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15 May 2020 - Deep State Exposed

The Impeachment and the whole Russia Russia Russia hoax was based on a phone call between General Flynn and a Russian ambassador. As part of the transition team General Flynn was supposed to talk with the Russian, but that didn't stop the Deep State minions from pretending it was a big national security problem, and that Trump was working for the Russians. Not only was that narrative utterly destroyed this week - it also became clear that it was a plot hatched by now named p

26 April 2019 - Lunch News

Isn’t this a marvelous way to investigate everyone with security clearances, and also anyone they are connected to? Bravo! President Donald Trump signed an executive order late Wednesday officially making the U.S. military responsible for virtually all security background checks for millions of federal workers, the latest step by the administration to tackle a daunting backlog of security clearance cases. The order calls for the National Background Investigations Bureau, cur

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