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Trump is in the lead. Here is the summary:

Pennsylvania – There is so much corruption in this state that it may go to the Supreme Court on numerous charges.  President Trump was up by 700,000 votes on election night but more than a million ballots were added since that which eventually stole the election for Biden.  The President has a clear path to victory once the illegal votes are addressed.

Wisconsin – Early in the morning after the election more than 100,000 votes magically appeared in Milwaukee.  The current lead for Biden is only 20,000.  If these votes or the exception in the numbers in Rock County are addressed, Trump will likely win this state by a large margin.

Michigan – This state is full of fraud.  Lawsuits are in place.  In addition there were over 100,000 votes dumped in Detroit and the lead here was stolen from Trump as well.  Once the illegal votes are eliminated President Trump has a very good chance of winning this state as well.

Georgia – The President was winning this state on election night by 100,000 votes.  But after the election a program was put in place to basically harvest a number of ballots.  Now Biden leads in this state as well.  Once the harvested ballots are thrown out, this state will go to Trump as well.

Nevada – Signatures were not verified on hundreds of thousands of votes.  It is likely that President Trump will win this state if any of the ineligible votes are eliminated here as well.

Arizona – No one knows what the hell is going on here.  Due to the delays in counting and recording a winner, it is likely this state is being stolen from President Trump as well.  What a mess.


Trey Trainor who serves as chairman for the Federal Election Commission is personally convinced that, from what he’s seen in Pennsylvania, and reports he’s been getting from elsewhere in the country, this election is illegitimate.

“Despite winning a court order which allows the Trump campaign to send observers to watch ballot counting in Pennsylvania from six feet away ballot watchers ‘have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way.'” He points out that “when observers have been permitted to watch, the goal post has been moved away.” Simply put, “there has not been transparency in the election.”

“Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption,” Trainor insists. “State law allows those observers to be in there. If the law isn’t being followed then this election is ‘illegitimate.'”

Project Veritas Releases RAW and UNEDITED Audio of 2 Hour Coercive Interrogation of USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins by Federal Agents

The tactics used to coerce and intimidate the USPS whistleblower is something you would see in a Communist country.

“I am not — I am actually. I am trying to twist you a little bit because in that, believe it or not, your mind will kick in,” Strasser says. “We like to control our mind. And when we do that, we can convince ourselves of a memory. But when you’re under a little bit of stress, which is what I’m doing to you purposely, your mind can be a little bit clearer. And we’re going to do a different exercise too, to make your mind a little bit clearer. So, this is all on purpose,” Strasser said.

“We have senators involved. We have the Department of Justice involved. We have-” Strasser says.

Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by Election Day to be considered valid and counted, per US law.

The “burner” Twitter account for Federal Agent of the IG Office Russell Strasser reveals he is a Trump-hating Joe Biden supporter.

Did we forget to mention that Federal Agent Russell Strasser who interrogated and used coercion tactics on @USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins also runs an Anti-Trump burner account @TitansFanJeff? — Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) November 11, 2020
For your plans tonight – DO NOT WATCH TRUMP’S TOWNHALL! Not even for the schadenfreude. All he cares about is ratings. Don’t give them to him. Otherwise for the next 19 days all he’ll talk about is how his ratings were better than Biden’s in place of answering real questions. — Jeff Streeter (@TitansFanJeff) October 15, 2020

The Twitter Account for Federal Agent of the IG Office Russell Strasser is @TitansFanJeff

Russell deleted all of his photos off of his Twitter after we released the full audio of the interrogation.

Russell “trying to twist you” “scare you” are an embarrassment to the badge

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) November 11, 2020

The postal worker in Pennsylvania who congressional Democrats and a major US newspaper claimed had recanted his allegations of mail-in-ballot tampering is denying that he walked back his words.

In a video posted Tuesday evening, Richard Hopkins, a United States Postal Service worker in the must-win swing state, denied taking back his statements when speaking to authorities.

“I’m here to say I did not recant my statements. That did not happen,” said Hopkins, 32.

Nick Sandman's atty, Lin Wood has joined the Trump legal team, and made an important statement this morning:

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