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Culture of Genocide and Money

Click to view: Ukraine's greatest mistake...

Absolute Admission of Widespread and Officially Sanctioned Dehumanizing the Russians

Similar to the Nazis of Germany and the Jews etc.

Amazingly prescient statement by Gaddafi:

As early as 2005, Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi predicted NATO's aggression against Russia:

💬 "NATO is expanding towards Russia to reach the gas, oil, coal, and iron belonging to Russia, in order to occupy Russia. This is quite clear.

Russian high-ranking officials discussed this topic with me and stated that they are aware of this objective. They know that NATO's real goal is to occupy the oil, coal, gas, iron, and gold mines present in Russia and the Caucasus region, which are not within NATO's reach, hence they want to occupy them.

You must remain vigilant, whether I am alive or someone else comes after me. In any case, this speech is now recorded and accessible. If NATO comes to occupy Libya, we can all become martyrs if we lack national defense.

Do not be like America. America is currently killing itself. They are happy to be killing themselves, spending on fleets, military bases, aid, bribes, monopolies, and dark money everywhere, and then the time will come when America will collapse, just like the Soviet Union did."

⚠️🦠Biowarfare Alert🦠⚠️

Russian MIL accuse the US of releasing bioweapons to create “crisis situations”, and claims the US are planning to do it again.

Russia just accused the ruling families of the DNC and Big Pharma of creating covid in Ukraine, and using it to take over the world.

“Thus, as in 2019, the US has begun preparing for a new pandemic by searching for virus mutations. We do not rule out that the United States will use of so-called defensive technologies for offensive purposes, as well as for global governance by creating crisis situations of a biological nature.”

I’ve been trying to tell everyone from the jump that Ukraine is backlash for the production and release of SARS-CoV-2!

WW3 already started, and Covid was the first weapon fired.


The Kiev regime sent the last major unit from the reserve, the 82nd Air Assault Brigade, to the special operation zone, according to Forbes columnist David Ax.

According to the publicist, the brigade has 2,000 men and is equipped with Stryke and Marder combat vehicles, as well as Challenger 2 tanks (photo)

All this is located in the Zaporozhye direction.

Note: This is actually huge news. It is the beginning of the end of the war in Ukraine.

TREASON: House Oversight Committee Releases Bank Records on Hunter Biden Payments from Russia and Kazakh Officials – $20 MILLION IN PAYMENTS

The Heritage Foundation found that the United States’ current provision of $113 billion in aid to Ukraine costs $900 per American household.

Taking into account that this sum increased the national debt, American households will be burdened with another $300 in interest costs over a decade.

The Biden Regime is behind the overthrow of Pakistan’s democratically elected Prime Minister Imran Khan, explosive diplomatic cables reveal. Revolver News’ Darren Beattie charges that Color Revolution insurrectionist Victoria Nuland, who is also to blame for the Ukraine Coup 2014 and the current horrific war, orchestrated the coup.

On March 7, 2022, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu and Deputy Assistant Secretary Lesslie Vigueri met with Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S. Asad Majeed Khan in Pakistan House in Washington D.C., and threatened U.S. sanctions unless Prime Minister Imran Khan is ousted. The Pakistani side comprised Deputy Chief of Mission Syed Naveed Bokhari and the defense attaché, The Dawn reports.

The next day, March 8, the Pakistani National Assembly voted to remove Khan.

The Biden administration has given Taliban-controlled Afghanistan more than $2.3 billion since its chaotic exit from the country two years ago, a new report claims.

A report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction that was released a week ago found that since the American military left Kabul with 13 U.S. service members killed and with billions of dollars in equipment left behind, money has continued to flow in.

On this Tuesday two years ago, the Taliban entered Kabul and the regime the US had propped up for 20 years collapsed faster than a house of cards.

"A report by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) notes that the Biden administration has given $2.35 billion to Afghanistan over the past two years, despite the fact that it is now ruled by the Taliban again following the disastrous U.S. withdrawal in 2021. The Washington Free Beacon shared details of the findings Tuesday, noting that the funds could be propping up the Taliban’s terrorist government. The SIGAR report found that approximately $1.7 billion “remained available for possible disbursement” at the time writing. The Beacon notes that “it is more than likely that a sizable portion of these funds will end up in the terror group’s coffers.” The Taliban are viewing international aide as a “revenue stream,” according to the report, which further states that the group is “comfortable accepting foreign support insofar as they can closely monitor the organizations, including restricting and controlling them, and claim some credit for the provision of the benefits.”"

