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Under the Escalation Bus

🇾🇪🇺🇲 Against the backdrop of ongoing attacks by the Houthis on ships and vessels associated with the United States, Britain and Israel, there have been rumors for several months now that the United States is behind the scenes trying to negotiate with the Houthis in order to somehow stop them. The reasons for the behind-the-scenes requests for a truce are quite clear. Operation Guardian of Prosperity to protect shipping off the coast of Yemen has completely failed - the Houthis have continued to carry out attacks, and traffic through the Suez Canal has decreased significantly. Airstrikes in Yemen predictably led to nothing. The large costs of the air strike campaign were lost in the sand.

The Houthis said the US continues to send humiliating requests for a ceasefire and an end to Houthi support for Gaza, promising to once again delist the Houthis as a terrorist organization and ease the blockade of Yemen. The Houthis say they have made it clear to the Americans that attacks on ships off the coast of Yemen and shelling of Israel will continue as long as aggression against the Palestinian people is carried out and nothing can stop the Houthis from helping their brothers.

Starting this week, the Houthis reserve the right to strike ships associated with Israel in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean.

In general, they humiliate the hegemon as best they can.

🇮🇱 Axios reports that the White House last week suspended ammunition supplies to Israel for the first time since October 7, 2023.

🇮🇶 And in Iraq they confirmed that it is prohibited in the country to mention the word “Israel” in the media.

Absolutely WILD article from Politico this morning, admitting the Pro-Palestine protests are funded by Deep State mega-donors:





The same people behind BLM are funding these protests, as we all suspected.

But why are the MSM admitting it? 🤔

🇺🇸 Map of student pro-Palestinian protests in the United States. Educational institutions where police had to arrest students are marked in orange.

Over the past two weeks, about 2,300 people have been detained on at least 49 US university campuses.

Meanwhile, the press is already advising Joe Biden’s team to sound the alarm with all their might and do something about it - the ratings of the already not very popular president will now decline among the ranks of progressive youth, on whom the Democrats have always previously relied.

🇾🇪🇺🇸 Andar Allah have invited American students, suspended for supporting Palestine, to study in Yemen.

The University of Sana'a is ready to welcome the activists. The university council also condemned the restriction of freedom of speech for teachers and students in American and European educational institutions.

🇮🇱🇶🇦❗️After the decision to ban Al-Jazeera broadcasting in Israel, a search was carried out at the channel’s office in Jerusalem and equipment was seized - Ministry of Communications

🇮🇶🇮🇱 Iraq has confirmed that it is prohibited in the country to mention the word “Israel” in the media.

The head of the Iraqi Media and Communications Commission confirmed the ban and said that the terms “Zionist regime” or “occupation Zionist regime” were being used instead.

🇺🇲🇮🇱❗️ Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin confirmed a pause in arms supplies to Israel.


That is why broad drop in support.  Rats are leaving the sinking ship.

Militarily the counterstrike with EMP failed showing Israel is no longer strong.  It is vulnerable.

Politically it is lost because the alt media are covering the atrocities.  The leftist civil war is in progress and Israel is toxic.  Anti Israel is winning the the media war.

Financially the assets of Israel are depleted. Houthis have strangled business in Red Sea and now Mediterranean. Militarily the whole thing is potentially lost so assets there are devalued.

Blackmail is no longer as effective.  Greenmail is no longer as effective.  The illusion of eternal strength is destroyed.

AIPAC is now exposed as behind JFK's assassination.  That had to put a dent in the support behind closed doors of the Intel community.

Johnson SOTH backed the wrong side possibly being biblically motivated.  Trump is publicly backing away from Israel and Netanyahu.  The European fleet in the Red Sea is publicly backing away.  Ammunition supply to Israel is now publicly withdrawn.

Israel will proceed with the Rafah operation and Iran etc al will eradicate them.  Now Iran knows it can do so without losing a nuclear encounter.  Nuclear deterrent is gone and none will miss Israel after what they have done in Gaza except religious pro Israel fanatics.

Even the military industry will not miss Israel since it have the new escalation in Ukraine to justify massive funding.

🇵🇸🇮🇱⚡Hamas in an official announcement: The head of the Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, had a phone call with the Prime Minister of Qatar, and with the head of Egyptian intelligence, and informed them that we accept the ceasefire agreement.

Now the parties will wait for the Israeli answer.

