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People who know how to fight!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

God Bless These Patriots!!:

Honorable Rep. Andy Biggs,

Honorable Rep. Lauren Boebert,

Honorable Rep. Eli Crane,

Honorable Rep. Matt Gaetz,

Honorable Rep. Bob Good,

Honorable Rep. Matt Rosendale.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) will spearhead the committee.

“We have a duty to get into these agencies and look at how they have been weaponized to go against the very people they’re supposed to represent, how they have infringed on First Amendment liberties of the American people. And we’re going to do that,” Jordan said on Fox News Sunday. “We’re going to do it in a way that’s consistent with the Constitution. But we’re going to do it vigorously. We’re going to do it aggressively. Because that’s our job.”

Advertisement - story continues below Congressman Jordan went off on Democrats over the government weaponization from the House floor on Tuesday.

Video here:

US Congressman James Comer called Ukraine an adversary of the United States because of its ties to Joe Biden. It is reported by Newsweek. The chairman of the House Oversight Committee drew attention to suspicious ties between the US president's family and the Ukrainian authorities. He also suggested that opponents from China and Russia influence the work of the American authorities.

Video here:

Not :real", but actually real...

Chuck Schumer seems to have forgotten that his own “side” has gone so far Left, that Biden appointed a serial luggage-stealing, cross-dressing, dominatrix-furry… to oversee our country’s Nuclear Waste management.

Not to mention the whole Fascism thing with controlling Big Tech and MSM via proxy, creating biological weapons, censoring scientists, and pushing faulty vaccines.

He warns the Right not to “go over the cliff”, while he is already at the bottom of the chasm.

Biden Classified Documents

Republicans to Vote on a Bill that Would Abolish the IRS, Eliminate Income Tax

The House Republicans have essentially declared war on the IRS. They are now not just stripping it of its funding but are also considering legislation that would abolish both it and its reason for existence.

House Republicans voted last night to strip the IRS of most of the extra funding it received when the Democrats and Biden Administration rammed through the Inflation Reduction Act. Stripping the IRS of $70 billion, the Republicans have limited the ability of the IRS to audit and harass ordinary Americans. But that’s not all they’ve done. Now they’re also going to vote on a bill that, if passed, would both abolish the IRS completely and eliminate the much-hated income tax. They’d be doing so by voting on Georgia Rep. Buddy Carter’s “Fair Tax Act,” which replaces the federal income tax with a national consumption tax and gets rid of the IRS, which would be made unnecessary by getting rid of the federal income tax. In fact, the Fair Tax Act, if passed, would not just get rid of the federal income tax but would also get rid of other taxes, replacing the whole federal tax scheme with one national consumption tax.

President Trump Posted this:

You have to admit: It would have been very entertaining and disruptive to the bad guys...

I" figured this out about the second round of voting. Republicans aren’t going to vote for a Democrat, so all those democrats were just throwing away their votes each round. Why not vote for your favorite RINO and you still get one of your own in there. They could have voted for McCarthy early on and put him in with very few shackles. But they are too dumb for that. They let the Patriots beat him down and forced all these stipulations on him so basically Trump is speaker by proxy. Huge win for us! But it shows just how dumb they are because they let it happen. And watching their fear now is delicious!"

Reliable witness:

Reminder: McCarthy diverted GOP funds away from the very popular Madison Cawthorne thereby causing him to lose by a small margin in the primary and thus kicking Cawthorne out of Congress after he said the above.

Almost a Thousand J6 Political Prisoners

On Jan. 6. 2021, hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on Washington on the day Congress was scheduled to certify the results of the 2020 election. After a rally featuring former President Donald Trump, many protesters swept toward Capitol Hill, where after meeting little resistance they entered the Capitol, causing Congress to suspend its session.

Since then, 964 people have been charged with crimes for their participation in the events of that day, according to Insider.

Of those, 465 people have entered guilty pleas, while others remain in jail awaiting trial.

Julie Kelly said that the protesters need support because the hunt for people to arrest in connection with the incursion continues.

