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Voter Suppression is impossible unless you are Black? Just like racism is impossible unless you are black? That's their argument.

BREAKING: Georgia Supreme Court Reverses 'Lack Of Standing' In 2020 Election Case

It has been confirmed that today's Supreme Court order also applies to the case of Garland Favorito et al. v. Alex Wan et al. as both cases were originally dismissed under the same premise.

December 20, 2022 - Today, the Georgia Supreme Court granted a petition for certiorari, vacated the previous judgement and remanded the case of CAROLINE JEFFORDS et al. v. FULTON COUNTY et al. The Court ordered that the lower Court of Appeals reconsider the case which was previously dismissed for lack of “standing.”

This ruling potentially paves the way for a review of actual evidence brought forward in Jefford’s original complaint. Lack of “standing” was cited in a number of cases brought forward as evidence of possible malfeasance mounted following the November 2020 election.

Public concern has continued through the last two years as few Courts were willing to hear evidence. Following the release of Dinesh DeSousa’s documentary “2000 Mules”, public awareness in Georgia and across the Country has broadened with renewed calls for election transparency and investigations.

Robert Kennedy Jr.:

The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution submitted by Russia "Combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other practices that contribute to the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance."

120 countries voted in favor, 50 voted against, and 10 abstained.

Notice what they put at the top of the tree. The star of Bethlehem? No. The "Trident" aka pitchfork of Ukraine.

Kiev Christmas Tree.

Can you imagine if we put the American flag at the top of the White House Christmas tree?

Nancy Pelosi invites Zelensky - Literally calling him "Your Excellency".

Actual Video of Zelensky from earlier: Hilarious and Genuine too.

“Putin starts the war, the plane is flying, I am running with a gun”:

Must see...

The Ukraine CIA agency's former motto was "Statehood, professionalism, decency".

Since 2016, the agency uses the motto "The Wise will rule the Stars" (Latin: Sapiens Dominabitur Astris).

New Law passed in Ukraine:

"Why is only Ukraine paying such a high price? We are grateful to our allies, but only we pay"-Zelensky

▫️The return of territories to the borders on February 24, 2022 will not be the end of the war

▫️"We had the Budapest Memorandum, I was told: "Don't be afraid, everything is fine, there are no nuclear weapons. And this is the right way, and the whole world is going there." But the whole world did not come, as we see."

▫️He stressed that Ukraine exchanged its nuclear weapons for security guarantees, which did not work.

▫️"The sooner the war ends and if Russia chooses the path of recognizing the tragic mistake of its beginning, the longer the Russian president will ensure his life and the life of his entourage,"

-Zelensky stated in the interview for The Economist.

Zelensky's #Artyomovsk (#Bakhmut) Visit apparently Faked⚡️

🎃 I had already been very surprised about his courage!

📜 Local #Artyomovsk groups ridicule Zelensky's "walk." #Artyomovsk residents claim that there are no such buildings in the city and that the scenery against which the Ukrainian president parades looks a lot like #Kharkov's streets. /@Zornkrieger/#vid/

🇺🇦☦️The Security Service of Ukraine opened 50 criminal cases against the priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in five cases the courts issued sentences, Acting Chairman of the SBU Vasily Malyuk said in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel "1 + 1".

“We must clean out all this hostile environment of “moles” in cassocks,” he said, speaking about the situation around the UOC. “<...> By the way, we now have more than 50 criminal cases as of today, 19 charges, five sentences in a court".

Has American Democracy Been a Hallucination for Nearly 60 Years?

Commentary Call it a democracy, call it a democratic republic, call it a constitutional republic, call it anything ...

The Cleveland Clinic put out a rather large study of its 51,011 employees trying to find out the Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine.

What they found out was………………


People who received three or more vaccines were 3x more likely to be reinfected than people who had none.

