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11 July 2019 - Afternoon News

His name was Seth Rich. He was killed 3 years ago yesterday (Wednesday the 10th).

Rich was shot twice in the back on July 10, 2016, while walking home from Lou’s City Bar in Washington, D.C. He was on the phone with his girlfriend when he was attacked by two people.

Rumor has it that Rich, a 27-year-old working as a data director for the DNC, was going to alert the FBI to corrupt dealings by Clinton when he was murdered by assassins.

Rich leaked Democratic Party emails to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was accused of making " false statements about Rich’s death" special counsel Robert Mueller alleged in his redacted report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The same day Assange indicated Rich was behind the leaks, Roger Stone tweeted a photo of the slain DNC staffer, writing “another dead body in the Clinton’s wake. Coincidence? I think not.”

Steve Bannon, who was serving as Trump’s White House strategist, claimed in a March 2017 text message to CBS “60 Minutes” producer that the murder was a “contract kill, obviously.”

“It sure doesn’t look like a robbery,” Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s attorneys in the Russia investigation, told Sean Hannity in May 2017. “There’s one thing this thing undercuts is this whole Russia argument, [which] is such subterfuge.”

On Wednesday May 17, an anonymous emergency room surgeon made a post to Boardnet, under the sub-category /pol/, regarding the circumstances of Seth Rich’s death on July 10, 2016.

His post reads:

“[I am a] 4th-year surgery resident here who rotated from WHC (Washington Hospital Center) last year, it won’t be hard to identify me but I feel that I shouldn’t stay silent.

“Seth Rich was shot twice, with three total gunshot wounds (Entry and exit, and entry). He was taken to the OR emergency where we performed and exlap and found a small injury to segment three of the liver which was packed and several small bowel injuries (pretty common for gunshots in the back exiting the abdomen), which we resected—12 cm of bowel and left him in discontinuity (didn’t hook everything back up) with the intent of performing a washout in the morning. He did not have any major vascular injuries or otherwise. I’ve seen dozens of worse cases than this which survived and nothing about his injuries suggested to me that he’d sustained a fatal wound.

“In the meantime he was transferred to the ICU and transfused with 2 units of blood when his post-surgery crit came back ~20. He was stable and not on any pressors, and it seemed pretty routine. About 8 hours after he arrived we were swarmed by LEOs [Law Enforcement Officers] and pretty much everyone except the attending [physician] and a few nurses were kicked out of the ICU (disallowing visiting hours…not something we do routinely). It was weird as hell.

“At turnover [change of shift] that morning, we were instructed not to round [check up] on the VIP that came in last night (that’s exactly what the attending [physician] said, and no one except for me and another resident had any idea who he was talking about).

“No one here was allowed to see Seth except for my attending [physician] when he died. No code was called. I rounded [checked-up] on patients literally next door but was physically blocked from checking in on him. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and while I can’t say 100% that he was allowed to die, I don’t understand why he was treated like that. Take it how you may…I’m just one low level doc. Something’s fishy though, that’s for sure.”

WND asked officials with the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department which local hospital its ambulance transported Rich to – MedStar Washington Hospital Center or Howard University Hospital. Both hospitals are located within a one- to two-mile radius of the shooting scene.

“We transported the patient, Priority 1, to a nearby hospital,” EMS’ public information officer Vito Maggiolo told WND Tuesday. “All further information regarding this ongoing investigation should be referred to the Metropolitan Police Department.”

Inadvertently confirming that Rich had not yet died when EMS arrived to transport him to the hospital, “Priority 1,” Maggiolo explained, is a term used to categorize patients who are in critical condition.

Rich, 27, worked as the voter expansion data director at the DNC for two years. He had just accepted a job with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign before he was murdered near his apartment in an affluent neighborhood. He was shot twice in the back, and his wallet, credit cards, watch and phone were left in his possession. Still, the Metropolitan Police Department has described it as a “botched robbery.”

