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The Insane Real World of Ukraine

Those in Ukraine who were willing to fight the Russians have been largely eliminated - forcing Ukraine to forcibly draft from the public and also sending the wounded before they are fully recovered. People are sent to the front untrained and often without adequate weapons or ammunition. Now women are also being drafted (see below).

Thus it is not too surprising that there have been increases in soldiers abandoning their positions without permission from their commanders. They are fleeing certain death in many cases. Often the Russian eliminate 70% or more of the Ukrainian troops on the battlefield.

What is truly shocking is that the Ukrainian commanders an effort to stop desertion lined up and shot 100 of their own men.

These poor souls were just trying to save their lives from an impossible situation to survive at the front. This comes from good sources, and is in keeping with that has been reported many times before on a smaller scale.

"Allied Forces offensive in Kharkov Region on August 14, 2022 have defeated units of 58th AFU Motorized Infantry Brigade near Udy. Under pressure of the Russian troops, the remnants of the formation escaped from their positions and abandoned the populated area. To stop panic and intimidate AFU personnel, nationalists of Kraken armed formation shot 100 servicemen of 58th Motorized Infantry Brigade who had abandoned their positions."

Nuclear Insanity:

There are three ways there could be a nuclear accident:

1) Destroying the dam which provides the reservoir that allows cooling of the nuclear plant. That would cause a Chernobyl type situation.

The Ukrainians have been bombing the dam, putting the reservoir used for cooling at risk, but also the people living on the floodplain below the dam:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Kakhovskyi Bridge in the Kherson region, which the Russian invaders had just restored — Regional Council "Our forces again hit the bridge at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, which the Russians managed to restore. It seems that there will be no grand opening, but the «fireworks» was," said Serhii Khlan, deputy of the Kherson Regional Council.

2) Directly hitting the plant with sufficient firepower to damage the support systems that provide cooling etc.

Igor Kirillov, who heads Russia’s Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Troops, illustrated the likely worst-case scenario of a direct hit on Europe’s largest nuclear plant, during a briefing on Thursday. He showed journalists a map, with plumes of radioactive material from the site reaching Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Belarus and even Germany.

He blamed Ukraine's Western backers for trying to downplay the danger of targeting the atomic plant, and forgetting the lessons of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the 2011 Fukushima nuclear incident.

According to Kirillov, both disasters involved “the failure of support systems, the disruption of power supply and partial and complete shutdown of the cooling systems, which led to overheating of nuclear fuel and the destruction of the reactor”.

The fallout of the Chernobyl disaster affected some 20 countries, while causing 4,000 deaths, a major spike in cancer cases, and the permanent relocation of around 100,000 people. The effects of the Fukushima nuclear incident might seem “insignificant” at first glance, but up to 500,000 people have abandoned their homes because of it, he noted.

“Our experts believe that the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces may cause a similar situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,”Kirillov said.

Strikes by the Kiev forces could render the plant’s cooling systems and other support infrastructure inoperable, which would lead “to overheating of the core and, as a result, the destruction of reactor units at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, with the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere and their spreading for hundreds of kilometers,” he warned.

“Such an emergency will cause mass migration of the population and will have more catastrophic consequences than the looming energy crisis in Europe,” the military official added.

Moscow has accused Kiev of carrying out 12 attacks on the nuclear facilitity, which provides energy to both Russian- and Ukrainian-controlled areas, since mid-July.

Scientists from the Ukrainian Research Hydrometeorological Institute under the State Emergency Service and the National Academy of Sciences developed a model of how radiation would spread in the event of an accident at the Zaporizhzhia NPP. The model was based on the weather conditions of August 15-18. Radiation would affect not only Ukraine.

3) A direct hit on the nuclear waste storage facility.

A direct hit by large-calibre artillery shells into a dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel would result in radioactive contamination of the area within a radius of up to 20 km, and an emergency situation at a nuclear reactor within 30 km at most. It is stressed that the risks of radiation spreading across Europe are estimated to be minimal in this case.

4) Sabotage.

In Energodar, law enforcement agencies detained two artillery gunners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Both worked at the Zaporozhye NPP. They were calling in targeting - some of which resulted in a rocket hitting only 10 meters from a nuclear wast storage container. There may be other saboteurs in the plant.

As the conventional war fails to be viable for Ukraine the Ukrainians and their supporters in the US/Europe are shifting to sabotage inculding conventional terrorism:

In the Kherson region, members of the organization "Civil Corps" Azov ", created under the battalion of the same name, were detained.

The detainees prepared sabotage and terrorist attacks in Kherson, collected and transmitted data about the Russian military, and planned to assassinate representatives of regional authorities. Remarkably, Vadim Kravchenko, the detained head of the local cell, personally informed about this.

The unfinished partisan said that he, along with several other militants who already had combat experience, were in touch with the Security Service and the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, to whom they transmitted information about the Russian military who occupied the city, as well as representatives of the local administration, regarding who were preparing terrorist attacks and acts of intimidation.

In addition, also on the direct instructions of Kyiv, the cell planned to carry out terrorist attacks in the passport office and printing house, where questionnaires for obtaining Russian citizenship are printed.

As it loses Ukraine evolves into a terrorist state.

Russian Defence Ministry is analyzing the development of the situation at Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

▫️Since July 18, 2022, the station has been subjected to systematic shelling by the Ukrainian armed forces using multiple rocket launchers, artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles.

▫️As of August 18, 2022, 12 shellings have taken place, during which more than 50 artillery shells and 5 kamikaze drones have been detected on the territory of NPP and Energodar city.

▫️The Russian Defence Ministry conducted an investigation and established that the strikes were launched from the direction of Marganets and Nikopol' settlements.

▫️The shelling resulted in damage to the station's auxiliary support systems as well as life support facilities in Energodar.