It now appears that the CDC is screwing with their database to try to eliminate the safety signals for the mRNA shots:

4070% Increase In Miscarriages & Stillbirths Since mRNA Roll-Out 📸 Instagram Source 🆔 Telegram Source The following graphs derived from official VAERS data up to December 9, 2022 demonstrate a 4070% increase in miscarriages and stillbirths since the mRNA roll-out. As observed on the "Reports of Miscarriage/Stillbirths by Year" graph we can see a detrimental jump in miscarriages and stillbirths commencing in 2021 (with 3379 miscarriages/stillbirths) followed by 2022 (with 1445 miscarriages/stillbirths). In comparison to the most recent year prior to the mRNA roll-out, being 2020 (with only 64 miscarriages/stillbirths) thus demonstrating an undeniable correlation between the introduction of mRNA injections and a preposterous increase in miscarriages/stillbirths. The peak of these miscarriages can be observed on the "Reports of Miscarriage Post Covid Vaccine" graph wherein July 2021 single-handedly had 464 miscarriages which is a 725% increase to the total amount of miscarriages in the entirety of 2020. Lastly, analyzation of the "All Deaths Reported to VAERS by Year" graph identified 21,959 deaths in 2021, followed by 11,829 deaths in 2022, in comparison to only 420 deaths in 2020, meaning there was a 5229% in deaths reported to VAERS from 2020 to 2021. 🔍💊 "The Adverse Effects of Experimental Messenger RNA (mRNA) "Vaccines" a.k.a. Injections For COVID-19" 💊

President Bolsonaro and beautiful First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro led prayers with their supporters outside the presidential palace in Brasilía Tuesday.

Speaking to protestors, one General seemed to promise a military intervention over Christmas. Brazil observer Matt Tyrmand said the Brazilian Military “are going to war … hopefully in the next 48 hours.”

President Bolsonaro appeared outside the Alvorada Palace in Brasilía on Tuesday with his wife Michelle for the Lowering of the Flag.

In a moving scene, beautiful First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro fell to her knees to pray the Lord’s Prayer with the protestors, wearing a T-shirt that read “Jesus”. Together with their supporters, they held a minute of silence and prayed for our Lord to help save Brazil from the communists and cartels.

The corrupt Supreme Court wants to have the First Lady arrested for serving lunch to supporters (Gateway reported).

Deputy and General Girão Monteiro spoke to the protestors outside Army HQ in Natal, saying that “This week the Christmas Holidays start. I hope you have all been good… Be sure to hang a stocking on the mantlepiece for Santa Claus, and believe in him… Saint Nick can even wear camouflage sometimes”, Bolsonaro ally Monteiro said.

“Stand firm, you are patriots. You are protesting peacefully just as the Constitution says,” Gen. Monteiro said. “I pray to the Lord to give each and every one of you strength, because your strength made me believe I must carry on with my mission even more than before.”

Want to help good guys while you can?

Walk Alongside J6 Families. Experience the same as J6 families in their immersion in the exorbitant, unwarranted, and punitive cost of the prison system. Feel the infuriating frustration of disjointed technologies and usurious charges that every family experience.

Every month, volunteers of The Prisoner's Record send approximately $12K directly to hostages to fund their prison commissaries, phone accounts, and write letters to keep the human connection. Please join us this month as we complete another round of sending tangible love. This will be the 13th month of sending since we responded to Hostages freezing and starving in the DC-GULAG.

Thank you, Patriots, for your love, honed through discerning prayers and made effective upon the sending.

Please, only send directly to fund each Hostage. Do not go through any intermediate party or organization.

For instructions and available sponsorship, please view the following Goggle Doc prepared by Ansley. If you are concerned about using another big tech spreadsheet, please view the text entries below to sign up for a sponsorship of packages or commissaries to send or fund.

🔗Sign Up Spreadsheet

🔗Work Room To Coordinate Campaigns and Sends


Wow. Proof fo the Covid fraud from Nova Scotia:

I’ve done over 60 Freedom of Information requests to the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, the Premier’s Office, and the Department of Education on COVID-19. Below you will find a snapshot of what I learned by putting the pieces of the puzzle together, links to real journalists who covered several of my Freedom of Information responses, a couple of short, simple videos that puts some of the data together, and the links for the FOIPOPs so that you can look at the data for yourself in order to make your own conclusions.

The snapshot

We know that the population of Nova Scotia is 1,007,049. There were 238,474 PCR tests done in 2020 and 1,347,912 PCR tests done in 2021 totaling 1,586,386 tests in two years and 1,564,643 or 98.7% of the test results were NEGATIVE. Yes, there were more negative test results than the population of Nova Scotia. FOIPOP 2022-00445-HEA Table I.

In 2020, there were 1,493 positives and in 2021 there were 18,953 positives totaling 20,446 positives in two years and 65 people died in 2020 and 49 died in 2021 which is 114 people. Basic math tells us that 0.55% of the positive cases died in two years or 20,332 or 99.5% lived. FOIPOP 2022-00445-HEA Table I and Table 3.

So we might want to know a few health details about the people who died.

