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Or the Dem in Demon...

You should listen to this right away while you can. Twitter took it down once already, and he put it back up. It is brilliant and a must hear:

Swapping in a Substitute? Appears to be Impossible...

There's a lot of talk about the Democrats bringing in a last minute replacement candidate to run in 2024 for Joe Biden since it's been publicly proven that he is unfit for office, much less able to run again for another 4 years.

There's a problem though that people aren't thinking about. Every single state has their own election laws that REQUIRE a candidate to have filed, paid the fees, and aquired the necessary signatures (sometimes as many as several thousand from EVERY voting district in that state) before they can run as a presidential candidate in that state. There's only 11 states and DC left whose filing dates haven't already passed. Half of those remaining 11 state's final filing dates are today, February 9th, 2024. -Alaska -Connecticut -Idaho -Indiana -Maryland -Nebraska -New Jersey -New Mexico -Oregon -South Dakota -Wyoming - District of Columbia

People say "oh they'll just change the laws in the 39 states whose final filing dates have already passed". Well, there are laws preventing that as well.

Most states say any changes made to the election laws must be completed before the state begins accepting applications from potential candidates. In fact, many states say new election laws passed will not take effect until the following election cycle. So, change them in 2024, they won't take effect until 2028.

There's protection here provided to someone in Trump's position. If a state tries to alter it's election laws to allow a last minute registration or a last minute change to their laws, Trump can use the state's own statutes against them and sue to stop them with a court injunction. State election laws are pretty well set in stone if not changed on time. Unless those "replacement candidates" filed discretely long ago, the deadline to file has already passed in 39 states.

Way to go GA Dems!!! 

GA Democrats have introduced House Bill 1256 against the Dominion machines and in support of PAPER BALLOTS!!!  

Hand Counting Does Not Require:


EAC Certification

Expensive Machines

Expensive Software Agreements

Software updates performed by outside vendors

Equipment Storage Security 

Concealed audit trail

Lawsuits for the audit trail

Paid ES&S Employees in County Elections

Test Decks

Pre-election Testing

Barcoded Ballots that only a machine can read

Computers programmed by outside vendors

Flash Drives programmed by outside vendors

Extensive training that was never provided to SD officials

Proprietary software coding not available to the public

Forensic examination of corrupted machines



Another paper ballot hand count election!


EL SALVADOR switches to paper ballot hand count election MID election!

Just 2 years ago, we were told this couldn’t be done! In a wild turn of events, the Electoral Court of El Salvador said the election workers needed to stop using the machines mid-election because the machines were faltering and other issue and switch to precinct level hand count voting!  The results, of course, favored the People. El Salvador just won their election for their popular nationalist President Bukele!  


Listen, we can do this and win! We already have the infrastructure in place! Go to and download the Paper Ballot hand count method.  This is so simple to implement AND it is the gold standard for real elections!

You all know we can’t have one more election cycle with machines 

that are stealing our elections and putting people in office who 

don’t care about our country!



The Lindell Offense Fund has already begun The Plan to protect the 2024 Elections– No more electronic voting machines! Taiwan, Argentina, and now El Salvador returning to paper ballots, headcount elections! 

We urgently need your support!

PLEASE stand with us today. Share our message and our plan to everyone you have in your email; we must reach millions with the hope that will save our country! 


Please donate $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 today to the Lindell Legal Fund. Every dollar you donate will fund this critical battle against election machines and ballot corruption!

UN Says Melting Arctic Ice Is Key Indicator of Climate Change—But It's Not Melting

QUOTE: Climate policy based on an assumed relationship between CO2 and Arctic ice levels is problematic, say scientists."All climate models are projecting an ice-free summer within the next 20 years or so," Ron Kwok, a senior research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in July 2013. "It's not very far away."However, a new report by Allan Astrup Jensen, research director and CEO at the Nordic Institute of Product Sustainability and Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology in Denmark, shows that from September 2007 through September 2023, Arctic sea ice declines were near zero."The facts are that the Arctic Sea ice extent measured by satellites since 1978 expresses annual variations, and it has declined considerably from 1997 to 2007. However, before that time period, from 1978 to 1996, the downward trend was minimal, and in the last 17 years, from 2007 to 2023, the downward trend has also been about zero," the report states.

"Therefore, there is no indication that we should expect the Arctic Sea summer ice to disappear completely, as predicted, in one or two decades.”

Not checked for accuracy... but you can if you have a map and time...

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