▫️According to the Defence Ministry, the Ukrainian side, together with their US handlers, are trying to play the card by causing what they believe to be a minor accident at the nuclear power plant and thus disrupting the normal and safe operation of the plant, blaming it on Russia.

In order to avoid a Chernobyl like situation the Russians have partially shut down the ZNPP, and are saying they may shut it all down. Ukraine exports a lot of energy to Europe. This is why there is so much focus on this nuclear power plant. If it gets disconnected Ukraine loses its largest power supply and that means less energy flow to the EU. Winter is going to be horrid for Europe.

Bloomberg has given the latest damage update Friday as follows: "Already only two of six reactors at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant are operating, potentially leaving Ukraine’s electricity grid facing collapse this winter, with the crisis spilling into neighboring European Union energy markets."

Ukraine delaying inspection to prevent evidence of guilt of shelling:

(Note: It is illogical to accuse the Russians of using the plant as a shield and at the same time accuse Russia of shelling its own people and territory.)

Rogov, a member of the Zaporozhye military-civil administration, insisted that the ZNPP is always prepared to welcome the atomic energy watchdog, which has repeatedly expressed a desire to visit the facility, but noted that the UN has “directly started to block the possibility of an IAEA inspection.”

The official suggested that if the agency does visit the plant, it would be forced to conclude that it had been shelled by Kiev’s forces. “It is obvious, it’s all been documented, and not only that, it’s also well known who is being supplied with American guided missiles. Obviously, not Russia, but the Zelensky regime.”

The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant - the largest in Europe - has repeatedly come under attack over the past few weeks. While none of the reactors have so far been struck, the shelling has partially damaged a nearby thermal power plant as well as equipment used to cool the nuclear reactors.

Moscow has accused Ukraine of using rockets, artillery and drones to attack the ZNPP and has described Kiev’s actions as “nuclear terrorism” and holding the whole of Europe hostage.

Rogov stated that Western countries have “completely lost their instinct of self-preservation” in an economic, geopolitical and ecological sense, as a disaster at the ZNPP would spell trouble for European countries first and foremost.

"Nevertheless, we do not hear a single adequate statement, not a single voice of reason, either from Germany or from France," he noted.

Kiev, meanwhile, has denied responsibility for shelling the plant and insists that it is Russia that has been targeting it in a plot to discredit Ukraine. The US State Department has taken Zelensky’s side and has called for a withdrawal of Russian forces from the area and the creation of a demilitarized zone around the plant.

While that solution has been supported by the UN and the EU, Rogov insists that the West should instead be working to establish a ceasefire there. Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, has pointed out that if Russian forces were to leave the power plant it would be vulnerable to action by Kiev.

Negotiation Insanity:

The head of the UN met yesterday with the President of Turkey and Zelensky to try to find a negotiated solution.

Zelensky again said that negotiations with Russia would only commence as soon as Russian troops entirely left the territory of Ukraine. He also said a similar thing about the nuclear power plant which has been occupiee since March:

Zelensky stated that Ukraine is ready to ensure proper control, and the IAEA mission can be sent to the seized Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant legally and very quickly.

"Ukrainian diplomats, our nuclear specialists, and the IAEA are in constant contact. Now they are working on sending the IAEA mission to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

The Russian army must withdraw from the territory of the Nuclear Power Plant and all neighboring areas and take its military equipment from the plant. It should happen without any conditions and as soon as possible," the President said in an evening video address.

Zelensky also called President Erdogan a "cockroach with mustache" a while back in one of his comic shows. That probably didn't help.

See Zelensky saying this here:

In addition, anybody who accepts or shares food aid from Russia is now legally a "collaborator" and can be sent to prison for 15 years.

People are desperate for food and other aid, and the Russians have been providing it - thus hungry people who merely want to survive are now at risk of going to prison for 15 years.

Remember Arestovich, the man who on yesterday's post video said he would be president of Ukraine if Zelensky doesn't run?

Adviser to the head of the office of Vladimir Zelensky, Alexey Arestovich, described the Ukrainian people in one of his interviews:

” Those in power in Ukraine despise the people. I assure you. Despise. They do not think of them as human. And have every reason to do so. Except for one thing, that they (Ukrainians) are people after all. The Ukrainian people, activists, the public, all these businessmen and all these patriots and so on. They are stupid, impotent, brainless, emotional, controlled, poor in spirit, but still people. All. Normal people who understand what is happening can be counted on the fingers of two hands. (Including me). The rest are a misfortune, uneducated, stupid, without experience of civilian life. Thank God that these people have no power. If the people come to power, I will run away from this country. Do you understand?”

Video of him saying it here:

Here he is now teaching how to trick people into going to war:

In this video, Arestovich tells how the Ukrainian authorities phrase things to send people to certain death. After all, if they had to call a spade a spade, then none of the Ukrainians would go to war.

The Ukrainians have now followed thorough on their threat to draft women:

And then there's this:

Good news, but not for Ukrainian warriors. Now the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to certify the wills of their subordinate soldiers, like notaries. I can already imagine how many Ukrainian soldiers will be written off as combat losses so that the commanders can squeeze out their property. What does it cost for a commander at the front to force his soldier to transfer property to his relative?

Some of these commanders have been engaging in wholesale robberies and burglaries in the field and even forcing their subordinates to assist:

“Many fighters have already expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Ukrainian commanders forced them to engage in looting. The Brazilian officer, before terminating the contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the volunteers “came to help these people fight for this country against the occupiers. Not to rob."

According to the legionnaire, Kuchinsky not only sent foreigners to their deaths, but also forced them to rob shops. The “Kiiiiiiiiiv Independent published a video confirming the words of the Brazilian.

This also applies to Ukraine...

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