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Is it a Trap?

Plenty of Guardsmen with the power to arrest:

200 #NYPD officers heading to the U.S. Capitol to assist with security for the Presidential Inauguration.

The rehearsal on Capitol Hill on Monday for Joe Biden's inauguration was cancelled and those in attendance were told to evacuate as the result of an "external security threat," according to news reports and social media posts.

The "threat" was a homeless encampment under a bridge that caught on fire.

People who were on the grounds for the inauguration rehearsal have left.

Andrew Torba CEO at Gab:

Gab has had regular contact with US federal law enforcement for years to ensure our platform is not used for unlawful purposes. Public safety is our top priority.

The ADL should be calling for an investigation into Facebook, where the protests were actually organized. Gab is great for a lot of things, but it’s not a utility for organizing events. Facebook, on the other hand, has a dedicated Events feature and there were many Event pages organizing the Jan 6th protests on their platform and several massive Facebook Groups as well.

Facebook has billions of users, up until last week our site only had about 1.5m users (although this is rapidly growing now by millions.) Facebook is also home to Facebook Messenger, which according to data is by far the largest distributor of child pornography on the internet. Funny how the ADL doesn’t seem to care about that.

Secondly, back in early December Gab put an immediate stop to a series of newly created accounts that were making threats of violence aimed at public officials. We worked diligently with law enforcement and spent several weeks warning our community about this behavior and taking swift action to remove it from our platform in the weeks prior to the January 6th protest. Our moderation and legal teams work tirelessly to ensure public safety. Threats of violence and illegal activity have no place on Gab.

For more information I encourage you to read our response letter to Senator Warner.

The ADL has NO POWER over Gab which is why they hate us. It’s that simple. There is absolutely nothing they can say or do to get us to censor opinions they don’t like. The ADL has no other way to deplatform Gab after successfully pressuring hosting providers, payment processors and more over the years to stop us from building the home of free speech online.

So now the ADL is lobbying the US government to remove us from the internet. We will never bend to their demands and we will never censor legal, 1A-protected speech that hurts the ADL’s feelings. Ever. Jesus is King.

Andrew Torba CEO, January 13th, 2021

Rudy Giuliani:

In fact two of my podcasts have been taken down. I believe the reason is, is in those podcasts I assert that states actually voted for Trump rather than for Biden and I’m accused of, of somehow fomenting violence by saying that. In each one of those states I have enormous amount of proof that what I’m saying is true. I have affidavits. I have in some cases videotapes. I have scientific analysis. I have examinations of crooked Dominion machines.

People are entitled to look at it and decide whether I’m telling the truth or not. But all of that has been cut off. All of that has been kept from you because you’re really not Americans anymore. What you are, are creatures of Big Tech. They have a right to decide what you know and don’t know. They have a right to decide whether you should find out about the criminality of a man running for President of the United States. They have a right to keep from you the evidence that possibly and I believe actually, votes were stolen in such large numbers in the 2020 election that not only did we elect a man with a 30 year criminal background but we elected him illegally.

They specifically plan to erase any mention of the fact that voter fraud occurred.

Project Veritas has released an alarming new video exposing senior Twitter Executive Vijaya Gadde detailing plans to replicate censorship measures around the world.

“We are focused on one account [@realDonaldTrump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey said in a video recorded January 8.

The latest release features Gadde, Twitter Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead, saying that “we’re going to actually be more aggressive in our enforcement beyond de-amplification.”

“we decided to escalate our enforcement of the civic integrity policy and use a label that disabled engagements to stop the spread of potentially inflammatory content, which is the content around election interference, election fraud, stealing the election, that type of thing.”

“We think that the severity of what’s happening on the ground, coupled with the information that’s contained in these [election fraud] tweets — misleading information about the election being stolen and massive fraud around the election are what is changing our analysis of how we should enforce this [civic integrity] policy. It [election fraud tweets] is a much more severe violation given what we were seeing on the ground.”

Harris resigned by a letter so she doesn't have to show up - even though she ought to be in the Capitol for the rehearsal...

"Harris formally submitted a letter of resignation for her senate seat to California Governor Gavin Newsom."

Speaker Pelosi sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense Chris Miller on Monday.

Pelosi is demanding a halt to attempts to install Trump-loyalist Michael Ellis as NSA General Counsel.

This is odd considering a President Biden could fire Ellis after the inauguration.

Looks like a relevant Q post #1046:


Full House.

They are all here.


Enjoy the show.


For your amusement:

Mike Lindel CEO of My Pillow went to visit President Trump a few days ago. The media went wild and the poster punsters did too:

Sleeper agent

He's staying pillow the radar!

Is he working under covers.........

Knows how to keep his head down....🛏

So you’re saying he’s undercover?

He sure is going to red-pillow a lot of people

We're never bedding against Trump!

A double agent maybe? King size agent maybe!?

He comes in afterwards, when we have to deal with the TDS, he will deploy his troops.

Lots of people crying in their pillows if true.

LOL Mike Lindell is not Q. He's ZZZ

We can't joke about this Sheet. I know Trump's working on the Cases, taking out the Kings and Queens along the way.

It's going Down.

It's time to grow up and put these silly jokes to bed.

Preparing the country for a soft landing.

It’ll be a good nights ar-rest when pillow-si is taken down

He's a dictator. Keeps running around claiming ownership of everything.... MY president MY government MY pillow

sheets getting real

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