embarrassment:

Following reports of the attack, Pelosi tweeted, “Closely monitoring the situation following bombings targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. We must ensure the safety of our servicemembers, including ending needless provocations from the Administration and demanding that Iran cease its violence.”However, just minutes before she sent the tweet, the House speaker was spotted at the opening night of Danny Meyer’s Maialino Mare restaurant in Washington, D.C.According to Politico’s Heather Caygle, Pelosi brushed off a phone call from Vice President Mike Pence before she appeared at the restaurant.

Liz Cheney, chair of the House Republican Conference, was not afraid to call Pelosi out for her behavior.“Speaker Pelosi is an embarrassment and unfit for office,” she tweeted. Joe and Hunter Biden are guilty of drug abuse as well as identity fraud:

The court papers, which cite a Prescott, Ariz., police report, describe what allegedly happened on the morning of Oct. 28, 2016, when a Hertz rental car employee reportedly received a phone call around 10 a.m. and subsequently discovered "suspicious" items inside one of the rental cars.

“Stolen identities were used to check defendant Robert Hunter Biden into an Arizona facility and providing false statements to the Prescott Police Department,” the document states. “These stolen identities include his deceased brother Joseph R. Beau Biden III, and Joseph McGee.”

The Hertz employee, who is only identified by her first name, “had received a call from Joseph McGee stating his friend was sick, and left the vehicle overnight with the keys in the gas cap area because they did not know what to do,” the document states.

Several items were also found, according to the court papers.

“A bag containing the suspicious items, a cellular telephone (Apple) belonging to Shauna Stanglr, who is also known as Puma St. Angel, and a Delaware Attorney General badge belonging to Hunter Biden's deceased brother Joseph R. Beau Biden III were provided to the police officer," the court papers state.

The papers identify Puma St. Angel as the co-founder of Grace Grove at Rejuvenation & Performance Institute in Sedona, Ariz., a self-described "lifestyle center" staffed with on-site therapists and coaches. It is not clear from the documents if this is the facility that Hunter Biden attended.

Three days later, when police dialed the phone number that had previously called the Hertz center on Oct. 28, 2016, the woman who answered the phone and identified herself as Puma. She said "Joseph" would return the call.

St. Angel denied any involvement and declined to comment when reached by FOX Business on Monday morning.

Casey had previously accused Biden of being involved in a separate counterfeiting scheme that accumulated more than $156 million, according to court papers submitted on Dec. 23 and Dec. 27.

Epstein’s first “suicide” video is missing - says Maureen Comey, daughter of James Comey the disgraced former FBI director: "Writing to U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas, prosecutors Maurene Comey and Jason Swergold said there was a mix-up when they asked the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) to preserve the footage from outside the cell.” Epstein’s second “suicide"video is missing:

Prosecutors say the surveillance footage outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell is missing from the night of his death.

Noted pedophile of the rich and powerful Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell in Manhattan in August.

One of the cameras outside of Epstein’s prison cell where the convicted pedophile died earlier this month captured footage that is unusable, according to SF Gate. Democrat Enforcers:

Over 90% of the criminal illegal aliens arrested in 2019 had either criminal convictions or pending charges. The average was four charges per alien.

The report also found the number of individuals apprehended or found inadmissible nationwide totaled 1,148,024, an increase of 68 percent over the previous fiscal year. 

Over one million illegals crossed into the United States in 2019 thanks to the Democrat Party’s open border policies.

More than 90% of illegal immigrants arrested by federal agents in the United States last year had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, including 56,000 assaults and thousands of sex crimes, robberies, homicides and kidnappings. Many had “extensive criminal histories with multiple convictions,” according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) year-end report. The 123,128 illegal aliens arrested by the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in 2019 had 489,063 criminal convictions and pending charges, representing an average of four crimes per alien, highlighting the “recidivist nature” of the arrested aliens, the agency writes, noting that sanctuary cities nationwide greatly impeded its public safety efforts.

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