The average age of death in Nova Scotia is 80 and those that are dying of COVID? The average age is 83 years old. Yes, those dying of COVID are living longer than the average age of Nova Scotians. (NS COVID-19 Dashboard) Freedom of Information request 2021-01142-HEA tells us that the top three co-morbidities (other illnesses or conditions that people had when they supposedly died of COVID) were cardiac disorders (60%), neurological conditions (54%) and diabetes (21%). Eighty-seven percent of deaths were 65 years of age or older. In a FOIPOP done by someone else but captured in a FOIPOP that I requested we learn that even though people were at the end of life in Northwood Long Term Care, they were instructed to mark them down as COVID-19 deaths.

As well, we learn from Table 2 FOIPOP 2021-01575 that from March 22, 2020 to August 19, 2021 that of the 5,884 total COVID-19 cases, that 4,411 of the people had symptoms and 1,473 did not thus 25% were asymptomatic. In Table 3 Number of COVID-19 Deaths from March 22, 2020 to August 19, 2021 it is noted that no one who was asymptomatic died from COVID.

To help put this into perspective we learn from FOIPOP 2022-00455-SNSIS that in 2020, a total of 9,964 died from all causes in Nova Scotia and 65 of them were COVID or 0.65%; less than 1%. In 2021, a total of 10,072 died from all causes and 49 were COVID or 0.48%. Again, less than 1%. In two years, 20,036 people died in Nova Scotia from all causes and 114 were COVID or 0.56%. Less than 1% of the deaths in two years – during a ‘pandemic’ were COVID.

That means that 19,922 people who died in Nova Scotia in 2020 and 2021 or 99.44% died from other causes. NOT COVID-19.

In a FOIPOP “Dump” from Nova Scotia Health we learn in FOIPOP NSHA-2020-69 that thirty-three people died in 2020 when life-saving surgeries were cancelled throughout Nova Scotia.

What were the COVID-19 ICU Hospitalizations to July 31, 2021 (19 months)? Did any hospitals in Nova Scotia with ICU beds have no COVID-19 ICU hospitalizations?

Yes – between January 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021 – in a year and a half during this pandemic - there were ZERO (0) COVID-19 ICU hospitalizations at five hospitals;

Aberdeen Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 ICU hospitalizations out of a total of 857 ICUs.

Cumberland Regional had ZERO (0) COVID out of 443 ICUs.

South Shore Regional had ZERO (0) COVID out of 512 ICUs.

St. Martha’s Regional had ZERO (0) COVID out of 692 ICUs.

Yarmouth Regional had ZERO (0) COVID out of 575 ICUs.

The following Nova Scotia ICU Hospitals saw 2% or less of COVID-19

Cape Breton Health Care Complex had 10 COVID-19 ICUs out of 1,494 or COVID was 0.67% of the total.

Colchester had 9 out of 1,103 ICUs or 0.82%.

Dartmouth General had 5 out of 754 ICUs or 0.66%.

QEII, the VG and Halifax Infirmary together had 74 ICUs out of 4,608 ICUs or 1.6%.

Valley Regional had 12 out of 589 ICUs or 2.03%.

The above information is from a combination of two FOIPOPs: FOIPOP NSHA-2021-109 & NSHA Copy of FOIPOP 82 Data-Updated.

Did any hospitals in Nova Scotia have no COVID-19 general admissions (not ICU)?

Yes – the following hospitals had ZERO (0) COVID-19 hospitalizations up to October 2021. (This was the date I submitted the FOIPOP):

Annapolis Community Health Centre had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Buchanan Memorial Community Health had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Digby General had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Eastern Memorial Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Queens General Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Roseway Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Sacred Heart Community Centre had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

St. Mary’s Memorial had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Strait Richmond Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Victoria County Memorial Hospital had ZERO (0) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

The following hospitals had LESS THAN FIVE (>5) COVID-19 general hospitalizations:

Inverness Consolidated Memorial had LESS THAN FIVE (>5) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

Musquodoboit Valley Memorial had LESS THAN FIVE (>5) general hospitalizations.

Northside General Hospital had LESS THAN FIVE (>5) COVID-19 general hospitalizations.

To help once again put the numbers in perspective, in May 2021 at the QEII, VG, and the Halifax Infirmary had a total of 200 COVID-19 hospitalizations which totalled 10% of their hospitalizations for that month. Ninety percent were for other illnesses or conditions. The question is - were they in hospital FOR COVID? or where they in for other reasons and tested positive with a PCR test that is unreliable at detecting illness.

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