🇮🇱❌🇵🇸❗️ — 🇮🇱 Israeli Minister of National Security Ben Gvir: We must begin the total occupation Rafah immediately in response to “Hamas’ games”

🇵🇸🕊🇮🇱 — 📰 Hamas source told Al Arabiya: We agreed to a paper that includes a permanent ceasefire and a complete lifting of the siege 

🇹🇷🇮🇱🇵🇸 Türkiye: Erdogan: I call on all Western parties to put pressure on the Israeli administration for a ceasefire in Gaza

🇵🇸🇮🇱 The Gaza truce proposal consists of three stages and calls for a complete withdrawal of Israeli troops, as well as an exchange of hostages, Hamas says

🇺🇲🇮🇱🇵🇸❗️The US cannot support the Rafah operation as planned by Israel, a truce between Hamas and Israel is “absolutely achievable” - US State Department

🇮🇱⚡️Hundreds of Israelis take to the streets, marching towards PM Netanyahu's headquarters in Jerusalem, demanding him to accept the ceasefire deal agreed upon by Hamas.

🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡Gaza channels: A surprise ground attack now in East Rafah

Tank movement under heavy artillery cover.

🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡️The Israeli military cabinet decided to continue the operation in Rafah in order to put pressure on Hamas on the issue of releasing the hostages - office

🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡Initial Reports of Israeli Tanks and Mechanized Infantry having crossed the Border Fence from Southern Israel into the Gaza Strip to the East of Rafah.

🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡ Al-Mayadeen correspondent: Very violent and continuous bombardment on the eastern region of Rafah

🇮🇱🇵🇸 Sources on the Ground in Rafah are reporting that Israeli Aircraft and Artillery are “Fire Belting” several Areas with presumed Hamas Tunnels and Bunkers to the East of the City, with Tank Fire also now having been heard

From Dr. Shiva:

America exists and advances precisely because of DISSENT, PROTEST & FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

Every right Americans have starting with the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, Workers Rights, etc. comes from such freedom of expression.

ZIONISM - a racist ideology servicing Imperialism- hates such free expression for it knows it will lead to its rightful & natural destruction.

Any “American” who supports censoring such free expression against ZIONISM, AND believes it is okay for GOVERNMENT to unleash law enforcement to attack such freedom of expression is ZIONIST, FASCIST, RACIST.


When it comes to ZIONISM, there is no gray area.  ZIONISM is ANTI-SEMITIC - racism in the service of Imperialism.

Choose a side - clearly - no waffling. History is watching. 

The future of America demands we #EndTheOccupation of America by ZIONISM.

Every other Candidate for President is ZIONIST.  They hate the concept of America - the concept of Freedom.

Join us! Not ONE inch to their exploitation and abuse.     

If we want an America where America serves US, not THEM, then YOU need to vote for a President who is one of US.

I am that President. I am one of US as my journey.

🇺🇸 ✈️✈️🇦🇪🇶🇦 The United States began transferring fighter jets and drones from the UAE to Qatar after the Emirates said it would no longer allow strikes on targets in Yemen and Iraq using equipment stationed at the Al Dhafra base near Abu Dhabi, The Wall Street Journal has learned.

Officials explained to the newspaper that the UAE does not want to be targeted by Iranian-backed forces for facilitating US military operations: “these restrictions are based on reasons of self-defense.”

🇪🇺⚔️🇾🇪 The EU mission in the Red Sea lacks ships, reported Der Spiegel.

The commander of the naval operation in the Red Sea, noted that he has only three ships at his disposal. He also pointed out that 10 ships are needed for the mission to function properly.

🔴 @DDGeopolitics

Israel tells U.S. it will punish Palestinian Authority if ICC issues warrants

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 Republican senators in a letter to the chief prosecutor at the International Court of Justice in The Hague: "If you hurt Israel, we will hurt you"

The ICC Response:

House Passes Antisemitism Hate Speech Bill Curbing Free Speech

Rep. Lawler leads a sizable bipartisan effort for the State to embrace IHRA's broad working definition of antisemitism that could curb speech.

Free speech is coming to an end as Congress passes H.R. 6090, or the “Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023,” a resolution for the federal government to put in stone an absolute definition of “antisemitism.”

Comment: You put a people who have been evicted from. over 100 countries and a people who no other country will accept as refugees, and what do you expect to happen?

There's something seriously wrong with both their peoples.

AI F-16

🇺🇸✈️ Recently, the Associated Press, citing Pentagon representatives, reported that the U.S. Air Force has successfully tested artificial intelligence (AI) to control a combat aircraft for the first time: according to the publication, an F-16 conducted a training air combat mission independently.

This happened at Edwards Air Force Base in California, where test pilots are training neural networks on special simulators. At the same time, a pilot was still present in the fighter's cockpit, but he only monitored the process and collected data to improve the system.

As the journalists write, the Pentagon is serious about this and currently intends to equip up to 1,000 of its F-16s with artificial intelligence. The Americans plan to put the first such aircraft into service by 2028.

