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4 February 2019 - Dinner News

Roger Stone is Living Proof of the Double Standard of the Justice Department

The ultimate target of the special counsel is the president, not me,” Stone said. “I am just collateral damage because I worked for his election and I helped defeat Hillary Clinton.” “Mr. [James] Comey, Mr. [Andrew] McCabe, Mr. [John] Brennan, Mr. [Rod] Rosenstein, Mr. [Christopher] Wray, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills – all these people lied to the government investigators, which is a crime. All of them lied under oath to Congress, on material matters and they pay no penalty,” he said. “And they’ve destroyed evidence.” “I’ve destroyed no evidence. Yet, I am being persecuted in a contorted perjury case.” “It’s very, very scary because what happened to me could happen to any American. I am in my sixties, I don’t own a gun. I don’t own a valid passport. I am not a flight risk. I have no previous record. I am charged with a nonviolent process crime,” he said. “Yet, they mounted a greater raid on my house than the one they mounted to arrest and kill Bin Laden,” he continued. “It was an attempt to paint me to the American public as public enemy number one and to take the jury pool against me. It is entirely unfair and that’s why I am glad Sen. Graham is looking into the details.” “They have the unlimited resources of the American taxpayers and I am not a wealthy man. I am essentially broke, this has broken me financially and I have to raise the money for the lawyers for my defense and the security of my family because they are under constant death threats, threats of violence and so on.” 

Gavin McInnes is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center after the group designated his former organization The Proud Boys as an extremist hate group and accused McInnes of advocating violence.The SPLC officially designates McInnes former organization, The Proud Boys, as an extremist hate group and their website contains numerous articles about McInnes himself.

An article entitled Why are the Proud Boys so violent? Ask Gavin McInnes asserts, “Violence is at the core of their ideology and their primary tool for silencing their political foes” and blames McInnes for “blatantly promoting violence and making threats.”The national demonization campaign against McInnes has come at personal cost to the former VICE co-founder. A Daily Beast article revels in the fact that he faces regular confrontations with and harassment from his neighbors.During a September appearance on Infowars, McInnes complained that George Soros was “paying people to mess with my life, and spread these lies about me, spread fake news.”

McInnes was also completely deplatformed by Twitter back in August.McInnes is not the first high profile political figure to sue the SPLC in recent times.Last year, the group was forced to pay out $3.4 million and issue an apology to British political activist Maajid Nawaz after they falsely listed him as an “anti-Muslim extremist” (Nawaz is a Muslim reformist who campaigns against extremism).

McInnes: “The SPLC has gone from a noble institution genuinely dedicated to eradicating hate to a hate group in and of itself that pretends this country is frothing with bigots desperate to foment World War III,” McInnes said in his announcement. “They purposely lie about their enemies in an attempt to ‘destroy’ them (their words) and it’s become a very effective way to make money. Scaremongering brought them the $50 million their founder originally set out to make. Since then, it’s garnered hundreds of millions including untold millions in the Cayman Islands. I don’t fault entrepreneurs, but they are using this incredible wealth to wield power over the innocent and destroy careers and businesses in their insatiable need to generate more bigots — because in the world of SPLC fundraising, mo hate is mo money.”

People aren’t just being deplatformed and having their livlihoods stripped from them, McInnes explained, their lists are also leading to violence.

“Leo Johnson was working security at the Family Research Council when he was shot by a man who saw them on the SPLC’s hate group list. The Steve Scalise shootings were inspired by the SPLC’s list. A professor at Middlebury College was hospitalized after daring to defend Charles Murray who was deemed verboten by the SPLC. When you see their hate map of America, you’d think you were living in Nazi Germany,” McInnes added.

SPLC is also being sued under RICO by another group:

"On Thursday evening, Baltimore attorney Glen Keith Allen, who is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for racketeering, wire fraud, defamation, and other claims, told PJ Media that the SPLC has hired a high-powered attorney to defend them in the case. Among other things, Allen's suit demands a court judgment against the SPLC's 501c3 tax-exempt status, which could seriously cripple the organization.

"The SPLC Defendants have engaged Chad Bowman of Ballard Spahr, a large and well-regarded D.C. law firm, as their counsel," Allen told PJ Media in an email statement. He also said that he has formally "served" the SPLC, Heidi Beirich, and Mark Potok and that they have acknowledged and received the service. In other words, it's on.

