The SCOTUS Strategy

When Texas brought the suit it did not have standing according to the 11th Amendment. Nevertheless, it became a rallying point for numerous people and organizations to take a stand and show what they are made of. Since it was Texas - an important state - it was more effective at this. Remember that the people Trump appointed to the SCOTUS are originalists. They do not legislate from the bench. The follow the Constitution and the 11th Amendment is clear about the lack of s

Violence and Voting Fraud

A Unitarian Universalist Church that supported BLM was attacked just like all the others. Obviously supporting BLM DOESN'T matter: video here: The violence continues as a fear deterrent and a distraction from voting in person. Covid and violence in the streets make people want to hide and stay home, and thus vote by mail. The Democrats only hope is to make people want to vote by mail which they can cheat at. Once agai



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