📌 This event vividly demonstrates the growing scale of AI use in the military sphere: if initially it was about its use in drones, information analysis and decision support, now the talk is gradually shifting to fighter aviation.

The advantages of such solutions are obvious, and it's not just about reducing the risk of losing precious flight personnel. After all, the introduction of AI can potentially "put into the air" a mass of old aircraft in storage and use them in combat formations, "crushing the enemy with sheer numbers".

Of course, this is not a matter of two or three years - the technologies are just beginning to be tested. But literally before our eyes, some plots of science fiction films are gradually becoming a reality.

Zelensky called God an ally of Ukraine

He stated that “the old neighbor, who constantly wanted to be our brother,” is now “far away forever” from Ukraine because of their actions.

“The world sees this. God knows that. And we believe: God has a chevron with the Ukrainian flag on his shoulder. So with such an ally, life will definitely defeat death,” Zelensky said.


🇵🇱🇺🇸 Poland has formally submitted a request to the United States regarding the deployment and stationing of US nuclear weapons in Poland.

Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0, anybody?

🇷🇺⚡ Russian Ministry of Defense: Putin orders the start of preparations to conduct exercises on the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons

🇷🇺⚡Russian Ministry of Defense: The exercises are a response to provocative statements and threats against Russia by Western officials

🇷🇺🇬🇧⚡Russia has officially threatened Britain with strikes on its territory in the event of Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory by British missiles. **

“The response to Kiev’s attacks on the Russian Federation using British weapons could be attacks on military targets in Britain and outside Ukraine,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Foreign Office called on Britain to “think about the catastrophic consequences of London’s hostile steps and immediately refute Cameron’s statements.”

Let us remind you that Foreign Minister Cameron said that Ukraine can strike at the territory of the Russian Federation with weapons transferred from Britain.

Today the British Ambassador visited the Russian Foreign Ministry.

🇷🇺🇬🇧🇫🇷 The ambassadors of Britain and France arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The British diplomat spent half an hour in the facility and left without speaking to the press.

Following him, the French ambassador arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The reasons for the visit are not reported. Moscow probably handed the British a note in response to Cameron’s statement about the possibility of using British weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation. And the French - to Macron’s statement about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine.

After these statements, we recall that the Russian Federation began exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons

Also today, the German government announced that it was recalling its ambassador to Moscow, Alexander Lambsdorff, to Berlin for consultations. Officially, due to a cyber attack on the email accounts of members of the German SPD party, which Germany blamed on Russian intelligence services.

🇷🇺🇫🇷 Judging by the fact that immediately after the French ambassador left our Foreign Ministry, Macron’s Foreign Ministry officially announced that there were no French soldiers in Ukraine, I think that, like his British colleague, he was also puzzled by what he heard.

He also (like the Briton) did not give any comments. We are waiting for an official comment from our diplomats.

🇮🇹🇷🇺 Italy does not send weapons to Ukraine to destroy Russian territory - Italian Foreign Minister

The Italian ambassador was not summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, but it’s better to be on the safe side..

🇫🇷🇷🇺 France is not at war with Russia and does not seek to change its power.

Macron stated this at a briefing with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Paris.

“We are not at war with Russia or the Russian people, and we have no desire for regime change in Moscow,” Macron said.

Let us remember that Macron earlier announced the possibility of introducing NATO troops into Ukraine.

In response to this, Russia began nuclear exercises, and the French Ambassador was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Russian Foreign Ministry also made a statement that Russia could use nuclear weapons.


: 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 The first French are already in Ukraine 😂

🇫🇷🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️Paris did not send soldiers of the Foreign Legion to Ukraine - French Foreign Ministry

France has sent its first troops officially to Ukraine – the soldiers drawn from France’s 3rd Infantry Regiment, which is one of the main elements of France’s Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère), deployed in support of the Ukrainian 54th Independent Mechanized Brigade in Slavyansk – according to a report from the Russian news service Sputnik, itself sourced to the Russian Telegraph channel Military Chronicle.

🇫🇷🇺🇦🇷🇺 Paris sent the first unit of up to 100 soldiers of the Foreign Legion to Ukraine, writes Asia Times with reference to former assistant to the US Deputy Secretary of Defense Stephen Bryan.

The publication says that in total France plans to send 1.5 thousand militants to help the troops of the Kiev regime.

AT claims that soldiers of the Foreign Legion are stationed in Slavyansk.

Among those who arrived were artillery and reconnaissance specialists. The officers are French citizens. The rest of the team are mercenaries from around the world.

Macron named two conditions for sending the French military to Ukraine: a Russian breakthrough at the front and a request from Kiev.