The SPLC's decision to hire an attorney with such a high profile, rather than looking to their own internal counsel, suggests a real fear that Allen's lawsuit has teeth and may prevail.

Democrats from the State Department, Brookings Institution, and Military Intelligence Rigged the Alabama Election against Roy Moore:

"New Knowledge" tried to rig the election in Alabama by pretending to be Republicans in league with Russians 

Some of the text is here :

…but what a three they are. Jonathon Morgan, formerly of the State Department and Brookings Institute. Ryan Fox, formerly of military intelligence. Renee DiResta, formerly of Wall Street.

The State Department, military intelligence and Wall Street. The unholy trinity.

Obviously, some questions present themselves. Primarily, can we really trust all those “formerlies”? How did these three start this project? How do they know each other? Where does their funding come from? We don’t know. What we do know is that, somehow, these three crazy kids got together and decided to use their money (we don’t know where they got it from) and their army of volunteers (we don’t know who they are) to “combat disinformation”. A noble goal indeed. Let’s see how they did… WHY IS NEW KNOWLEDGE IN THE NEWS? This “think tank” recently made the headlines in the US because they were caught attempting to manipulate the Alabama Senatorial election. This is not a fringe “conspiracy theory” claim – it was in the New York Times, twice.

It’s now known that New Knowledge took part in various social media-based attempts to swing the Alabama senate race in favour of Democrat Doug Jones. These efforts were varied and odd. They included creating a fake Facebook page, purporting to be a group of Baptists who supported Republican candidate Roy Moore, because they believed he would help them ban alcohol statewide. They also encouraged (and/or created) independent candidates from the conservative right, in efforts to split the Republican vote.

We don’t know what impact it had – but Jones did win a very narrow victory over Moore (fewer than 22,000 votes). However, this was – by far – the most important facet of this story: “ It involved a scheme to link the Moore campaign to thousands of Russian accounts that suddenly began following the Republican candidate on Twitter, a development that drew national media attention.

New Knowledge pretended to be Russians supporting a Republican candidate in order to discredit him by association. They freely admit it: “ We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet,”

So it seems rather than “combatting disinformation”, New Knowledge actively spreads disinformation to achieve political goals.

They are staffed by State Dept. and intelligence agency veterans, and they spread false information to swing elections. That makes them a Psy-Op: “ Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. SO WHAT WAS THE REACTION? Mild. Disappointing. On multiple levels. Just like the Integrity Initiative coverage in the UK, the wider implications of corruption were completely ignored.

The story was always framed in terms of “fighting back against the Kremlin”, or “turning Putin’s methods against him”. The coverage focused on this being a “gift for the Kremlin” because it appeared to undermine the claims of Russiagaters (Note “appears to undermine”, rather than “undermines”).

New Knowledge (NK), of course, denied they were attempting to corrupt democracy in Alabama. Morgan called the Alabama operation an “experiment” testing the effectiveness of “Russian methods”. He claimed it was specifically “designed to have as little impact as possible”. (How you can “test the effectiveness” of something designed to have no impact is unclear to me). mintmachine The Amazon/Washington Post/Bezos admits to covering up the assault charges against the Lt. Governor of Virginia

The Washington Post ran unsubstantiated 30-year-old child sexual assault charges against Judge Roy Moore in Alabama in 2017.

The Washington Post ran unsubstantiated 34-year-old sexual assault charges against Judge Bret Kavanaugh that were refuted by EVERY potential witness in 2018.

But last year the Washington Post SPIKED 15-year-old sexual assault charges against Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is a Democrat.  Early Monday morning Lt. Gov. Fairfax admitted to knowing about the allegations.

And Fairfax staff revealed the Washington Post SPIKED the story last year!  They said they could not find any evidence to corroborate the allegations. SpaceX has a rocket for going to the moon.

We know what SpaceX's next-generation Starship looks like. Now we've also got a new look at the Raptor engine that will one day rocket it off our planet -- and a sublime display from its first test firing, too.

Elon Musk posted a pair of images to Twitter late Thursday showing a Starship Raptor engine and saying SpaceX was preparing to fire it at SpaceX's Texas facility. One of the images showed a worker standing near the engine, giving us a good sense of its scale.

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