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Freedom Fighting Back

Good Summary from Mike Lindell:

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismisses lawsuit on behalf of Kari Lake.

Kari Lake's battle is far from over.

Lake’s attorneys will be appealing IMMEDIATELY!

The judge admitted thousands of angry and frustrated Arizona voters had detailed technical problems on election day. However, he ultimately didn't have the courage to follow the evidence and uphold the Constitution.

The Judge issued a terrible ruling on Christmas Eve, taking the people’s ability to protest and make their disappointment and frustration known.

The attorneys are already back to work to defend the votes of Arizonians.

One of the bombshells from this case was Maricopa County Co-Elections Director Scott Jarrett admitting that there were adjustments made to on-demand ballot printing machines. Cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh testified that issues were caused by a 19-inch ballot image printed on 20-inch paper, which confirmed could have only been done purposefully and that it DID change the voters intended vote outcome!

With an election decided by 17,000 votes, there were somewhere between 15,603 and 29,357 Republican voters disenfranchised. In addition, over 300,000 mail-in ballots had no chain of custody, violating Arizona state law.

All polling leading up to the elections - conducted by Republican and Democrat firms, had Kari Lake up by 4%, which is outside the margin of error. However, when Kari Lake loses, we're told to accept the result and ignore endless evidence of voter fraud!

Our elections and our nation are under attack by the Deep State. The more we learn about Big Tech Giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, along with the Federal law enforcement's election interference, it's becoming clear why the FBI confiscated my cell phone!

I will continue to stand with Kari Lake, and the Lindell Legal Offense Fund will support this appeal now. Will you stand with us?

Take a stand for the American republic and fight against stolen elections. The Lindell Legal Offense Fund urgently needs your support to save our country!

Perpetual Motion Money Machine:

Here are the lobbyists hired by Dominion. Looks like they are spending about $50,000 a quarter on lobbyists.

Here is the law firm that employees the lobbyists. It is worth reading the bios of the lobbyists themselves. Interesting backgrounds.

Our tax dollars buy the machines which create the profits for the machine companies which are used to pay lobbyists who influence our government to buy more machines. Simplified I am sure but that sounds like a perpetual motion machine to me, sadly.

AG Bill Barr killed the vote fraud investigation. Details on his vile actions:

In March 2022, Tony Shaffer discussed his actions after the 2020 Election in Pennsylvania. He worked with a team of individuals who were introduced to a truck driver who picked up a load of ballots in New York and drove them to Pennsylvania before the election. There were numerous anomalies with the load of ballots and the driver brought this to the attention of Shaffer and others after the election.

Tony and his team reviewed the information from the truck driver and came to the conclusion that his story was valid. Tony described how he next reached out and spoke to then AG Bill Barr, who refused to address the election crimes Tony described and then demanded that Shaffer turn over the truck driver. Shaffer said the man was a whistleblower and refused to turn him over.

Tony Shaffer then described how Bill Barr screamed at him to drop the massive election fraud investigation in 2020. Shaffer was investigating the accusations from a truck driver who was moving thousands of ballots for the US Postal Service before the 2020 election.

Shaffer worked on the Beth Page story after the election and he vetted the driver, Jesse Morgan. After fully vetting Morgan, Tony decided to move forward with the investigation. He contacted his friends in law enforcement to get them on board with further investigating the matter.

Next, Tony contacted his mentor and former Attorney General under President Reagan, Ed Meese (his friend and mentor) who knew AG Bill Barr. Meese contacted AG Barr and filled him in on what was going on and what was identified by Tony. Within 10 minutes Tony gets a call from AG Barr. Tony says Not 10 minutes go by Joe, and all the sudden I get a call from a 202 number. “Hey Tony this is Bill Barr, what’s going on?”

And I go through and explain what we just talked about. And he says, “You need to stop. You are interfering with my investigation.” (What?)

“Where is Mr. Morgan now?” And I told him we had him in a safe house… “You will stop now, you will turn him over to us immediately. You are now interfering in an FBI investigation.” I said and I explained to him that with all due respect the FBI is not the organization to be investigating this based on all the problems. “No they’re the ones that are working this, you have no authority to continue doing anything that you are doing!”

And basically for the next 20 minutes he yelled at me on the phone.

Tony explained that he wanted to give Mr. Morgan whistleblower status but Barr wouldn’t hear it.

Bill Barr promptly buried the story. Nothing was ever investigated and the whistleblower was threatened by deep state FBI.

THE TWITTER FILES: HOW TWITTER RIGGED THE COVID DEBATE – By censoring info that was true but inconvenient to U.S. govt. policy – By discrediting doctors and other experts who disagreed – By suppressing ordinary users, including some sharing the CDC’s *own data*

2. So far the Twitter Files have focused on evidence of Twitter’s secret blacklists; how the company functioned as a kind of subsidiary of the FBI; and how execs rewrote the platform’s rules to accommodate their own political desires.

3. What we have yet to cover is Covid. This reporting, for The Free Press, @TheFP, is one piece of that important story.

4. The United States government pressured Twitter and other social media platforms to elevate certain content and suppress other content about Covid-19. ...