COVID vaccines are causing a very significant increase in the likelihood of people developing sudden dementia.

Steve Kirsch: I just got off the phone with a charge nurse at a rehab/long term elderly care facility. She’s been a nurse for 32 years and has never seen anything like this in her history. She told me that they would rarely see anyone suddenly exhibit dementia behaviors like sudden onset hallucinations for no reason (nothing showing in the labs); maybe around 2 a year.

Now, just in the last 12 months, she’s seen this happen nearly 50 times, which is a 25X fold increase in the dementia rate.

By the way, she also told me that their local funeral home that picks up bodies from her facility mentioned to her that they had 150 deaths last month, but in a normal July they would get 7 deaths. [ I have a call into this funeral home; no call back ].

It’s very noticeable by people who work at nursing homes, but most are not able to talk about it without losing their jobs. I finally found someone who will talk on video. Stay tuned. The medical literature shows that COVID virus can also increase the risk of dementia, but the COVID vaccine is far more efficient, doing it at a rate that appears to be at least 25X that of the virus (this nurse had never seen any of these 50 cases post-COVID). This is why the nursing homes are all noticing this post-vaccine, rather than post-virus.

A VAERS search shows that COVID vaccine is causing dementia reports to be filed in people as young as 18 years old. No other vaccine in the 33 history of VAERS is doing anything close to this kind of damage. I’ll show you the chart.

. . . In particular, the new cases were high but also the onset age was much lower than normal. Because these reports were completely unprompted (there was no mention of dementia anywhere in the survey), I suspect this is happening in every nursing facility and people are just assuming “that’s odd” and thinking it is just a coincidence and not giving it a second thought.

VAERS confirms what the survey respondents said: the COVID vaccine is causing dementia. This is a query over all vaccines in the entire 33 year history of VAERS. Only one vaccine stands out with respect to dementia: the COVID vaccine. And the dementia reports are starting as early as age 18 years old.

Geneva / Switzerland

"When the bubonic plague struck Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened a whole hospital for the plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. The traders contributed, the magistrate gave grants every month. The patients always gave money, and if one of them died alone, all the goods went to the hospital. But then a disaster happened: the plague was dying out, while the subsidies depended on the number of patients. There was no question of right and wrong for the Geneva hospital staff in 1530. If the plague produces money, then the plague is good. And then the doctors got organized. At first, they just poisoned patients to raise the mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that the statistics didn't have to be just about mortality, but about mortality from plague. So they began to cut the boils from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they started dusting clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But somehow the plague continued to abate. Apparently, the dried buboes didn't work well. Doctors went into town and spread bubonic powder on door handles at night, selecting those homes where they could then profit. As an eyewitness wrote of these events, "this remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them." In short, one of the doctors became so impudent and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who by a lucky chance had recently come out of that hospital, discovered what that smell was. The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent “craftsmen.” They tried to get as much information from him as possible. However, the execution lasted several days. The ingenious hippocrats were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection the executioners used red-hot tongs to tear off pieces of meat. They were then taken to the public square, beheaded and quartered, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva. The only exception was the hospital director's son, who did not take part in the trial but blurted out that he knew how to make potions and how to prepare the powder without fear of contamination. He was simply beheaded "to prevent the spread of evil".

~ François Bonivard, Chronicles of Geneva, second volume, pages 395 - 402

Dr. Tony Fauci: ** Lied about the origins of the COVID19 virus ** Lied about funding the Wuhan lab that created the COVID19 virus ** Lied about gain of function testing at the Wuhan lab ** Lied about the effectiveness of hydroxycholoquine in treating the COVID19 virus – in preference of vaccines ** Lied about the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating the COVID19 virus – in preference of vaccines ** Lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines in protecting individuals from COVID19 ** Lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing the spread of the COVID 19 ** Lied about the dangers of the COVID19 vaccines to children ** Lied about the dangers of the COVID19 vaccines to healthy adults. ** Lied about making money off of the vaccines.

US Health Agencies lied to you about:

-Existing treatments for C19

-Man-made origin of the virus

-Safety/efficacy of mRNA

-Deaths and hospitalizations

-Mask efficacy

-Natural Immunity

They WITTINGLY spread medical disinformation for financial gain.



