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Breaking: Ukrainian Nuclear Plot Foiled

Breaking Story! : Gripping report on the Nuclear Plot:

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine:

▫️On the morning of September 1, the Kiev regime attempted a major provocation to disrupt the arrival of IAEA expert working group at Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

▫️At 6:20 a.m., seven fast-moving motorboats landed on the coast of Kakhovskoye reservoir, three kilometres northeast of Zaporozhye NPP, with two sabotage groups of up to 60 people in total.

▫️The sabotage groups were detected and blocked in the drop-off area by Russian National Guard units guarding the territory of Zaporozhye NPP.

▫️A unit of the Russian Armed Forces and helicopters of the army aviation were transfered to reinforce Russian Guard troops in order to suppress an attempt to enter the nuclear power plant and destroy Ukrainian saboteurs.

▫️The destruction of the Ukrainian sabotage group is currently being completed.

At about 7:00 a.m., units of the Russian Armed Forces prevented another attempted landing to seize a nuclear power plant.

▫️A few kilometres from Zaporozhye NPP near Vodyanoye, an attempt was made to land a tactical airborne assault by AFU two self-propelled barges from Nikopol. Two self-propelled barges carrying tactical airborne assault of AFU are sunk as a result of the Russian Armed Forces' shelling.

▫️As of 8:00 a.m., the Kiev regime has blocked the passage of IAEA expert mission from controlled territory to Zaporozhye NPP.

▫️Ukrainian artillery is shelling the territory of Zaporozhye NPP, the meeting place of IAEA mission with Russian specialists near Vasil'evka, as well as the route of their movement to Energodar. Four shells exploded 400 metres from the 1st unit of Zaporozhye NPP.

▫️Despite attempts by the Kiev regime to disrupt the visit of IAEA expert group to Zaporozhye NPP, the Russian side confirms its readiness to receive them with full security of further operations.

▫️The situation around the nuclear power plant is difficult but remains under full control.

⚡️ Hostilities unleashed by Ukrainian sabotage groups on the day of IAEA experts' visit with artillery shelling of Zaporozhye NPP by AFU leave no doubt that Zelensky regime had prepared this military provocation well in advance.

▫️It was the completion of preparations for the seizure of Zaporozhye NPP by Ukrainian subversives on the day of IAEA experts' visit that was the reason for the cancellation of Mr. Grossi's visit to the plant on August 31 which was replaced by his "unscheduled" meeting with Mr. Zelensky.

▫️It is obvious that if the Kiev regime's operation to seize the plant were to succeed, IAEA head Rafael Grossi and the mission experts would become a "human shield" for the Ukrainian saboteurs to prevent any action by units of the Russian Armed Forces to destroy them.

▫️The role of IAEA mission would then be limited to fixing the new status quo - "Zaporozhye NPP has been taken over by Kiev", with a new wave of loud statements from Washington and European capitals calling on Russia to ensure a "demilitarised zone" around the NPP, where IAEA monitors would remain under the protection of the Ukrainian military.

▫️This provocation was thwarted by the effective actions of units of the Russian Armed Forces and National Guard. At present IAEA mission led by Rafael Grossi has arrived at the nuclear power plant and started its planned work with full security ensured by the Russian side. The position of Mr. Grossi and his team, who went to the plant despite Kiev's provocations and shelling by AFU, is worthy of respect.

▫️In this regard, we understand perfectly the undertaking of silence of all western sponsors of Zelensky's regime, which actually confirms their secret participation in the preparation of today's provocation at Zaporozhye NPP. At the same time, the absence of a public response from UN Secretary General António Guterres in Vienna to Kiev's actions near Zaporozhye NPP causes justified bewilderment.

▫️Such silence not only casts a shadow and questions the objectivity of the UN approaches to the situation around Zaporozhye NPP, but also leads to further escalation of the situation there with full impunity for the Kiev regime.


And so what happened today in Energodar. The landing operation was supposed to be the icing on the cake of the Kherson offensive. The Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared it for a long time, trained landings from boats, carefully masked the preparatory measures (which did not prevent our intelligence from carefully monitoring them).

