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10 April 2019 - Afternoon News

Candace Owens is intelligent, honest, brave, and amazing!

Hear her historic testimony in Congress yesterday:

@RealCandaceO: “White supremacy, racism, white nationalism—words that once held real meaning—have now become nothing more than election strategies. Every four years, the black community is offered handouts and fear... this is the Democrat preview.”

Look at her put Nadler in his place when he tries to intimidate her:

Candace Owens on Twitter: "The greatest part of the hearing today was when @RepJerryNadler simply shrugs after I catch him flat-out in a lie.

I posted this video Tweet from President Trump yesterday, and before many could see it Twitter took it down:Watch it while you can.  They don't want you to see this: 2 minutes long and worth it.

Attorney General Bill Barr said in a Senate hearing Wednesday that he believes Trump’s campaign was spied on during the 2016 election.

“I am going to be reviewing both the genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during 2016,” Barr said.

“I think spying did occur,” Barr said to Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen. “But the question is whether it was adequately predicated and I am not suggesting that it wasn’t adequately predicated but I need to explore that. I think it’s my obligation… I am not suggesting those rules were violated, but I think it is important to look at that. And I am not talking about the FBI necessarily, but intelligence agencies more broadly.

“I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. It’s a big deal.” Barr added after Democrat hack Shaheen asked why he would be investigating the spying by Obama’s corrupt officials.

President Trump: "After wasting all of this money and all of this time with people who were haters. People that worked on the Hillary Clinton Foundation, people who were absolutely haters of Trump. They found no collusion. 

What has been found during this period of time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started. And hopefully that’s where people are going now. And it’s very interesting.  It was an illegal investigation. It was started illegally. Everything about it was crooked. Every single thing about it. There were dirty cops. These were bad people. 

You look at McCabe and Comey and you look at Lisa and Peter Strzok. These were bad people. And this was an attempted coup. This was an attempted take down of a president. And we beat them. We beat them." Hannity: "They tried to influence an election.  And when that didn’t work, they tired to remove a duly elected President.  It should be on the front page of every newspaper in this Country.  It is not because the ‘rage Trump media mob’ is complicit in what is a major cover-up of a ‘deep State coup.’"

YouTubeGoogle manually blacklisting right-wing sites, leaked documents show Google manually blacklists right-wing websites from certain areas of its platform, according to leaked documents published Tuesday. 

“The deceptive_news domain blacklist is going to be used by many search features to filter problematic sites that violate the good neighbor and misrepresentation policies,” the document says, as reported by The Daily Caller

The blacklist includes right-wing sites American Spectator, Conservative Tribune, and Gateway Pundit. 

The purpose of the blacklist will be to bar the sites from surfacing in any Search feature or news product. It will not cause a demotion in the organic search results or de-index them altogether,” the document says. 

The blacklist outlined by the document removes certain websites from news searches and other promotional places on the platform, but not from organic searches.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified last December before the House Judiciary Committee on concerns about political bias in his company. He denied that his company attempted to suppress conservative viewpoints in its search algorithms. 

A former Google employee alleged in a lawsuit filed last year that the company blacklisted conservative employees.

Where does the Constitution say that California judges control our border policy?

Late yesterday, Richard Seeborg, an Obama-appointed federal judge in the Northern District of California, issued a nationwide injunction on the administration’s pilot program for processing credible fear claims in Mexico, known as Migration Protection Protocols.

(Dagny note:  Migration Protection Protocols are the Remain in Mexico policy)

Rather than categorically suspending immigration requests at the border, the DHS issued a regulation in December to continue such claims but to have some of the illegal aliens wait in Mexico pending the outcome of the proceedings. As I’ve noted, statute is clear that the same way the president can suspend all entry, he can place partial restrictions or conditions on such entry, a point made by Chief Justice John Roberts himself last year in Trump v. Hawaii. But lower courts are always able to write orders more liberal than recent Supreme Court precedent.

Black hole picture captured for first time in space breakthrough

Network of eight radio telescopes around the world records revolutionary image.  The picture shows a halo of dust and gas, tracing the outline of a colossal black hole, at the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55m light years from Earth. And for more Space wonders:

PRIVATE MOON LANDING TOMORROW: When humans return to the Moon, it might not be NASA sending them. While  America's next Moon rocket is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule, a small Israeli company is poised to touchdown on the Moon tomorrow. Their robot named "Beresheet" is scheduled to land on Mare Serenitatis (the Sea of Serenity) on April 11th around 3 pm Eastern time. The event will be  livestreamed by SpaceIL, the first private company to land on lunar soil. Robots now, humans next? Stay tuned.

PUERTO RICAN FIREBALL: What are the odds? On April 9th at 04:01 Atlantic Time, a random meteoroid hit Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated with the luminosity of a waxing crescent Moon. The impact, which could've happened anywhere, took place directly above a video camera in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

And a striking Aurora yesterday in Norway:

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