Rich was “very aware, very talkative” when emergency responders were on the scene, according to the DNC staffer’s brother, Aaron Rich.

They were very surprised he didn’t make it,” Aaron said emergency responders told him, according to the Washington Post. “He was very aware, very talkative. Yep, that was 100 percent my brother.”

The Post reported that Rich’s parents were told their son “didn’t know he’d been hit in the back by two bullets.”

“He wasn’t in pain, they were told,” according to the paper. “But he was confused. When Seth Rich was asked where he lived, he gave a previous address …”

WND asked EMS to provide details about Rich’s condition when he was picked up, whether he was able to talk and, if so, did he say anything about his attackers.

Citing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA, Maggiolo declined specifics.


Once again, a historic scale drug bust happened, now that the good guys are running drug enforcement, and the border is becoming less open.

Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Co., weeks after authorities found more than $1 billion worth of cocaine on the vessel in what was one of the largest drug busts in American history.

US Customs and Border Protection seized the ship on July 4, a statement out Monday said. The ship is owned by client assets in a maritime strategy offered by JPMorgan Asset Management, according to a person familiar with the matter. It is operated by the Switzerland-based MSC.

On June 18, CBP agents found 39,525 pounds of cocaine stashed in several containers on the MSC Gayane at the Philadelphia seaport. The street value of the drugs was estimated at about $1.3 billion, making it the largest cocaine seizure by the agency.

We may have dodged a Deep State Bullet:

A fire aboard a top-secret Russian nuclear submarine could have led to a "catastrophe of global proportions" if not for the selfless actions of the crew, a senior navy official was cited by a Russian media outlet as saying.

"They all shared one and the same fate - to save the lives of their comrades, to save their vessel and to prevent a catastrophe of global proportions at the cost of their own lives," Sergei Pavlov, an aide to the Russian navy's commander, was quoted as saying at the funeral by St Petersburg media outlet Fontanka on Saturday.Putin last week bestowed Russia's highest state award - the title of Hero of Russia - on four of the men and granted another top state award -- the Order of Courage -- to the 10 others.

Captain Sergei Pavlov, an aide to the commander of Russia’s navy, praised the heroism of the men, who died as they battled to stop the fire from spreading in the submersible.

With their lives, they saved the lives of their colleagues, saved the vessel and prevented a planetary catastrophe,” he said at the funeral Sunday attended by the navy chief according to the Fontanka news service.

The day after this happened the European Union Defense Ministers met in emergency session, Putin called an emergency meeting of his Defense Ministers and heads of there military, and Donald Trump urgently recalled VP Pence from a speaking engagement turning AF2 around in the air before it was to land where “shots were heard” but no-one was publicly captured. When asked later Trump said we would probably find out in two weeks.

Also the same morning half of the internet went down for half an hour.:

All of the websites using Cloudflare went offline this morning. Many conservative websites use Cloudflare to protect them from hostile attacks by the Deep State et al.

The Gateway Pundit, The Drudge Report, Instapundit, PJ Media were all down for about a half hour on Tuesday morning.

Devs at #cloudflare right now

— Jamie McGrory (@jmcgroryuk) July 2, 2019

#Cloudflare is down – half of the internet simply died

— Russian Gryphon🔞 (@SpottySTC) June 24, 2019

502 Bad Gateway #cloudflare #lihkg

— Alvin Wong (@alvinwong_1234) July 2, 2019

How could a Russian nuclear sub cause a catastrophe of global proportions? By a spill? By a launch? Was there also a major attempt to take down conservative communications by taking down Cloudflare? If Trump and Pence were killed, wouldn’t Pelosi become President?

We are definitely in the dark about this. Whatever actually happened, it would have to be very serious to cause emergency meetings of Defense Ministers around the world.

Update: Tommy Robinson has been jailed in England.

Political prisoner Tommy Robinson says, “I feel like I’m two days away from being sentenced to death.”

Politically persecuted independent journalist Tommy Robinson appeared on InfoWars on Monday to plead his case for asylum in the United States.

