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We tried to tell them...

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The WEF is now trying to pretend it never said that... Fortunately good guys saved it before they could delete it...

The WEF also said a lot of things that might seem like bad ideas in this video...

First he said he wouldn't attend due to being sick... then:

Early reports indicated that Schwab would miss the WEF's opening altogether. George Soros and Joe Biden are both no-shows.

With an overlying theme of the Davos summit being the global elite’s quest to “master the future,” Schwab wasted no time after his late arrival in fantasizing over his fascistic plans for humanity.

“What does it mean to master the future?” Schwab asked the crowd, after telling them that the world must be delivered from multiple, ongoing “crises.”

I think [mastering the future means] to have a platform where all stakeholders of global society are engaged,” he answered, before talking about his dreams of merging the corporation with the state and giving NGOs like his own legislative power over all of humanity.

“Governments, business, civil societies, the young generation, I could go on, I think is the first step to meet all the challenges.”

Final result of Twitter Poll with almost 2.5 million votes:

John Kerry at Davos:

"When you start to think about it, it's pretty extraordinary that we — select group of human beings because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives — are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet," Kerry remarked. "I mean, it's so almost extraterrestrial to think about ‘saving the planet.’"

Is Hunter Biden Ratting Out Papa Joe to Cut a Deal?

  1. The documents were “discovered” in early November 2022 by lawyers ostensibly working for Joe Biden.

  2. The documents were discovered at locations that Hunter Biden could enter or leave at will.

  3. Hunter Biden currently is the target of an investigation by the Delaware U.S. attorney and faces potential charges for information contained on his laptop.

  4. There is no requirement for Secret Service to keep a list of visitors for Hunter Biden.

I initially speculated that the leak about these documents could be part of a plot to get rid of Joe Biden in anticipation of the debacle in Ukraine and to clear the decks for a new Democrat candidate for 2024. But one thing bothered me — why didn’t Joe Biden’s lawyers destroy the documents? If the lawyers really were working for Joe Biden, we still do not have a good answer for why they were searching through Joe’s office and home for documents? What precipitated this?

This Tweet had 6.7 million views. Biden can't make people forget this,

But when DC Draino posted this same message on Instagram it was flagged by Politifact. Politifact posted, “In more than 40 years of public life, we could find no news reports, formal accusations, complaints, arrests or investigations that implicate him.”

It is currently taboo for the mainstream media to report on these predatory actions by Joe Biden. This behavior would NEVER be allowed in the private sector. Yet, Joe Biden has been sexually grabbing and rubbing children for decades ON CAMERA!

(I remember seeing a video with Biden with a girl where he pinched her nipple. The girl later grew up and came forward to verify on video that it happened.)


Kari Lake and the legal team at the Lindell Legal offense Fund have more evidence coming forth in the Arizona gubernatorial battle.

CNN has been floating a rumor that Kari Lake may run for US Senate against Kyrsten Sinema in 2024. But don't be fooled! This misleading headline is the fake news, Trump-hating media trying to distract you from the ongoing battle against the stolen statewide election!

More than 60% of Election day voting centers were sabotaged, and massive lines required waits often longer than four hours. With a sham election decided by only 17,000 votes, hundreds of thousands of invalid ballots were counted in Maricopa County alone.

Ballots were printed on the incorrect size paper, and mysterious piles of ballots were added to the official count days after the election. 300,000 ballots didn't follow proper chain of custody laws, in violation of state law.

There is no doubt Katie Hobbs is a fraud, and Kari Lake should be the elected Governor of Arizona!

Our legal battles continue in the courtroom, and we're ready to take this fight all the way to the US Supreme Court. Arizona voters, like all American citizens, deserve the protection of our sacred right to vote.

“Four things need to exist or need to be in place if you want a large-scale mass phenomenon to emerge.

The first thing is that there needs to be a lot of socially isolated people, people who experience a lack of social bonds.

The second one is that there needs to be a lot of people who experience a lack of sense-making in life.

And the third and the fourth conditions are that there needs to be a lot of free-floating anxiety and a lot of free-floating psychological discontent. So: meaning, anxiety, and discontent that is not connected to a specific representation.

So, it needs to be in the mind without the people being able to connect it to something. If you have these four things—lack of social bonds, lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and free-floating psychological discontent—then society is highly at risk for the emergence of mass phenomenon.”

Excess Non-Covid Deaths appear to increase every winter:

Ethical skeptic

(Scroll down in the report to Table 1 Baseline Characteristics)

I wonder if being not too bright or independent minded predisposes one to dementia.

