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$Whakd - Dead Man's Switch

McAfee’s Deadman Switch Has Apparently Been Flipped… The following bread was dropped on 4chan where anon claims offshore servers are currently being set up where data from the deadman switch will be duplicated and will be spread throughout the network, eventually being made public. The files are 31 terabytes in size. The link referenced in the image below seems to be legit. The contract name is called “Epstein”. You can see it on etherscan, a Block Explorer for Ethereum:

The only way to stop it is to shut off the internet worldwide?


Back in 2019, McAfee posted a tweet explaining that if he ever killed himself, he didn't. He also got a tattoo of "Whakd" on his arm as a memento (this is important).

One of many warnings during 2020:

--Fast forward to today--

Within minutes of McAfee being dead, the following was posted on his Instagram.

Upon 4chan doing what they do, some metadata was found in the image leading to an Ethereum address. The wallet is named "Epstein" and had no transactions since its creation. However, today it began sending to random addresses using the Ethereum tracker "Whakd" (the same as McAfee's tattoo).

There's talk of words/names being embedded into the transactions mentioned to the above wallet. 4chan seems to think that he's using the Ethereum network to give the names in blockchain form so they can't be deleted.

The name "Gavin McLelland" keeps coming up. Someone by the same name posted an odd music video with John McAfee on his social media.

4Chan doing what they do:

More 4chan doing what they do:

How many politicians, corporations, CEO's, have or have had McAfee scanning their computers continuously for decades now.

McAfee’s penultimate post before his death was a meme about Jeffrey Epstein, who also died by controversial “suicide” in a prison cell.

The post caption read:

How did this get started? It’s popping up all over the place. I never said Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. I said he didn’t commit suicide. Not the same. Could be alive. Could have never existed. Maybe murdered. I dunno. I only know he didn’t commit suicide.”

Note the dates. Close to 3 years apart. June 17th. Barcelona.

A genuine confirmed predictive Q drop:

"Imagine you want to release thousands of incriminating documents to the public gathered by military intelligence how do you release it to the public? Find an old madman with a rebellious reputation who would be happy to retire to an island for the rest of his life.

Stage the data release as a "deadmans switch of an old assassinated madman" pay him off he disappears"

"Wouldn't be the first time he's faked his death... or even the second time lol."

There is also the Q that showed up on his instagram shortly after his "death".

Then there's the "Black Triangle". Scrawled on the Q post image above are the words Black Triangle. There is also a photo of McAfee wearing a ring with a black triangle on it. (Sorry, I misplaced the image. If I find the image again I will post it.)

Aircraft: Might be related. Might not.

The most recent thing McAfee's wife posted:

Not the first time he has used a double:

John McAfee Launched WHACKD — An ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Crypto

American entrepreneur and vocal crypto advocate John McAfee has launched a polemical meme cryptocurrency dubbed “WHACKD.”

The token’s full rubric — “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” — was revealed in McAfee’s Nov. 11 Twitter announcement on Nov. 11.

A dead billionaire, the former first lady… and pizza

The image used to advertise WHACKD — a portrait of Hillary Clinton with eyes fixed cravenly on a pair of dangling feet, as she clutches a slice of pizza — point to McAfee’s conspiratorial take on the death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein this August.

McAfee — who has repeatedly voiced his skepticism as to the suicide of Epstein — told reporters:

“The man was six-foot-one, he hung himself from a bed that was only five-foot-seven in a manner that managed to break his neck in multiple places similar to someone being physically strangled. His cellmate was taken from his cell six hours before his death, the video cameras were off and the guards in that cell block were sent home early due to cleaning.”

McAfee’s WHACKD asset is a “deflationary” ECR20 (Ethereum-based) token and will reportedly be issued via airdrop on Friday, Nov. 15, with an immediate listing on McAfee’s decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The ad hints at a distinct protocol design, indicating that “10% of all transactions will be burned (WHACKD!) + 1 out of 1000 transactions will be burned (WHACKD!).”

Whether or not the token is real will presumably become clear by the week’s end.

As reported yesterday, McAfee upheld his staunch libertarian line in an interview this week, arguing that authorities should not require crypto firms and trading platforms to help them control digital currency use in illicit activities.

Forwarded from RealStewPeters

EXCLUSIVE! @Johnheretohelp joined me for an EXPLOSIVE 1-on-1.

Dr. McGreevey first took the time to validate Lin Wood transcripts calling out Pence and Chief Justice Roberts as pedophiles and child sex traffickers.

He’s known on Twitter as @johnheretohelp, he’s been forced to use the name Ryan White, but his real name is Dr. Jonathan McGreevey. He’s been targeted, jailed, and tortured to ends you could never imagine and wants to be introduced simply as Dr. Jonathan McGreevey; scientist, soldier, human.

As Dr. McGreevey and I began talking about a possible interview on this program, I learned that McGreevey started crunching numbers for the government very early on in his career, which is when he was first granted his clearance. That was a long time ago. Computers, he said, weren’t widely available or very powerful, so they still needed people to do the work. McGreevey’s career advanced quickly. Encryption work led to satellite work and then work on spy satellites, mostly with the national reconnaissance office, and from there things would get wild. McGreevey has served in our military and in the intelligence community, and he was responding to a calling. He was there for the right reasons.

That doesn’t sit well with the global cabal, and McGreevey was given ultimatums, offered money, threatened with death and physically tortured to ends that I will let him tell you about, if he should feel comfortable doing so.

Hundreds of brand new ventilators taken to the dump in their original packaging:

News 10 - 2.5 minutes.

The president of the largest union of health care workers in the United States says the organization will fight against companies requiring mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for employees.

George Gresham, president of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East—which describes itself as the largest health care union in the country—said hospital systems don’t have the right to mandate vaccines for employees. The union, which is based in New York, also represents hundreds of thousands of nurses and caregivers in New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

“NYSNA strongly opposes the mandatory vaccination of health care providers for COVID-19 as a condition of employment or as a state or federal mandate,” the union states on its website.

Huge vaccine risk for people under 25:

The CDC just posted its myocarditis/pericarditis update. They are now admitting that post-second dose risk in people under 25 could be over 200x the background rate (and that’s not accounting for underreporting). But the real news is even worse...

Here’s stratification by year of patient. As you can see, the post-second dose cases double from age 25 to 21, then double again in the 16-18 range. The younger you are, the higher the risk. HOW CAN WE JUSTIFY GIVING THIS TO ANYONE HEALTHY UNDER 25 - MUCH LESS 18?

Bribing kids to get the shot...

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday said the Biden Administration is partnering with the private sector to bribe children with Xboxes to get vaccinated.

Fauci is also creeping on kids on TikTok and Instagram to convince them to get the Covid vaccine.

“We’re working with the private sector as well as you all know. Microsoft is giving away Xboxes at boys and girls clubs…Walgreens is giving out $25 to anyone who gets vaccinated there before July 4th.

The Biden Admin is clearly targeting the poorer communities because middle class to upper middle class and wealthy households aren’t going to be swayed with a $25 gift card.

So much Fakery:

People want reality:

Majority of U.S. likely voters support audits of election results ...

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and shows up as a sign of Q in numerous posts etc. associated with the Q movement.

President Trump chose Ohio, the 17th state, for his first rally.

President Trump posted this today:

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Don MacMurray
Jul 24, 2021

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