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“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”― Plato

Biden threatens...

The fact that this isn't on the Fox News tells you a lot:

You can clearly see his distinctive tattoos of the finger lakes on his back in the video... It's him.

Isn't that a crime?

70% of Americans want Trump and Biden to take a drug test before the debate

The results of the sociological survey were published by The Washington Times. However, only 18% of respondents believe that there is no need for a medical examination.

There have long been rumors in the United States that the oldest president in the country's history is being pumped with stimulants before public appearances. Trump has already said that he will demand that his opponent be tested for doping before the discussion.

Back in Trump’s first term, myself and others like me, tried to warn everyone that the DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Dept, Hollywood, Tech, MSM, etc., were all compromised by the Deep State. 

Most people mocked us and called us “far-right conspiracy theorists”.

Not so funny now is it?


LOL!! Enjoy the Insurrection - For your Entertainment!

The Arizona GOP filed a Bombshell Lawsuit Against the Secretary of State Adrian Fontes after discovering from 500,000 to 1.3 million ILLEGAL VOTERS on the state’s voter rolls.

“The lawsuit highlights outrageous voter registration rates, with some counties exceeding 100% of eligible voters. The lawsuit uncovered that Arizona has between 500,000 to 1,270,000 unaccounted-for voters on the rolls, including deceased individuals and those who have moved away.”

“Our findings reveal a staggering number of counties with more registered voters than eligible citizens, this is a clear indication of a system in disarray. We are holding Adrian Fontes accountable to ensure fair and credible elections in Arizona.”

Arizona is part of the Eric Voting System. 

ERIC was formed in 2012 with assistance from The Pew Charitable Trusts, which is funded by Open Society. Open Society is George Soros, therefore George Soros IS ERIC! ERIC is a Democrat-run voter registration drive for Democrats…

Maricopa demonstrably lied. It is now possible to prove it. Kari Lake is reopening her appeal to the ninth circuit.

Yep, volumes of solid evidence has come out of Maricopa County: Katie Hobbs and her helpers cheated and stole that election. It is without question Abe Hamadeh won the state AG's race also. Its all there for everyone to see for themselves 

~ Peter Bernegger

Whistleblower Working Close With Bill Clinton Says Clinton Was Laundering Money, Making Huge Payoffs, Doing Illegal Favors For Campaign Support, Signing Off On Massive Cocaine Deals & More Democrat Bill Clinton 0 Felonies Donald Trump 34 Felonies

“— I was literally working, sitting in the middle of Bill Clinton's political machine. It was where he made payoffs, where he repaid favors to people for campaign support. I was in an interesting seat and I knew it. In that particular board meeting, I was sitting at the end of the table. James Brannion, who was chairman of the board at that time, was sitting at the head of the table. James Brannion stood up in a public restaurant and he hollered at Beverly Enterprises guy, Bobby Stevens, and said, did you get the $50,000 campaign contribution from the client that you're introducing the loan for? He said, not yet. He said, well then hold up the loan until we get it. — In reality, millions of taxpayer guaranteed dollars were being channeled to Clinton's election campaigns, to his inner circle of friends, and to his wife Hillary's law firm. This may explain why ADFA had been drafted in such a manner as to keep its decision-making procedures secret. If you needed a million dollars, you had to get your application handled by the Rose Law Firm, pay them 50,000 dollars. —Your president, the president of the United States, not only was a part of his system that was laundering millions of cocaine dogs. Your president signed off on it. You can't deny that he did. You see, because of that, there's one little catch. Every lone Adphan man Bill Clinton himself had to sign off on it. More than Bill Clinton, you better identify the people in the loop of the drug running. You better identify the people in the loop for money laundering. And what you'll find there is those people going straight to Washington. Act 1062, if you look at it, it says that ADFA was developed and created to provide low interest bond loans for churches, schools, colleges. And look what happened to our legislature. They voted on a bill creating ADFA, thinking that they were getting money to colleges and schools to buy books and so forth. What better way to run thousands of tens of millions of dollars? Launder it, clean it up and used the cover of a state agency to do it. The first loan made at ADFA was made to Parkometer, a company called Parkometer. Seth Ward was the owner. As I started looking, I found out that the secretary treasurer was Webb Hubbell. Then I found out Webb Hubbell was Seth Ward's son-in-law. Guess who drafted the legislation creating Act 1062, which created the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Webb Hubbell. Guess who introduced the legislation to our legislators and got it passed through our house? Webb Hubbell. Guess who got the first loan? Webb Hubbell. Imagine this. Guess who did the audit and the evaluation of the application? Rose Law Fund. You guessed it. Who signed it? Webb Hubbell. Hillary Clinton. You see, that's against the law in Arkansas. You can't investigate yourself when the good faith and credit of the state of Arkansas is involved in a bond issue. He broke the law.” I can’t transcribe it all due to X’s text limits. This is a 10 minute video FULL of non stop corruption by the Clintons, it’s worth the watch.

