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It wasn't ISIS...Wake up call!

You may want to share this. It. is packed with relevant information that will help you understand what is really going on. Some highly credible material below is surely blocked elsewhere.

The ISIS announcement was faked:

The ISIS announcement was too general and partly inaccurate.

It was used on old visual format that is no longer used by ISIS.

It didn't name the terrorists by name. They always do that.

The attackers were not traditional for this type of terrorist attacks (committed by radical religious groups), “suicidal terrorists,” that is, “suicide bombers.” They still had the opportunity to kill people further until they were eliminated themselves, but they preferred to escape.

This is really uncommon for Jihadi terrorists. They left the "Crocus" building, blending in with the crowd of concert hall visitors rushing out.

They didn't fight to the death at any point.

They didn't leave any video to boast about it, like Jihadis do.

The attackers were not traditional for this type of terrorist attacks (committed by radical religious groups), “suicidal terrorists,” that is, “suicide bombers.” They still had the opportunity to kill people further until they were eliminated themselves, but they preferred to escape.

This is really uncommon for Jihadi terrorists


They performed like trained professionals.

They had an exit plan.

They said they were paid to do it.

"The timing of the terrorist attack also raises a special question. In the holy month of Ramadan, on the holy day of Friday, during the obligatory Maghrib prayer, to commit mass murder of unarmed civilians - for a devout Muslim, all this sounds even more blasphemous." 

They fled to Ukraine where a coordinated "window" in the Ukrainian defenses opened for them.

The weapons they used were cached for them close to Ukraine.


American State Department appeared to know about it back on March 7th, which was about when the full set of terrorists arrived in Moscow. They deliberately warned about CONCERTS.

▪️ The number of deaths, according to various sources, increased to 133 (information from the Russian Investigative Committee) or 143 (data from Margarita Simonyan).

▪️ There are 107 wounded in hospital beds, including 3 children. 16 people, including 1 child, are in extremely serious condition. The condition of many patients gradually improves.

▪️ Putin addressed the Russians: 11 defendants were detained, including 4 perpetrators, everyone will receive fair punishment - including those who stand behind the terrorists.

▪️ Ukrainian trace: the shooters were driving towards Ukraine for a reason - a “window” had been prepared for them there and there were “corresponding contacts.” Many Russian politicians spoke harshly on this topic, directly linking the terrorist attack to Kiev.

🇺🇸 According to Kirby, it's just a coincidence that they warned the American citizens in Moscow to avoid the concerts in March.

Reminder: Ukraine denied assassinating Daria Dugina and Tatarsky, and then later admitted it. It was the same story with the bombing of the Crimean Bridge. They do it, deny, and then later boast about it. Ukraine has been bombing the ZNPP nuclear power plant many times and always denied it, blaming it on Russia. Denials from Zelensky and blaming Russia for damaging itself is standard operating procedure.

💥Putin has intelligence proving Ukraine prepared a "window" in the border for the x4 Crocus City Hall terrorists to use as an escape route across the the border in the Bryansk region.

"The investigative and law enforcement agencies will spare no effort to establish all the details of this crime. However, it is already clear that we are confronted not simply with a carefully and cynically planned terrorist attack, but a premediated and organised mass murder of peaceful, defenceless people. [...] All the perpetrators, organizers and masterminds of this crime will face fair and inevitable punishment, whoever they may be and whoever directed them. I emphasise once more: we will identify and bring to justice each and every individual who stands behind these terrorists, those who orchestrated this atrocity, this assault against Russia and our people."

❗️Russian Parliament suddenly moves to bring back the death penalty.

⚡️“A decision will be made that will meet the expectations of society."

⚡️The head of the United Russia Party Vasiliev declared on the return of the death penalty in Russia.

Not independently verified but seems likely to be true:

J"UST IN: Putin signed a law specifying the mechanism for exempting participants of the special military operation from criminal liability."

Think about the consequences if that is true. The Russians have been refraining from war crimes. Now the rules of engagement have changed including the borders limitation. Perhaps the following highly verified posts were the reason why the exemption was given:

Remember this? I do:

There is at least one known person alive today who has confessed to committing terror acts on Russian territory and organizing assassinations of several Russian civilians and has vowed to "kill Russians all over the world". Budanov.

Victoria Neuland promised surprises a short time ago, then resigned:

🇺🇦🇹🇯 Since this scum was from Tajikistan, it's worth reminding that two years ago, Ukrainians recruited mercenaries from that country.