Records Reveal Fauci Made Over $300 Million From the Covid Pandemic While Americans Suffered

QUOTE: While the entire United States was under authoritarian mandates, top so-called Covid-19 "experts" were making hundreds of millions of dollars on the pandemic that caused lifelong hurdles for many Americans. According to records, the former NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, and former NIAID Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, made huge profits from royalty checks during the Chinese virus-fueled pandemic. At the same time, thousands of people struggled to put food on the table. OpenTheBooks, a transparency organization, recently released over 1,500 unredacted records revealing the leaders of the country's National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases profited off the virus that killed thousands of people. On top of that, Fauci funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology to research the Coronavirus. The records show Collins and Fauci got 58 royalty payments for allowing companies to use their COVID-19 vaccines, which in return was developed with funding from U.S. taxpayers by private pharmaceutical firms. So, in other words, the Covid pandemic was one big ploy for the government to get massively wealthy. Through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 56,000 transactions were recorded, totaling over $325 million banked by the "experts." "The NIH continues to refuse to voluntarily divulge the names of scientists who receive royalties and from which companies over the period of time from 2010 to 2016, 27,000 royalty payments were paid to 1800 NIH employees," Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said. "We know that. Not because you told us, but because we forced you to tell us through the Freedom of Information Act." Between 2010 and 2021, Fauci received 37 payments from three entities, including 15 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology— which ranks fifth in royalty payments. Fauci also received 14 from Ancell Corp. and eight from Chiron Corp., which was later bought by Novartis, allowing the company to obtain significant NIH funds. According to OpenTheBooks, names, and license numbers for each payment is absent from the records— data that the NIH initially withheld but was later forced to release by a court. This information is essential to know if there were any potential conflicts of interest. Records also show that Fauci, the highest-paid federal worker with a 2022 salary of $480,000, failed to donate his royalties to charity as promised.

Posted by bubah1mau 20 hours, 33 minutes ago to Philosophy

I know there are arguments pro and con; for one thing, the exorbitant expense of keeping someone alive if they’re already a vegetable (no comments about people in the WH or senators from Pennsylvania). But the obvious problem is the potential for abuse.

Opinion by Russian MFA Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova:

💬 What kind of Nazis are they?! (rephrased from the Western media mantra There are no Nazis in Ukraine)

Canada legalised physician-assisted suicides in 2016. The number of people who wish to be euthanised has been growing annually. In all probability, Canada will reach 50,000 such deaths a year – an achievement worthy of a country that took care, gave refuge to the surviving Nazi scum.

I will remind you that the Third Reich with its Aktion T4 programme (Tiergartenstraße-4) was the first state to introduce euthanasia on a mass scale. Apart from racial prejudice, the Nazis proceeded from economic considerations. It was expensive to pay for people requiring treatment. This was a tax burden. According to a document found in the Hartheim Euthanasia Centre in Nazi Germany, 70,273 people were killed under the Tiergartenstraße-4 programme by September 1, 1941. An unknown Nazi clerk noted with chilling pragmatism: “Considering that these patients could live for another 10 years, this is a saving of 885,439,800 Reichsmarks in total.”

Is the motivation of neoliberal Ottawa different from that of the Reich? Judge for yourselves.

According to a recent study by Daily Mail, an increasing number of people resort to euthanasia not because they are suffering from an incurable disease but because they are simply homeless (whose upkeep is a burden for the state) or people with diabetes. Last year, physicians approved a suicide of a young man with diabetes simply because he asked them. Later on, the commission dismissed their decision as unfounded.

Considering that the suicide rate is growing, journalists already believe that Canada is the easiest place in the world for parting with life with the help of doctors. This is how the Spectator puts it in its article “Why is Canada euthanising the poor?”: “Since last year, Canadian law, in all its majesty, has allowed both the rich as well as the poor to kill themselves if they are too poor to continue living with dignity. In fact, the ever-generous Canadian state will even pay for their deaths. What it will not do is spend money to allow them to live instead of killing themselves.”

The abhorrent Nazi interpretation of eugenics was reincarnated in neoliberalism and received an official seal of approval in Canadian law. This is what all the progressives are appealing for today.

I’d like to recall a sentence from the Hippocratic Oath: “Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.

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