7. It wasn’t just Twitter. The meetings with the Trump White House were also attended by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

8. When the Biden admin took over, one of their first meeting requests with Twitter executives was on Covid. The focus was on “anti-vaxxer accounts.” Especially Alex Berenson:

9. In the summer of 2021, president Biden said social media companies were “killing people” for allowing vaccine misinformation. Berenson was suspended hours after Biden’s comments, and kicked off the platform the following month.

10. Berenson sued (and then settled with) Twitter. In the legal process Twitter was compelled to release certain internal communications, which showed direct White House pressure on the company to take action on Berenson. ...

37. Twitter made a decision, via the political leanings of senior staff, and govt pressure, that the public health authorities’ approach to the pandemic – prioritizing mitigation over other concerns – was “The Science” . . .

38. Information that challenged that view, such as showing harms of vaccines, or that could be perceived as downplaying the risks of Covid, especially to children, was subject to moderation, and even suppression. No matter whether such views were correct or adopted abroad.

39. What might this pandemic and its aftermath have looked like if there had been a more open debate on Twitter and other social media platforms—not to mention the mainstream press—about the origins of Covid, about lockdowns, about the true risks of Covid in kids, and much more? ​​…

Bioweapon = Gain of Function

Israel was the guinea pig...

Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that Israel was Pfizer’s lab to test its experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy.

The Israeli population was Pfizer’s petri dish for this medical experiment on humanity.

“I said we’ll use that, to tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people,” said Netanyahu.

“I persuaded him (Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla) to give tiny Israel the necessary vaccines to get us out first from COVID,” Netanyahu explained.

“The reason I could do that is because we have a database. 98% medical database. 98% of our population has digitized medical records. A little card. And anywhere you go and any hospital in Israel, north [or] south, it doesn’t make any difference. Boom. You punch it in and you know everything about this patient for the past 20 years,” he said.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published a list of key figures in the Ukrainian military biological program

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has made public the shadow participants of US military biological research. Among them is the chief Researcher and President of Pfizer's International Research Department, as well as ex-director of DTRA Kenneth Myers. They are associated with the Democratic Party of the USA, said Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops.

According to him, they are associated with the US Democratic Party and act as "ideological inspirers of military biological research and creators of secret money laundering schemes in the interests of a narrow circle of representatives of the American elite."

Elon Musk slams CISA censorship network as 'propaganda platform'

This DHS-backed censorship network used 120 analysts to censor millions of social media posts on elections and covid-19.

This censorship network partnered with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC), and the DHS-backed Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) during the 2020 election cycle and operated as technocratic thought police forwarding tickets of "mis- and disinformation" to social media companies.

The EIP built communication portals with Big Tech platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, TikTok, Reddit, and Discord; and liberal groups NAACP, Common Cause, the Democratic National Committee, and Harvard's Defending Digital Democracy Project, cofounded by former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, throughout the 2020 and 2022 election cycles, to censor domestic “mis- and disinformation.”

They had about 120 analysts monitoring social media for 20 hours a day, forwarding tickets of misinformation to be censored, and this censorship pivoted to covid vaccines when they started the Virality Project in Feb. 2021.

Much much more here: Masterful analysis.

Sidewalk art in Europe...

Hunter Biden Laptop:

459 documented violations of state & federal laws & regulations:

Business-Related: 140

Sex-Related: 191

Drug-Related: 128

None prosecuted.

STUDY: Young adults in Chicago and Philadelphia now at higher risk of death from gun violence than US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in battle

A new study found that military-aged men in the most violent parts of Philadelphia and Chicago are more likely to be shot dead than those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(However, this does not prepare them for actual military service and war 🤡)


The Brazilian Supreme Court has issued arrest warrants for opposition figures for “undemocratic acts”, including journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio and comedian Bismark Fugazza. They are in hiding or on the run.

Corrupt pro-Lula Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes continues to crack down on the pro-Bolsonaro opposition ahead of the scheduled communist takeover Jan. 1. Indigenous Chief Serere Xavante, Pastor Fabiano Oliveira and federal deputies Carlos Von and Capitão Assumção (Gateway reported) have been arrested on charges of “undemocratic acts.”

Eustáquio and Fugazza filed charges against de Moraes together with Fugazza’s fellow comedian Paulo Victor Souza in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Souza has not been charged yet.

Eustáquio and Fugazza are now in hiding or on the run. They were seen at the protests outside the Presidential Alvorada Palace in Brasilía recently, where the Federal Police have been looking for them. They posted a video end of of last week from a single-engine private plane in flight, saying they are on “the mission of their lives”.

Deputy Colonel Tadeu of the Bolsonaro-allied Liberal Party has accused the Judiciary of “abuse of power”, as Jornal da Cidade reports: “The situation is getting unbearable. The time will come when the Armed Forces have to act, If Brazil starts to become a dictatorship, I believe the Army will act without anyone asking”, Tadeu told JCO TV. “We will not need to ask them to intervene.”

Military movements continue in Brazil:

Speaking to Steve Bannon, Matt Tyrmand said that “The coup is on Lula’s side. Justice Barroso said, ‘We don’t win elections, we take them. These are Communists.”

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