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WW3 Hawks

Nikki Haley is on the warpath. Haley wants to blow up the mullahs in Iran like Soleimani. Take them out with a missile strike.

Brian Kilmeade: You’re saying now’s the time to hit Iran?

Nikki Haley: Now’s the time to hit their leaders. It’s different. Don’t go and bomb the country.

Brian Kilmeade: What about their infrastructure? 

Nikki Haley: The infrastructure in Iraq and Syria. You start with that first. You do the sanctions and you take out a couple of their leaders. That’s the way…

Brian Kilmeade: In their country? 

Nikki Haley: If they’re in their country, you do like Soleimani, when they left the country. You figure out where they are. Our special operations can do that. And then you take them out. That will send a message. We’ve got to do this immediately.

Sometimes Chief Justices do get Caught and go to Prison...

Former head of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev's bail was paid, now he will be released

Earlier, the court reduced the bail amount for the seventh time to UAH 18 million. The initial amount was UAH 107 million.

Knyazev was detained in May 2023. Upon release, he will have to wear an electronic bracelet, hand his passport over to the authorities and not leave Kiev.

Andrei Martyanov, a Russian expert on the technology, says that what hits the American base barracks was not a drone. He says it must have been a cruise missile because it had more firepower than a mere drone. Hence the fuss.

Another View from Israel

Rabbi Yosef Rosenberg speaks out before Global Day of Action for Gaza on Saturday:

In anticipation of the Global Day of Action for Gaza on Saturday, 13 January, Rabbi Yosef Rosenberg delivered a poignant message. Addressing the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, he condemned Israel's military operations, which have led to over 23,210 civilian casualties, predominantly women and children.

Israel's Communication Minister talks:

We should encourage voluntary migration and we should compel them until they say they want it.

Shlomo Karhi says Israel should continue to pressure Palestinians through war and starvation until they are forcefully displaced.

Commenting the ICJ ruling, Sky News anchor tells an Israeli politician:

“Like the sort of voluntary relocation of many Jewish people during the Holocaust"


Very interesting biblical argument that makes sense to me:

Present Day Israel Is Not the Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy!

Whereas the Bible prophesies that Jesus Christ Himself will return one day to sit upon the literal throne of David and reign over the earth triumphant from Jerusalem; the Antichrist is Satan’s gimmick (substitute) for Christ, professing himself that he is the Messiah, God (2nd Thessalonians 2:4). Since the Antichrist is a counterfeit, naturally he is going to need a counterfeit Israel. And if Satan needs a false Israel for his false Messiah, then he also needs false Jews. Jesus warned in Revelation 2:9 about false Jews of the synagogue of Satan who claim to be true Jews. For nearly everything in God’s prophetic plan, the Devil has a counterfeit to deceive the human race. We even see the trio of the False Prophet, the Beast and the Dragon—imitating God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

If you understand that the coming Antichrist is Satan’s imitation of Christ, then it should also become obvious to you that Satan has a false Israel too. Whereas Biblical Christians are looking for the return of Jesus Christ to establish His earthly kingdom; heathen Zionists are looking for their false Messiah, the Antichrist, to reign over the world. The New World Order will be the Antichrist’s counterfeit of Christ’s true coming kingdom during the 1,000 year millennium. The Antichrist will claim to be the Messiah, even proclaiming to be God from the temple in Jerusalem, but he will be an imposter. The unsaved world will eagerly follow the Antichrist when he comes, but many will refuse. At the halfway point through the Tribulation, the Beast (Antichrist) will demand worship of his image from everyone on earth or they will be executed! This event is called The Abomination Of Desolation!

So we see that there will be a false Christ (Messiah) and a false Israel. The true Israel will be regathered to the Promised Land only when Jesus returns to set up His kingdom, and not before. The attempt to restore Israel since 1948 is a Zionist movement by Marxist/Communist false Jews who are led by the international banking cabal. The Illuminati by war and bloodshed put Israel back onto the map in 1948 as a vehicle by which to control the kings of the world. How does Israel rule over the kings of the earth? It’s the international banking cabal. Their official headquarters is The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR created the United Nations (UN)! Starting to get the picture?

The ACCURATE way to look at Israel, the Jews and the Antichrist is to see Present-Day Israel, the Antichrist and the Antichrist’s rule over the world as Satan’s counterfeit of true Israel, Jesus Christ and Christ’s Millennial Kingdom.

Is it so hard to believe that present-day Israel is a satanic decoy for true Israel? True Israel will accept her true Messiah, Jesus. Present-day Judaism which controls Israel rejects Jesus as the Messiah. They are wholeheartedly looking for the false Messiah of the Antichrist, which is why he will stand in the Jewish temple one day and claim to be God (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:14; 2nd Thessalonians 2:4; Revelation 13:15).

Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Lithuania… Farmers All Over Europe Take a Stand Against Crippling ‘Green’ Policies

The European continent is in turmoil, plagued by a multitude of self-inflicted maladies coming from the insane, failed globalist policies pushed by the EU: unchecked mass migration, unemployment, economic stagnation, LGBTQ lunacy, and – of course – the crippling climate alarmist ‘green’ regulations.

Perhaps no other sector of the economy was more impacted by the green lunacy than Agriculture.

European farmers, as in one voice, say that the green policies and taxes are taking them to the very edge of bankruptcy, in what becomes in all practical terms a ‘manufactured famine’.

So the protests have sprung up all over Europe, ahead of the EU elections in June, with the Agricultural workers demanding more government subsidies and protection from cheap grain from abroad.