They are closing in on a thousand total defendants, and the DOJ has warned that they are going to look for a thousand more. Here we are almost two years later; they are still rounding up Trump supporters, destroying their lives, throwing them in prison, and ruining their families. It’s really tragic,” she said in a recent appearance on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.

“Yes, those who committed violent crimes should obviously be prosecuted. But that’s not what’s happening here. This is a political targeting using the most powerful government agencies we have to crush people, and it’s really just terrifying,” she said.

Twitter fires some more:

Twitter has fired at least a dozen employees responsible for handling “misinformation policy, global appeals and state media” at its Dublin and Singapore offices, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing people familiar with the matter. It's the latest in a series of radical reforms conducted by the social media platform's new CEO, Elon Musk.

Twitter’s head of Trust and Safety, Ella Irwin, told the publication that in order to “consolidate teams,” the company eliminated duplicate positions and jobs with insufficient workload to justify their existence. Friday's cuts reportedly affected the head of site integrity for Twitter’s Asia-Pacific region, Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, and senior director of revenue policy, Analuisa Dominguez, while others asked not to be identified.

In a separate statement to Reuters, Irwin admitted some fresh cuts in her department, but said the company still has “thousands of people” responsible for content moderation and has “not made cuts to the teams that do that work daily.”

The billionaire appeared to acknowledge that not everyone supported his recent political diversions this week, polling his followers as to whether he should “stay out of politics” or “keep shooting his feet.” He later joked, that “if I dig my grave deep enough, maybe it comes out the other side of Earth.”

Democratic Congress members have urged US authorities to extradite former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to his home country, after his supporters stormed government buildings in the capital, Brasilia, on Sunday.

Bolsonaro has reportedly been living near Orlando, Florida, since December when he fled Brazil and refused to participate in the ceremonial handover of the presidential sash to his successor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro called on the White House and local authorities in Florida to consider sending the “dangerous” Bolsonaro back to Brazil.

Bolsonaro “should be extradited to Brazil,” Castro told CNN, describing him as an authoritarian who used the “[Donald] Trump playbook” to inspire “domestic terrorists to try to take over the government.”

Statements by President Lula:

- "They will realize that democracy guarantees freedom, the right of expression, but it also demands that people respect institutions." "It is necessary that these people be punished in an exemplary manner."

-Lula affirms that not "even in the time of the armed struggle, during the military dictatorship, was anything like this seen in Brazil" .

- "If there was an omission by someone in the federal government who facilitated this, he will also pay."

Lula Regime Sends in Buses to Take Thousands of Opposition Protesters to Prison, Moraes Blocks 200 Facebook Profiles, Hotels Ordered to Turn Over Guest Lists

A massive crowd of tens of thousands of Brazilians descended on the capital of Brasilia on Sunday to protest the stolen October presidential elections. The protesters stormed the National Congress and Supreme Court. Police used tear gas to confront the protersts. Police on horseback were attacked, Gunfire was reported.

The people fear the communist Lula, his Supreme Court Justice Moraes, and the communists supporting their takeover of South America’s largest country. China and their lapdog Joe Biden supported the international criminal Lula da Silva, a committed Marxist and convicted felon. On Monday came the crackdown. Hundreds of buses were lined up in Brazilia to take the protesters to prison without trial — At least 1,300 people were arrested including 40 children.

The regime is requiring bus companies to send the list of passengers of buses that were present in the 3 days prior to the protests in Brasilia.

Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro has denied any responsibility for the unrest that unfolded in the capital Brasilia on Sunday, after President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva accused his right-wing predecessor of filling the heads of his supporters with extremism.

“Peaceful demonstrations, in the form of the law, are part of democracy. However, depredations and invasions of public buildings as occurred today, as well as those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, escape the rule,”Bolsonaro tweeted on Sunday evening, after authorities regained control of the government buildings seized by rioters earlier in the day.

“I repudiate the accusations, without evidence, attributed to me by the current head of the executive of Brazil,” Bolsonaro added, without mentioning Lula by name. The former leader left Brazil several days before the traditional swearing-in ceremony on January 1 rather than legitimize the leftist’s win by attending.