And even though the Kherson offensive operation itself did not go according to plan, the capture of Energdar by a river assault was supposed to neutralize the negative consequences of huge losses and, in general, at the moment, an extremely unsuccessful attempt at a counteroffensive.

As a result, early this morning, 2 barges and up to 30 boats of the Ukrainian landing force began to cross the Dnieper and crossed it directly into a prepared ambush, where Russian Guard soldiers and army aviation were already waiting for them.

One barge was burned right on the way, parts of the landing force were allowed to land on the shore, pressed down by fire and began to methodically and cold-bloodedly destroy. Now up to 60 corpses of Ukrainian fighters of the most elite units lie on the shore, the beauty and pride of the ZSU. The rest swim in the river and feed the fat Dnieper crayfish.

There were instructors from NATO countries, we will find out after examining the corpses, it is quite possible that they were. In any case, the landing operation will go down in the golden annals of the most disastrous operations, and drowned men in the form of Zbroynyh forces emerging from the waters of the Dnieper at night will be part of Little Russian folklore for a long time to come.

The head of the IAEA said that the mission managed to collect a lot of important information in a few hours of work at the Zaporozhye NPP, he saw the "key things" that he wanted to see.

IAEA delegation arrives at Zaporizhzhia NPP - specialists may stay there less than previously planned

A delegation of the IAEA arrived at Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant. The specialists were originally scheduled to stay there for several days, but Reuters reported today that members of the delegation may stay there for a shorter period than previously planned.

It was previously reported that the delegation would stay there until September 3. How long they will stay now is unknown.

One of the barges that took part in the landing attempt at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. Source:

On top of all this:

Terrorist attack at Zaporizhzhia NPP prevented — Ukrainian saboteurs detained in Enerhodar

A group of Ukrainian saboteurs was detained in Enerhodar preparing a terrorist attack on the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Law enforcers share video of the terrorists' capture: a considerable arsenal of foreign-made weapons, grenades, improvised explosive devices, maps of Enerhodar and satellite systems were seized as well.

According to the law enforcers, the saboteurs had information about the design features of the ZNPP in order to hit the most unprotected place further.

The UN praised Russia/law enforcement for the prevention of the terrorist acts:

“We are glad that Russia has done what is necessary to protect the IAEA inspectors,” the UN positively assessed the prevention of the Russian Federation from seizing the ZNPP by Ukrainian saboteurs.

Nato is Materially Supporting a Public Kill List:

Scott Ritter is on it, as was Dariya Dugina before she was assassinated by Ukranian Agents in a orchestrated plot.

Scott Ritter:

Throughout my professional life, I have had occasion to use the skills I learned at Fort Bragg on several occasions — I was targeted for assassination while working as a U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq and I was informed that I was the subject of a “hit” put out by the Russian mafia for my role in breaking up an illicit missile component smuggling ring.

I would conduct a 360-degree inspection of my vehicle before entering it, looking for signs of tampering. And I would conduct counter-surveillance drills while driving, accelerating at odd intervals to see if anyone kept pace, or rapidly exiting a highway to see if anyone followed.

Today, I’m a 61-year-old writer living in the suburbs of Albany, New York. It’s a quiet neighborhood, where everyone knows everyone. And yet, due to recent circumstances, I once again find myself inspecting my vehicle before getting inside, keeping a watchful eye out for strange vehicles driving down my street and conducting counter-surveillance maneuvers while driving.

Why the paranoia? Simply put, my name has been added to a Ukrainian “kill list.” Think I’m getting too wound up? Ask the family of Daria Dugina, the 29-year-old daughter of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. Both she and her father were on the same list. Both were targeted for death by an assassin dispatched by the Ukrainian security services. Only a last-second change of plans, which put Alexander Dugin behind the wheel of a different car, kept him from being killed in the blast that took the life of his daughter.

