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Crashing Narratives and Squirming

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Hilarious Voice over to set the tone:

"Ray Epps was on FBI's most wanted list one day, and the next day he was off. There are only two ways that happens: you die, or you are an informant. Jill Sanborn, the head of the FBI counterintelligence division, in charge of all these investigations, testified under oath when Senator Cruz asked her flat out, were there federal agents involved with January 6th? And she said, Senator, I can't answer that now. If the answer was definitively no, she would have said, no, absolutely not."

Useful if true - not confirmed yet...

Rasmussen Poll Results Show Over 60% of Likely Voters Believe Undercover Government Agents Provoked Jan 6 Riots

Biden attacks Elon on Twitter Files

In a major attack on the First Amendment, the Biden Regime is now demanding Elon Musk explain why he gave journalists access to the “Twitter Files.”

Biden’s FTC retaliated against Elon Musk and demanded he provide the names of the journalists and other documents protected by the First Amendment.

The FTC wants to put Elon Musk under oath!

Elon Musk responded to the Biden Regime’s latest effort to harass him for revealing the truth: “A shameful case of weaponization of a government agency for political purposes and suppression of the truth!”

Musk stated that Twitter suspended 800,000 accounts. that distributed child sexual abuse material in February of this year.

A journey towards an internet that allows freedom of speech must also come with the commitment to eliminating the potential for criminal and predatory behavior. Now, Musk is proving to be sensitive to that immensely important pursuit.

Where's the Beef?

excerpt: “... 28.9 million beef cows, or those explicitly bred for slaughter and meat sales, which is down nearly four percent from last year and the lowest the agency has recorded since 1962...” Beef inventories are down. It takes over 2 years for a calf to be ready for slaughter. Consider this in relationship to the decline/destruction in chicken raising/processing industry as well as the increase in droughts and supply chain/fuel shortages/transportation problems and fertilizer production decreases which are hampering and will worsen for vegetables and fruits and grains. Just something to ponder over a morning cup of coffee - while it’s still available.... I’m wondering if the Wookiee’s can eat their pronouns in a few years.

She told Watters that Democrats’ “philosophy of identity politics” is one of the main reasons she left the party.

You’re seeing how their agenda of identity politics is directly undermining the traditional Democratic values that were expressed so beautifully and clearly by Dr. Martin Luther King. That we should judge each other not based on the color of our skin, but based on our character. “

Gabbard said, “They’re proud to be judging people, hiring people, selecting people based on race, which is really, let’s be clear how serious of a problem this is. It’s based on genetics, race, based on your blood, your genes, and where do we see that connection? Well, these are the very same geneticist core principles embodied by Nazism and Adolf Hitler. This should be something that is sickening and alarming to every single Democrat and every single American. We have seen where this philosophy can lead. … We need leaders who will select people based on their character.

You look at the core values and core principles of Adolf Hitler and Nazism. What is it based on? It’s based on genetics. This is that philosophy of geneticism and discriminating against people based on their genes. And that’s the issue here, really, when you cut to the core of it.”

According to Gabbard, they select candidates based on “these immutable characteristics that we’re born with. This goes against, again, the very vision our founders had for us. It goes against traditional Democratic values and, most of all, the American people deserve to know that those in positions of power and leadership are putting their interest first regardless of race or gender or religion or politics or anything else. That’s the responsibility of our leaders and that’s what we, the American people, deserve.”

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