“If the Russians had broken through the front line, if there had been a request from Ukraine (which is not the case today), we would legally have to ask ourselves this question,” the French president said in an interview with The Economist.

He recalled that Paris has already sent military personnel to other countries, in particular recently to Africa to fight terrorism.

Macron says other Western countries should not reject this option “a priori”, since in the summer of 2022 they ruled out sending tanks, long-range missiles and aircraft, but now all this is being supplied to Ukraine.

🇷🇺🇺🇦❗️Russia will perceive the appearance of F-16 aircraft in Ukraine as carriers of nuclear weapons, regardless of their modification - Russian Foreign Ministry

Whenever and wherever American-made ground-based INF missiles appear, the Russian Federation reserves the right to react in a mirror way, the Foreign Ministry added.

Poland is not preparing and will not send its troops to Ukraine - Minister of National Defense of the Republic Kosiniak-Kamysz.


🇷🇺🇺🇦❗️The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has put on the wanted list the former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Klimkin, the ex-speaker of the Rada Groysman and the former head of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Putting Zelensky on the wanted list is a black mark, State Duma deputy from Crimea Sheremet told RIA Novosti


This is a clear signal to Zelensky’s Western supervisors that Russia no longer perceives him as a politician and a representative of the Ukrainian government. Zelensky is no longer seen by Russia as someone who can sign any peace treaties. From now on, this is a criminal who committed genocide of Ukrainians and encroached on the peaceful life of the Russian population

 Chinese hackers hack UK Ministry of Defense - Sky News

▪️The cyber attack targeted the payroll system of a military members and some veterans.

🇬🇧 Elections to local councils in England end with a crushing defeat for the ruling Conservative Party in Britain.

Preliminary results showed that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's party had lost almost 500 of its 989 seats in 107 elected bodies. The Conservatives lost not only to Labour, but also to the Liberal Democrats.

British Foreign Minister Cameron began negotiations in Kiev on a 100-year partnership with Ukraine.

The agreement will build "strong ties" across the entire spectrum of relations - from trade, security and defense to science and culture, the diplomatic mission says.

The Foreign Agent Law

🇬🇪❌🇺🇸Georgian Prime Minister Kobakhidze refused a visit to the United States due to the conditions set for him.

“Today a statement was published by the US Ambassador that high-ranking representatives of the Georgian government were invited to the US, which the Georgian side refused. In this regard, I would like to clarify that the Prime Minister of Georgia was invited to the US with the condition that before the visit the Georgian parliament should temporarily cease consideration of the draft law "On Transparency of Foreign Influence"

🐻 Nice one, Georgia

🇬🇪🇺🇦❗️ Georgian intelligence services reported that riots are being prepared at rallies against the bill on foreign agents with the participation of volunteers from Ukraine

Protest organizers receive money from abroad in the form of cryptocurrency. The intelligence services also noted that the protesters were using “color revolution” methods.

Georgia foreign agent law

Note the fuss about AIPAC having to register too and JFK assassination...

🇺🇲🇬🇪 The United States criticized the adoption of the law “on foreign agents” in Georgia.

The State Department said that it was “inspired by the Kremlin,” and that the Georgian authorities want to use it to “silence critical voices and destroy Georgia’s active civil society.”

“This law and the anti-Western rhetoric of the Georgian Dream have put Georgia on a dangerous trajectory. The statements and actions of the Georgian government are incompatible with the democratic values that underpin membership in the EU and NATO, and thereby jeopardize Georgia’s path to Euro-Atlantic integration,” it says in the message.

The State Department says the bill could undermine relations between Georgia and the United States.

Also remember the role of outing AIPAC's predecessor as a listed foreign agent organization may have been. a factor in the assassination of President JFK. He wanted them finally listed as a foreign agent, as well as inspections of nuclear facilities, shortly before his death. They were never listed to this day.

From the Founder and head of Telegram:

✨✨ Being mindful about what kind of information we consume is just as important for our wellbeing as what food we eat. Words may shape our reality in more ways than we think.

That’s why I never watch horror movies and instead prefer films showing uplifting success stories (“Wonka” was my favorite last year). Popular songs, replayed many times, can work like magical spells that plant suggestions in our brains, so I carefully select my playlist to make sure their lyrics don’t include undesirable scenarios. I like to start my day with mid-20th century songs that express joy, such as “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” or “What a Wonderful World” 💫🦄

Telegram, unlike other apps, doesn’t throw random content at its users — people receive only the news from channels they have joined, and they can unsubscribe any time. This architecture helps us remain an independent platform that doesn’t promote any narrative and instead gives people the full power to choose what they like to see in their feed ✊💪

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