The 36-year-old British journalist and former political candidate believes he will murdered if he is sent back to prison over his coverage of child grooming gangs in the UK.

Robinson, a father of three young children, is facing up to two years in prison for his reporting. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Thursday. He is now pleading for the Trump administration to urgently help him and his family.

I feel like I’m two days away from being sentenced to death in the UK — for journalism,” Robinson said during his appearance on InfoWars. “My name is Tommy Robinson, today I am calling on the help of Donald Trump, his administration and the Republican Party to grant me and my family political asylum in the United States of America.”

Robinson explained that following his arrest there were many Republican lawmakers who spoke out in support of him and put pressure on the UK government, but he begged them to do more.

“It’s not pressure I need, I need evacuation out of this country,” Robinson said.

“Our freedom is gone. The country has fallen,” he added.

“President Trump and the American government, Britain has fallen. Even yourself, if you were in Britain, you would be arrested and tried. You would be tried because Sadiq Khan would demand it. The political pressure that has been put on the judiciary system would similarly be put on for yourself. I’m an English man, a British citizen who loves my country and it hurts me to have to say that I have no future here. The only future that lies for me is death. Death at the hands of an establishment who would feed me to Islamic gangs of Jihadis within the prison system. I have 48 hours before my sentence.”

During his nearly three months in prison, Robinson lost over 40 pounds as he was surviving on fruit and five cans of tuna per week due to concerns about the inmates preparing his meals. He repeatedly complained to the prison and requested that they raise the £12 per week commissary spending limit so that he could purchase more packaged food, but they would not allow it.

Robinson also explained how after he was moved to a majority Muslim prison he had to stay inside his cell with the windows shut because people would spit or throw feces through his window. He believes that he was deliberately moved to a prison with a high Muslim population to mess with him. Since he is such an outspoken critic of Islam, he had to be kept in solitary confinement for his safety.

During his previous imprisonment, a fellow inmate had threatened that Robinson’s wife and young children would be attacked with acid.

Russian government comments on Tommy’s situation: “The oppression of citizens due to their opinions is not acceptable in any state,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Robinson faces being murdered in prison for the crime of reporting on pedophile rape gangs in the U.K.

There is hope in Formerly Great Britain their soon to be Prime Minister is a lot like Trump and he's determined to get a Brexit:

Brexit Party MEPs shocked the opening session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg by turning their backs on the EU anthem. The MEPs from Nigel Farage's party kicked off their time at the European Parliament in dramatic fashion. The 29 Brexiteer MEPs carried out the orchestrated move as soon as the Ode to Joy began to play.

BORIS Johnson has promised to make Britain "the greatest place on earth" as he vowed to unite Britain and finally deliver our long-awaited Brexit.

In an interview which echoed Donald Trump's 'Make America great again' message, he promised: "I will set out a vision for Britain as the greatest place on Earth. The greatest place to be, the greatest place to live, to raise a family. "The greatest place to send your kids to school, the greatest place to breathe clean air, to start a business, the place where you'll find the most exciting tech scene, the most exciting academic culture, the most cutting-edge businesses of all kinds, but also a place where we improve the environment, we improve quality of life for everybody, because we're uniting the country and bringing it together, that's what I want to do."

Boris has used his record as Mayor of London to insist he would do the same for the country, making it the greatest country on earth.

"It's time for a bit of confidence, a bit of self-belief, it's time to stop being so negative about what the UK can do and that's how we'll get a great [Brexit] deal," he added.

Also, Greece this week became Conservative led as leftists lost an election.

France, Britain, Greece, Italy, Brazil … many more are seeing freedom rise.

Epstein: Proven Intelligence Agency Asset all that time...

Epstein's slap on the wrist earlier was because of orders from an intelligence agency:

Trump’s Secretary of Labor was the prosecutor for Epstein and gave him a sweetheart deal. Why? Because he was to ld to by theIntelligence Agencies (CIA etc.):

"Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking.

“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)"

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