News: Big things afoot

Chief Justice Thomas? Justice Thomas is something of an anti-Roberts. His lone concurrences and dissents are usually not incremental but adventurous, urging colleagues to break new legal ground or rethink old precedents. So what does Chief Justice Roberts do when the associate justices split 5-3 along familiar lines? If he joins the liberals and makes it 5-4, Justice Thomas gets to assign the majority opinion and perhaps induce the court to a bolder conclusion. If the chief j

31 January 2019 - Breakfast News

Virginia Assembly Committee Defeats Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth In Virginia, Republicans are in the majority in the House of Delegates, where a subcommittee voted 5-3 to table H.R. 2491, dubbed the Repeal Act. All Republicans on the committee voted to table — and essentially kill — the effort to legalize full-term abortions, while all the Democrats on t



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