Democrat Senator John Fetterman (PA) and his wife Gisele Fetterman, were injured in a car crash Sunday morning in Maryland and transported to a nearby hospital.

According to reports, John Fetterman was driving and crashed his vehicle into the back of a Chevy Impala.

“According to a preliminary investigation, a Chevrolet Traverse and a Chevrolet Impala were both traveling west on I-70 when for unknown reasons, the Traverse struck the rear of the Impala,”Maryland State Police said in a statement.

“A passenger in the Traverse and the operator of the Impala were transported by ambulance to War Memorial Hospital in West Virginia for treatment of their injuries,” authorities said.

The American College of Paediatricians has released a declaration against gender transition for children.

They ask that doctors and medical associations "IMMEDIATELY stop the promotion of social affirmation, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries for children and adolescents who experience distress over their biological sex."

Miss Alabama 2024.

Meanwhile Miss Maryland is a man.

Three teenagers in Spokane, Washington, are facing up to five years in prison for creating skid marks on an LGBT-themed crosswalk mural.

Last week, the Spokane Police Department arrested and charged 19-year-old Ruslan V. V Turko and two unnamed minors with first-degree malicious mischief.

According to a press release, the police first received a 911 complaint that “multiple subjects on scooters were causing damage to the newly painted Pride mural” on June 5. 

Shortly after receiving the complaint, the police utilized surveillance footage and interviewed several witnesses who claimed to have seen the boys using rental scooters. The witnesses claimed the boys had been “intentionally scooting their tires over the mural to create skid marks.” Officers then identified and detained the three suspects.

Despite photos of the mural demonstrating minimal vandalization, the release described the scuffing as “widespread damage” with many claiming the act was motivated by homophobia.

“Officers observed widespread damage as black scuff marks consistent with scooter wheels were observed across the entirety of the mural. The area is clearly marked to keep traffic away as it was just [repainted] to repair previous damage.”

Kaylee Gaines McGee, who was at a nearby bar when the alleged vandalism took place, accused the teenagers of intentionally trying to damage the Pride-themed crosswalk.

“We see that you have done this thing, and people don’t just go and do that without intention. You don’t destroy symbols without intention behind it,” she said.

Court records also revealed that the kids yelled profanities at witnesses who told them to stop vandalizing the mural.

The Biden DOJ official who put a pro-life grandma in prison for praying and singing has dropped a murder charge against a criminal who killed an elderly woman.

Paulette Harlow is one of a dozen pro-life Americans the Biden administration has targeted with prosecution for protesting abortions while it ignores hundreds of pro-abortion crimes committed across America. Harlow, who is 73, was sentenced to two years and one month for her role in a peaceful pro-life protest inside an abortion center.

US Attorney Matthew Graves prosecuted the case and said, “’Our Constitution and laws protect many rights – to protest, to debate, to advocate for different laws. But no one is entitled to deprive other people of their civil rights. That’s a crime.”

But a new report indicates Graves punted on holding a criminal accountable for killing an elderly woman:

Last week, an elderly woman was killed in Washington D.C. after the car she was sitting in was stolen outside of a hospital by a carjacker who proceeded to crash the stolen vehicle.Police in Washington, D.C., said a female suspect carjacked a vehicle with an elderly woman still in it outside a hospital before crashing just three miles away near the U.S. Attorney’s office Monday.The elderly female passenger, forced to remain along for the ride during the crime, was pronounced dead following the ‘tragic incident,’ D.C. Assistant Police Chief Darnel Robinson said at a press conference.She literally crashed the car, with the now deceased passenger still in it, into the office of the US Attorney in DC, and the US Attorney is dropping charges against her.It’s a “civil right” to kill your child; therefore, hard time in jail for invoking God outside an abortion clinic.But boost a car, crash it into a federal prosecutor’s office, and kill a grandma? That requires sensitivity and context.

If only Paulette Harlow had killed someone while carjacking a vehicle instead of protesting abortion. She’d be free.

The AI wars heat up.