“This genocidist... is encouraging this via social media from Miami,” Lula claimed in a televised address earlier on Sunday, blaming what he described as the day’s “unprecedented” violence on his predecessor. He vowed to make those responsible for the chaos “pay with the force of the law,” while pledging to get to the bottom of “who are the financiers” of the riot.

For nearly three years we have been subjected to lies, misinformation, corruption, and death and I am announcing it is time for accountability. Our federal bureaucracy is corrupt beyond words and the politicians are worse. Any legitimate scientist – that is not bought off – can see what has happened and any with ethics has been speaking out. Only the most corrupt or lazy members of the scientific community are still promoting the COVID narrative, and particularly, the vaccines.

“You are the first president of the United States in a very long time that has not build even one meter of wall. And we thank you for that, sir,” the Mexican president said to Joe Biden.

Brunson Case Status:

Critiques of the cases the SCOTUS refused:


Traver, Herbert v. Pennsylvania was always an uphill battle in the courts. Act 77 wasn't some illegal guidance from the Department of State, it was a real law crafted by the Republican legislature in 2019. The law itself is actually constitutional, just not the enforcement thereof. The constitution gives state legislatures broad power in setting the times, places, and manner of holding elections. The argument could be whether the constitution supports election DAY or election "MONTH" but that wasn't the argument in this case. It was whether the law itself was unconstitutional and it isn't.


Brunson v. Adams has been dismissed and we can finally get over it. The case creates some decent theories worth looking at but it was never worth the hype. Brunson wanted the court to adjudicate the removal of 100s of members of congress and bar them from running for any other office, as cool as that sounds, it's actually SUPER unconstitutional even if the election were rigged. To put it simply, it's a civil case seeking criminal relief. To remove someone from office on the grounds of treason they have to be charged WITH treason, in this case, Brunson sought for SCOTUS to essentially punish them for treason WITHOUT them being charged with it. Imagine democrats seeking the removal of 100s of Republicans from congress because they failed to investigate something. Yes, the 2020 election was stolen and we want remedy but Brunson didn't even allege election fraud, he alleged that the failure to investigate was treasonous and justified the penalties. This case would've created irreversible damage to our judicial, giving judges stupendous amounts of power the founders never intended.

69 days of Twitter Takeover @elonmusk: -released new features in shortest time period in Twitter's history

-removed child porn & censorship

-more output with less staff

-reduced bots, scams & hate speech

-exposed truth via twitter files

-all time high users

-restored free speech

First this...

Don't Forget 'This is how it’s done.' - Kari Lake

And then this a couple days later:

What's going on in Mexico?

The situation as of January 6, 2022.

According to official statements from Mexican authorities, a special operation is currently underway in the north amid the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán López, one of the sons of former Sinaloa cartel leader, El Chapo.

▪️ Ovidio Guzmán López, Ivan Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar and Alfredo Guzmán Salazar are leaders of the Los Chapitos group. The structure claims to be part of the Sinaloa cartel, but other factions do not recognize them as part of the cartel. The reputation of these comrades is most definite – all the largest outbreaks of violence in the state are attributed to Los Chapitos, which even local criminals recognize as unconvincing.

▪️ Many of Sinaloa were prepared for Guzmán's "unexpected" arrest – they had prepared hiding places in the mountains or fled the country beforehand. A month ago, they began moving military equipment into the state, and U.S. DEA planes patrolled the skies. Hours before Guzmán was caught, the commander-in-chief of the Secretariat of National Defense's 9th Military Zone in Sinaloa was replaced - and it was essentially in the dead of night.

▪️ Cartel members continue to resist, although they are retreating, burning civilian cars and seizing hospitals with doctors. American specialists are known to be involved in the special operation in Culiacán.

The country has been heavily hit by violence in Sinaloa, Sonora and Nayarit, with roadblocks, ongoing shootings, airports’ shutdowns and public disorders.