The local demands vary, but they all claim to be taking the hardest hit from environmental reforms, and therefore they need more government subsidies to offset them.

More her:

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was given 10 years in prison "for disclosing state secrets."

The former head of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry was also imprisoned.

Imran Khan himself previously stated that he was illegally removed from power as a result of a coup supported by the army elite ordered by the United States.

Carlos Bolsonaro, a Rio de Janeiro city councilman and son of former conservative Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, became the target of a search and seizure operation conducted by the Federal Police on Monday, January 29. Law enforcement agents carried out the operation at both his residence and parliamentary office.

The action was authorized by Supreme Federal Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, a jurist known to be at odds with supporters of former President Bolsonaro and recognized for his staunch criticism of right-wing ideologies.

The Federal Police, now under the leadership of the government headed by the communist Lula da Silva, faces accusations of targeting conservative opposition figures in Brazil. Just a few days ago, two conservative deputies from Jair Bolsonaro’s party were also subjects of police operations.

An ongoing investigation is probing alleged illegal surveillance of authorities by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency during Bolsonaro’s presidency.

The latest Federal Police operation occurred a day after a “Super Live” event featuring Jair Bolsonaro and his sons. The live stream garnered up to 400,000 simultaneous viewers.

During the broadcast, Jair Bolsonaro introduced a new political training course and provided strategies for conservative voters to select candidates in the 2024 local elections in Brazil.

The individuals under investigation may face charges of unauthorized access to someone else’s computer system, involvement in a criminal organization, and interception of telecommunications, computer, or telematic communications without judicial authorization or for purposes not permitted by law.

Conservatives accuse the Supreme Federal Court of engaging in a “fishing expedition”, a practice prohibited in Brazil.

Jair Bolsonaro criticized the operation, dubbing the Federal Police as the “Gestapo.” At the time of the operation, he was fishing with his sons and returned home around 11 a.m., where they were met by federal agents.

Carving up Ukraine's carcass:

▪️Following the Hungarian politician, Romania also announced its intentions regarding Ukraine:

The head of the national council of the Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR) party said that Bucharest should not give up its territorial claims to Ukraine in order to restore “the Romanian state within its natural borders.”

▪️Hungarian far-right politician László Torockai announced claims to the Ukrainian region.

“If Ukraine falls, we will lay claim to Transcarpathia,” he said.

The FDA Has Just Removed Informed Consent From Any Clinical Trial They Deem “Minimum Risk”

Without Any Politician Voting On It, The FDA Just Forced All Americans To Be Big Pharma Lab Rats 2 Part Video: 1st Part Shows Document. 2nd Part Explanation Begins At 0:12 “I want to bring your attention something that just is hot off the press and should concern everyone, and that's this. FDA eases informed consent requirements for minimal risk trials. What that means is that when the DA believes that a clinical trial or investigation of a particular product could be a drug, could be a Vaccine could even be a medical device that's being tested. If it poses minimal risk, Then the traditional need for an informed consent can be waived.

 Of course, they don't define what minimal risk means and there were only about 50 public comments when this rule change was being proposed. Some of the comments brought up concerns that this rule change could be in violation with international standards, including the Nuremberg Code. So how could this possibly affect you? This new FDA rule was not voted on by any politician. It was implemented by the FDA.“

Survey: NEARLY HALF THE DEATHS observed in US households judged to be due to the COVID vaccine --

Professionally done survey of sample of 1,000 American households done by market research professional Leonard Murphy. Executed by TapResearch.

Executive summary:

I engaged a professional market research expert, Leonard Murphy, to do a survey about vaccine injuries and deaths in American households. He created the survey with some input from me. I personally funded it. The list he used was from a third party professional firm and not biased in any way.The results will stun you.1,000 American households were surveyed. The survey demographics are chosen to be representative of America.Of the 1,000 households surveyed, 194 reported a death in their household since 2021.Here’s the punch line:Nearly half of the respondents thought the death was due to the COVID vaccine

(NOTE from OP: that was "nearly half the respondents THOUGHT the death was due to the COVID vaccine", so don't present it to others as if almost 50% of the deaths WERE SCIENTIFICALLY FOUND TO BE FROM COVID VACCINE. This is good data, but be aware of the limitations).

WHY did people think their "household member" died FROM the jab?

One big reason: the age distribution of the victims skewed towards YOUNGER people; about 78% were UNDER 60.

A whole lot of YOUNG people -- well below the typical age of death, that is -- are dying in America, and no other culprit than the COVID vaccine makes sense for the vast majority of those.

Kirsch adds:

It’s a shame that the mainstream media won’t run a survey like this one to replicate the results, isn’t it.

This is Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. He decided to create a pan-African currency backed by gold called the Gold Dinar. He is the one Hillary was referring to when she said: "We came, We saw, He died."

Chaos in Ukraine government:

How to be Invisible:

How male ukrainians 🇺🇦 avoid draft?

“We have 3.4 million people who are not abroad, not in the Armed Forces, not disabled, not studying and not engaged, I don't know where all these people of draft age are, - deputy Natalukha

In order not to fall into the field of view of army commissars , people will stop being served by banks,, own credit cards, and travel”

Males also don’t use e mails, digital passports, dress as an old people on the streets,don’t live in the place of registration,use monero and cash,dont pay taxes, use burner numbers for their social network accounts and have a telegram groups that tell people where army commissars are now.

Parallel/shadow economy also exist.

According to some data 50% of Ukrainian economy is in the shadow and while official/government firms in Ukraine must provide people for conscription businesses that operate in the shadows do not.

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