Smoking gun evidence the West knew all about it:

💬 "We already know the names of the perpetrators. We have seen their faces and know what they are saying during interrogations. (We are not publishing to avoid disrupting the investigation.)

And immediately it becomes clear why yesterday American media were shouting in unison that it was ISIS.

Because it's not ISIS. The perpetrators are simply chosen to convince the gullible global public that it is ISIS.

It's a simple sleight of hand. The level of a street corner shell game.

So here's the thing. It's not ISIS at all. It's Ukrainians. And the fact that even before the arrests, before the perpetrators' faces and names were known, Western intelligence agencies began to persuade the population that it was ISIS—that's what ignited the fire under this thief's hat.

It's not ISIS.

It's a well-coordinated team from several other, also widely known, abbreviations."

From RT's editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan


🇷🇺💬 RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan addressed the people who detained the car with the terrorists in the Bryansk region on her Telegram:

The fighters who shot at the car with the ghouls - if you need anything: help with closing a mortgage, loans or anything else, write to me here in the comments. We'll do everything!

Low bow to you!

The media reported that the Islamic State allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack on Crocus City Hall

This is most likely a fake - the announcement used a template that Islamic State has not used for several years. The terrorist group's official channels did not mention the attack.

🇷🇺 From Ramzan Kadyrov:

💬 "The fighters of the "AKHMAT-RUSSIA" Regiment of the Ministry of Defense of the country, deployed in the Bryansk region and providing protection of the state border between Russia and Ukraine, together with the Special Purpose Center of the FSB, detained four terrorists in the Bryansk region attempting to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border, who directly participated in the shooting of people at Crocus City Hall.

Chechen fighters arrived at the search area for the terrorists at around three o'clock in the morning and immediately began searching the area together with the FSB's Special Purpose Center and fighters from the Leningrad Military District of the Russian Armed Forces.

With the task of capturing the killers alive, they successfully accomplished it despite the risks. None of the law enforcement officers were harmed during the special operation.

The Commander of the Western Military District troops, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Nikiforov, thanked the "AKHMAT" fighters and stated that they would be nominated for state awards."

Some satisfaction ...

Here it actually is:

The terrorist's head is pinned to the ground, His ear is cut off, and then it is force fed to him. All on video. Pretty much everything about this terrorist act is on video and uploaded to Telegram.

Well, they did have orders to take them all alive and they did so...

"The Investigative Committee cannot identify the member of the special forces who cut off the ear of the captured terrorist because they were all wearing balaclavas, and each one claims it was them."

Time to remember the important things...

Like Jake "Al-Qaeda is on our side" Sullivan.

This has been known for a long while...

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not commenting on the reasons why the Swedish embassy in Moscow issued a warning about possible terrorist attacks on March 8, a ministry representative told RIA Novosti.

💬 "It is true that the Swedish embassy issued a warning on March 8. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not comment on the reasons underlying the threat assessment. This case is not an exception."

People are not buying the BS:

Paying attention now?

A Hero:

🇷🇺🚨‼️ HERO: This man knocked out one shooter and saved many lives!

Note: This terrorist was not counted among the ones captured. In the video the man says a bigger guy came and helped beat the terrorist, so I suspect he was beaten to death. Just to be sure he couldn't do it any more... There were early reports of there being 5 and now only 4 are mentioned.

🇷🇺 An eighth-grader, who worked part-time in the wardrobe of Crocus City Hall, led more than 100 people out of the building during the terrorist attack. 15-year-old Islam guided the people during the attack and subsequent fire. Noticing that the crowd ran into a dead end towards the toilet, the teenager took everything into his own hands and began to lead the evacuation. He was able to lead people out of the narrow passage into the Expo territory, and then through the office building to the street to safety.

🇷🇺The line in Moscow at the FMBA blood center:

 There is enough blood for the wounded, said Deputy Prime Minister Golikova, but Muscovites still stand in hours-long lines at donor points. “I can’t sit at home, what if my blood saves someone,” one of the volunteers told RIA Novosti.

May be connected:

This is the emblem of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service.

How often do you see the emblem of violence directed against one other country?

Obsessed much?

Sapiens dominabitur astris. “The wise man will be master of the stars”.

Globalist elite enough for you?  And with the recurrent owl...

Is this the Deep State motto?

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