Microsoft bought OpenAI

Apple was unable to develop their own so is partnering with OpenAI (i.e. MS)

Google Gemini 

Musk and Grok 

Meta AI

Amazon Bedrock

(Plus various Chinese and Russian AIs)

A Game of Thrones but with large language models instead of dragons. And where, if the dragons don't have the answer, they just make it up.

Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6bn in bid to take on OpenAI

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence company xAI has closed a $6bn (£4.7bn) investment round that will make it among the best-funded challengers to OpenAI.

The startup is only a year old, but it has rapidly built its own large language model (LLM), the technology underpinning many of the recent advances in generative artificial intelligence capable of creating human-like text, pictures, video, and voices.

The funding round, one of the biggest yet in the burgeoning AI field, values the company at $18bn before taking into account the $6bn investment, Musk said on X, the social network he owns.

Generative AI has so far proven very expensive to develop, in part because of the need for huge amounts of computing power and energy to train LLMs. In a blogpost, xAI said: “The funds from the round will be used to take xAI’s first products to market, build advanced infrastructure, and accelerate the research and development of future technologies.”The rise in investor interest in AI was kicked off by OpenAI, which used an LLM to create the chatbot ChatGPT. Musk was a co-founder of OpenAI, but in March he filed a suit against OpenAI, alleging that Sam Altman and other executives had “breached the founding agreement” of the company by pursuing private commercial success instead of working to benefit humanity.

OpenAI, which is working closely with the US tech company Microsoft, is facing competition from Google’s Gemini, Meta’s Llama and other startups such as the Amazon-backed Anthropic and France’s Mistral.

On Monday Musk reposted xAI’s announcement on X, and wrote that the company has a “mission of understanding the universe, which requires maximally rigorous pursuit of the truth, without regard to popularity or political correctness”.

Opera browser users can get more up-to-date information and more conversational responses as it integrates Google’s Gemini AI models into its existing Aria AI extension. 

Aria, released last year, acts like an AI assistant to answer user queries, write code, and perform other tasks. According to Opera, Aria does not rely on one AI model to respond to users but chooses the AI model it feels will work best for the specific task. With this new integration, Aria can tap into Gemini,

Microsoft has added an official Copilot bot within the messaging app Telegram, which lets users search, ask questions, and converse with the AI chatbot. 

Copilot for Telegram is currently in beta but is free for Telegram users on mobile or desktop. People can chat with Copilot for Telegram like a regular conversation on the messaging app. Copilot for Telegram is an official Microsoft bot (make sure it’s the one with the checkmark and the username @CopilotOfficialBot). Several AI companies now let you access their LLMs through messaging apps. Meta added Meta AI to its chat apps, including Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messaging, and you can chat with Gemini inside Google Messages on Android phones

To access Copilot for Telegram, I first had to search for Copilot Bot. It then asked me to share my Telegram phone number with Microsoft, which felt weird considering I used to use Telegram specifically to talk to privacy-crazy crypto founders, and the app prides itself on its strict privacy policies.

Harvard Scientists Say There May Be an Unknown, Technologically Advanced Civilization Hiding on Earth

In a new paper that's bound to raise eyebrows in the scientific community, a team of researchers from Harvard and Montana Technological University speculates that sightings of "Unidentified Anomalous Phemonemona" (UAP) —  bureaucracy-speak for UFOs, basically — "may reflect activities of intelligent beings concealed in stealth here on Earth (e.g., underground), and/or its near environs (e.g., the Moon), and/or even 'walking among us' (e.g., passing as humans)."

Yes, that's a direct quote from the paper. Needless to say, the researchers admit, this idea of hidden "crypoterrestrials" is a highly exotic hypothesis that's "likely to be regarded skeptically by most scientists." Nonetheless, they argue, the theory "deserves genuine consideration in a spirit of epistemic humility and openness."

The interest in unexplained sightings of UFOs by military personnel has grown considerably over the past decade or so. This attention grew to a peak last summer, when former Air Force intelligence officer and whistleblower David Grusch testified in front of Congress, claiming that the US had already recovered alien spacecraft as part of a decades-long UFO retrieval program.


Have fast food prices really changed so dramatically? And if so, by how much? To find out, our team at FinanceBuzz collected pricing data for a dozen different chain restaurants over the last decade. We then calculated how much prices have risen in that timeframe and compared it to the overall inflation rate in the same period." 

Thomas: This animated short about food from the Animaniacs is brilliant

Also for your consideration: Chickens are the Gateway to Conspiracies...

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