  • Nine months following the rollout of the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines,” substantial birth rate drops were seen in 13 of 19 European countries, England and Wales (one entity based on how data is published), Australia, and Taiwan.

  • The decline in births in Switzerland was the largest in 150 years – more than during two World Wars, the Great Depression, and the advent of widely available birth control.

  • There was an 8.3% drop in the birth rate in Germany through three quarters of 2022.

  • England and Wales had a 12% birth rate drop through June 2022, which is when their government stopped publishing data related to this.

  • Taiwan reported an alarming birth rate drop, but its data are incomplete.

  • Australian birth rates fell 21% from October to November 2021, followed by a 63% decrease from November to December 2021.

  • On August 25, 2022, the Swiss Hagemann group published a statement regarding the decline of live births in Europe: “My analysis puts the monthly birth figures in relation to the average of the last three years. In advance it should be noted that every single examined European country shows a monthly decline in birth rates of up to more than 10% compared to the last three years. I can be shown that this very alarming signal cannot be explained by infections with Covid-19. However, one can establish a clear temporal correlation to Covid vaccinations incidence in the age group of men and women between 18 and 49 years. Therefore, in-depth statistical and medical analyses have to be demanded.” [

Clot Adams is very upset...

"Scott Adams, the creator of the popular comic strip ‘Dilbert,’ defended getting vaccinated against Covid because he believes in science. Apparently the cartoonist and self-proclaimed hypnotist was himself hypnotized by the legacy media and corrupt medical experts such as Fauci. They convinced him to get the jabs. Had he carried out any kind of independent research, he might have made a smarter decision.

I didn’t know any of this since I no longer follow Adams, and he blocked GrrrGraphics on his twitter feed back in 2019, but I came across a disturbing video that he posted on YouTube. He may be experiencing some injection remorse, but his pride will not let him admit it. Not completely. He begrudgingly said we anti-vax types may be right, but we were right ‘accidentally’ and we’re still stupid compared to him. Fine—that’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it.

What disturbed me most was watching him launch into a blistering, purple-faced tirade while using extremely foul language—just because some woman on the streaming comment section questioned his wisdom for getting the experimental and grossly under-tested mRNA pokes. He called the woman the ‘C’ word and insulted her husband and family. It was grotesque to hear him say these things and I will not repost his words here."

64% more person are dying to the excess now, than on avg through the entire Covid Pandemic. THIS DEMANDS an EXPLANATION

Apparently the Vax is correlated with far more Auto Accidents

Citizens 'forgot how to drive' during the Covid sequestration? But then again, we never recovered from that - in fact such accidents are elevated by 90 deaths per week over historical ...Neither Covid nor wane of skill any longer stand as the explanatory factors.

"In one tweet, Rowling referenced the term "TERF," suggesting that she has been called a TERF and saying "Times change. Woman-hate is eternal."

What does TERF mean?

TERF is an acronym that stands for trans exclusionary radical feminists. The term describes feminists who are transphobic. ... TERF views "deny the validity of transgender people and transgender identities," said Sarah McBride, national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign."

What is "sexist"?

This is what they came up with to "celebrate" Martin Luther King:

Watch it here:

More on Suspicious Fires that Limit Food Supply

Dr. Andrew Huff, an epidemiologist with a background in what he described as “bioterrorism and agri-terrorism,” suggested an answer to what’s behind the outbreak.

He is best known recently as the former vice president of the research group EcoHealth Alliance and author of the book “The Truth About Wuhan: How I Uncovered the Biggest Lie in History,” which argues that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted from a “genetically engineered agent” leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.

Huff said the spate of suspicious fires matches up eerily well with government data he’d accessed while working on his Ph.D. He said the information was compiled in a document called “FASCAT” or Food and Ag Sector Criticality Assessment Tool. He used the document in later work, which basically amounted to studying a “roadmap to attacking critical infrastructure in the United States.”

When he analyzed the details of the incidents in comparison to the “most critical systems” of the country’s food production, he said, “it’s a perfect match.”

“I had never seen something so predicted or such a strong correlation in my life,” he said.

In 2019, that data went missing, Huff told Robinson.

I don't believe it. They are closely watched, monitored, etc etc. That suggests to me that it was someone who can't be criticized - such as one of the Justices trying to throw the decision to anti-abortion through outside interference...

The tide is turning on Tech...

Mass US Company Layoffs

Google - 12,000 jobs

Microsoft - 10,000 jobs

Amazon - 18,000 jobs

Salesforce - 8,000 jobs

Goldman Sachs - 3,200 jobs

Meta - 11,000 jobs

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