I’ve been writing for some time now about the Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation and their publication in mid-July of a “blacklist” containing the names of 72 intellectuals, journalists, activists and politicians from several countries who were labeled “Russian propagandists” by the Ukrainian government for having the audacity to speak critically, yet factually, about the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

I took umbrage over this list for several reasons, first and foremost that the salaries of the Ukrainians who compiled this list appeared to be paid by the U.S. taxpayer using funds appropriated by Congress for that very purpose. The idea of Congress passing a law which empowered the Ukrainian government to do something — suppress the First Amendment guarantees of free speech and a free press — that Congress was Constitutionally prohibited from doing angered me.

Mirotvorets appears to have been hosted on NATO servers for years. You can pull up the site on Chrome, right-click to Inspect or View Page Source. Then you'll see a lot of natocdn dot net content Running Ip Who Is on that url takes you to the NATO dot int domain in Brussels

It's all public."


The perpetrator of Dasha Dugina's murder, Ukrainian member of the Azov National Militia Natalya Vovk, has already left Estonia and moved on to Austria⚡️

As of last night, a woman who resembled Dasha Dugina's killer is staying at the Ibis Hauptbahnhof Hotel in Vienna, as reported by concerned locals. The reservation was for one night - it is likely that the perpetrator of the terrorist attack will travel even further. Natalya Vovk has two other women and a child with her. /@rybar/

The murder of Dugina, together with Vovk, was prepared in Moscow by another member of the Ukrainian sabotage group - Ukrainian citizen Bogdan Tsyganenko (born 1978), who arrived through Estonia on July 30 and left the country the day before the murder.

Tsyganenko provided Vovk with forged license plates and documents in the name of a real Kazakh citizen, Yulia Zaiko, and, together with Vovk, assembled a homemade bomb in a rented garage in southwestern Moscow.

Vovk then personally followed Dugina in the parking lot for guests of the Tradition festival, followed her car in a Mini Cooper and set off the bomb.

Reported by the FSB.

Statement of the "Azov" regiment regarding the terrorist attack against the daughter of the Russian "propagandist" Dugin:

"The woman whose name and military ID that was published by the FSB in its report on the investigation of the terrorist attack against the daughter of the Russian propagandist Dugin has nothing to do with the "Azov" regiment and never belonged to our unit."

Statement by her father Alexander Dugin:

"As you all know, my daughter Daria Dugina was brutally murdered before my eyes in an explosion on August 20, as a result of a terrorist attack carried out by the Nazi Ukrainian regime while returning from the 'Tradition' festival near Moscow. She was a beautiful Orthodox girl, a patriot, a war correspondent, an expert on central TV channels, and a philosopher. Her speeches and reports were always profound, informed and restrained. She never called for violence or war.

She was a rising star in her early days. Russia's enemies killed her sneakily, underhandedly...

But we, our people can not break even under these unbearable blows. They wanted to crush our will with bloody terror against the best and most vulnerable among us. But they will not succeed.

Our hearts are not just hungry for revenge or retaliation.

That would be too shallow, not Russian. We only want our Victory. My daughter laid her maiden life on its altar. So, be victorious, please!

We wanted to bring her up a clever girl and a hero.

May she inspire the sons of our Motherland to heroism even now.

Thanks to an HHS whistleblower, we can now clearly see that most of the deaths from the vaccine are happening an average of 5 months from the last dose.

This explains why the life insurance companies got off-the-charts all-cause mortality peaks for people under 60 in Q3 and Q4 rather than right after the shots rolled out.

The five month delay is also consistent with death reports where people are developing new aggressive cancers that are killing them over a 4 to 6 month period.

The 5 month death delay was also confirmed using only European data. That analysis was posted Aug 11, but Steve Kirsch learned about it after he wrote this post.

So when you hear of a death from stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attack, cancer, and suicide that is happening around 5 months after vaccination, it could very well be a vaccine-related death.

Steve Kirsch got this chart from a whistleblower who works for HHS. This is data you are not supposed to see. The mortality increase (60% at peak) is huge. That sort of increase can only be caused by something novel that affected massive numbers of people.

There is only one possibility that fits that: the COVID vaccine. The peak is September 9, 2021.

The peak for vaccine doses is April 12, 2021:

Another analysis using only European data found the exact same 5 month delay!

An analysis posted at Chris Martenson’s site found the same 5 month delay using different source data!

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