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21 January 2019

As we celebrate civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. across America today, it is important to note that MLK was a Republican.

Dr. Alveda King, a civil rights activist and his niece, has long tried to share this information with the world through the National Black Republican Association and other efforts.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Watch as Dr. King’s own niece Alveda explains why he was a Republican and why that matters. Isn’t it strange how RBG has a major movie and then is being featured in the new LEGO movie.  RGB is prominently featured in the new LEGO movie opening on the 8th of Feb: Oops… Fox aired this a little too soon...

Strange numerical coincidences: Trump was born during a blood moon on June 14th 1946 and became POTUS 700 days before making Jeruselem became the capitol of Israel on their 70th anniversary.   Now we are having the POTUS anniversary on a blood moon?

On the night of President Trump’s birth, the Blood Moon eclipse was seen over South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

“What an incredible thing and you know Trump is already a Blood Moon President because he was born on a Blood Moon. What do you think about that one?

“June 14, 1946, – President Trump was born on a Blood Moon 700 days before Israel became a nation.

“And he just so happens to be the very President who decides to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel during the 70th year anniversary of Israel as a nation.”

A total lunar eclipse of the Moon did indeed occur on the night of June 14, 1946. Pelosi et al rejected the deal before even seeing it: INFO: U.S. House Speaker rejected President Trump’s proposal on Twitter at 4 P.M. ET, President Trump announced the proposal at 4:05 P.M. ET. Pelosi rejected a proposal which was not proposed yet.Pelosi says no deal: My wheelbarrow says we got 7-8 inches in 3 days..

Pelosi has previously been accused of trading stock based on information gleaned through her official duties. A law passed in the wake of that controversy prohibits members of Congress from using nonpublic information for personal gain. Language in that measure was informally dubbed the ‘Pelosi Provision.’ Politicians who cash in and those who don’t:

A worthy response to the Gillette "Man" ad by another company:

This has had 1.3 million views

Pope wants to subjugate the US “for its own good”:REPORT DATED JANUARY 3, 2019. POPE'S COMMENTS WERE FOLLOWING THE NOV 2018 G20 MEETING. Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, “for their own good.” An amusing hack...

Interesting brain synchronization technique for the treatment of brain disorders, PTSD etc…

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