▪️ The public is more shocked by the fact that the cartels have taken part in an air battle on a par with Mexican troops. That said, the fact that the criminals had helicopters and planes at their disposal is not surprising: remember that in some states, some military units abandon their service, join cartels, and take lots of military arms and equipment. Some even go into the army to get the training they need to serve in cartels.

▪️ It is remarkable that the chaos in Mexico broke out while the North American Leaders' Summit is being prepared (where Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are expected to attend). In addition, just hours after the start of the special operation, former U.S. President Donald Trump released a video message calling for using U.S. Armed Forces to fight against drug cartels.

▪️ In fact, we can observe a partial mopping up of the local drug market and the strengthening of U.S. control over Mexico and other countries in the Western Hemisphere. Not only the redistribution of the drug market (relatively small, by the way) is profitable here, but also the release of territories for the activities of companies that have relocated from Europe. The situation will not become any safer after the operation is off – but people will have to deal with this problem on their own.

˜At least 29 people were killed in violence sparked by the arrest of the son of Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo, according to authorities.

Nineteen suspected gang members and 10 military personnel died after the capture of Ovidio Guzman in the state of Sinaloa, said Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval.

Ovidio Guzman, the 32-year-old son of jailed drug boss Joaquin Guzman, was arrested by authorities on Thursday, a week before Joe Biden is set to visit the country.

In retaliation, Cartel foot soldiers in the Sinaloa capital city of Culiacan attacked an airport and shot at military and civilian airplanes in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Mr Guzman from being extricated. Authorities say that the airport will remain closed on Friday.

Convoys of the cartel soldiers riding in pick-up trucks also attacked military personnel with machine guns and heavy weaponry, setting fire to trucks and blocking exit roads from the city.

Sinaloa is the home base of the drug cartel that El Chapo ran before his 2016 arrest that led to extradition to the US in 2017.

Following Ovidio Guzman’s arrest he was placed on a helicopter and flown to Mexico City where he is being held in a maximum security federal prison.

An extra 1,000 military personnel will arrive in Sinaloa on Friday to deal with the unrest, according to Mr Sandoval.

Ovidio Guzman became a key cartel figure following his father’s arrest and conviction and was briefly detained three years ago but embarrassingly released to end violence in Culiacan.

The arrest comes as Joe Biden prepares to attend a summit of North American leaders in Mexico City next week. The US had offered a $5m reward for information leading to his capture or arrest.

Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that no US forces were involved in the arrest.

Larry Johnson provides perspective on Washington Money:

Today, the Washington, DC metropolitan area, which includes Montgomery and Prince Georges counties in Maryland and Alexandria and Arlington in Virginia, is populated with luxurious automobile dealerships and the kind of high-end retail stores normally seen on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California or 5th Avenue in New York City. What changed? The business of selling influence in Washington, DC went nuclear. I am not suggesting that DC was a temple of morality and frugality prior to the 1980s. There always have been lobbyists lurking around the halls of Congress passing out money and buying favors. But it started growing like a cancer during the Clinton Administration and exploded when George W. Bush came to office. The wealthy discovered they could set up 501 c3 “charitable” corporations as a great tax dodge. “Think Tanks” began to pop up, again funded by corporate interests keen on having studies published that would advance their interests.

The revolving door twirled at light speed. What is the “revolving door?” It is a term describing how Congressional staffers get jobs in a new Presidential administration or at a prominent think tank like the Brookings Institute and then move on to jobs in the media or with lobbying firms. Then there are the “Beltway Bandits,” a term coined to describe the private and public companies that clamor for U.S. Government contracts and grants. A huge portion of these are defense contractors, but there are also firms catering to the pharmaceutical, tobacco, liquor, food and health industries.

When I joined the CIA in 1985, the Agency kept most of its business in-house. There were some contractors, but they constituted a handful. That changed in the 1990s. The CIA started to outsource analysis and other functions to companies like SAIC. Just ask Edward Snowden. He spent some time with the CIA but logged more hours as a contractor.

Reminder what bs the J6 committee is, with help from the old Twitter:

An illustration of perspective...

Another "coincidence":

A letter from Frederick Douglass to his former slave owner. So powerful. And look at his penmanship.

Write well, think well, speak well.

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