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17 April 2019 - Evening News

More comes out about the Notre Dame fire which suggests arson:

Supporters of the Islamic State group used Monday’s fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to threaten future attacks, even though the investigation of the blaze has so far shown no links to terrorism, according to published reports.

Wait for the next,” was the translation given to one image posted by an Islamic State-linked group that showed flames near the bell towers of the cathedral, the U.K. Daily Mail reported, citing the privately run SITE Intelligence Group. The towers survived.

Another piece of propaganda spelled out “Have a good day,” in Arabic letters, while another called the fire “retribution and punishment,” SITE reported, according to the Daily Mail.

As of Monday, French officials said they had ruled out arson and terrorism as causes of the fire, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Jihadis celebrated the destruction of large parts of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in a devastating fire on April 15, 2019. Reactions by jihadis on social media refer to the cathedral as a symbol of Christianity and a major point of origin for the Crusades,” MEMRI reported.

The architect says there was no renovation at the site where the fire first broke out. This excludes welding conspiracy theories etc. Furthermore, the architect says 800-year-old oak does not catch fire without an accelerent. Security protocols were put in place to prevent this type of catastrophe according to numerous reports... No lack of suspects for this terror attack either... deep state, antifa, or other terror groups.

Comment from a friend:

Those roof beams were each hewn from a large tree.  As someone with many years of experience with fireplaces and wood stoves, getting a 6" diameter pine log burning, even with kindling, takes a long time.  Getting many 2 foot diameter hardwood logs burning in less than 20 minutes...  This smells of accelerant.  It also smells of a coverup.  A gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer system can identify nanograms of accelerants.  

Trump speaks with Macron and the Pope:

Just had a wonderful conversation with @Pontifex Francis offering condolences from the People of the United States for the horrible and destructive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. I offered the help of our great experts on renovation and construction as I my conversation yesterday with President @EmmanuelMacron of France. I also wished both Pope Francis and President Macron a very Happy Easter!

The redacted color coded Mueller Report is to be released tomorrow morning.

During his testimony Barr told the committee that the full Mueller Report will be released next week. The report will include four color-coded redaction categories.

– Grand jury material – Classified information – Material tied to ongoing cases – Information that could harm peripheral third parties

President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani will release a related report shortly thereafter:

WTOL reported:

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are putting the finishing touches on a rebuttal to the forthcoming report by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Rudy Giuliani, one of the president’s attorneys, said Tuesday that their document will be dozens of pages long. Giuliani says it will be published in the hours after the release of Mueller’s report on Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election. The Justice Department says it expects to unveil a redacted version of the 400-page document Thursday.

Attorney General Robert Barr last month released a four-page summary of the report and said Mueller did not conclude that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russians.  

"We will provide explanatory notes describing the basis for each redaction," he adds

A brief article posted at Fox News dot com, immediately following Ingraham's program Tuesday, summarized the segment:

Nearly 60,000 known or suspected illegal immigrants [sic] are being held in federal prisons, according to a report obtained by Fox News Tuesday from the Department of Justice. Quoting the report, he said "criminal aliens" make up 21 percent of those in the Federal Bureau of Prisons custody and 38 percent of those in Marshals custody.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

AG Barr is saying that asylum seekers who establish "credible fear" must be detained and cannot be released into the general public.


That means NO illegal alien who is not with a family (this policy does not affect families) will be released into the general public, because ...

DO establish credible fear = you are held in detention until your case can be heard.

Do NOT establish credible fear = you are not an asylum seeker, by definition, and since you are here illegally, you can be deported without an asylum hearing (which is the loophole they've been using for Obama's "catch and release" program).

For your amusement, this was retweeted by Rudy Giuliani :

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