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You deserve to live.

An observation:

There is an underlying message that all the left has been pounding into us. Deep underneath their movements, chants, and political and private acts there is one single message they want us to make real.

It is the message that passes from the abortionist and the mother to the unborn child.

It is the message the global warming zealots push.

It is the message of the BLM and the rioters and Antifa.

It is pushed by the corrupt leaders who have been cashing in on their positions of power.

It is pushed by the leftists onto the productive people making businesses thrive.

It is pushed by unprincipled quacks onto locked down frightened elders.

It is being pushed by the Iranians and the Islamists and by China's rulers.

It is the message sent from the pedophile rapist to the desperate child.

The message is that you do not deserve to exist.

The message is wrong.

You deserve to live.

You are good and you deserve to live. Remember that and pass it on.

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