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World Wide Power Plays

Our Commander in Chief is a vegetable, being advised by a crackhead, and about to be replaced by a diversity hire.

MEANWHILE, Putin and Xi are at the SCO Summit in Kazakhstan, planning how to “bolster security and counter the US”.

They are licking their chops, while we implode.

Le Pen refuses to kow tow to the Muslims...

Meanwhile in Dagestan the Mufti ays no hijab allowed in an effort to fight terrorism.

Canada, Qatar, Germany and the Netherlands called on their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

It is reported that Israel's ground operation in Lebanon could begin "within 48 hours."

A senior military commander of Hezbollah responsible for one of the three sectors in the group’s heartland, southern Lebanon, was assassinated by Israel on July 2. The commander, identified as Muhammad Nimah Nasser, was reportedly killed when a strike targeted his vehicle near the Italian Hospital in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre. Video footage showing the aftermath of the strike were posted to social networks.

The Global Hawk Wars...

According to Fighter-Bomber, one of the most prominent Russian milbloggers, they “neutralized” an American RQ-4B “Global Hawk” over the Black Sea. Fighter-Bomber claims there’s even a video of the event. His account suggests that a MiG-31 made two passes by the US drone, flying at up to Mach 2.3 (over 2800 km/h). He says that “this is the first such case in the history of aviation” and that “no one has ever ‘met’ anyone at such altitudes and speeds”. Fighter-Bomber also said that the superfast, high-flying MiG-31 (NATO reporting name “Foxhound”) was chosen because it’s the only aircraft in the VKS (and the world) that could perform such a task.He also stated that both the pilot and the navigator/WSO (weapons systems officer) of the MiG-31 received the “Order of Courage” for their actions during the encounter and that “the [MiG-31] crews are preparing for new ‘meetings’ [with US drones]”. 

Most media rejected these claims, as any evidence is yet to be revealed. However, NATO’s actions ever since suggest that at least some sort of “incident” took place, as there have been no NATO ISR drones flying over the Black Sea. These have been replaced by manned ISR aircraft. What’s more, these are also flying with fighter jet escorts. Worse yet, most of them are flying over areas occupied by NATO, particularly Romania. In the meantime, the Russian military formally announced it would be taking measures against US/NATO ISR assets to prevent further terrorist attacks, which is in line with Fighter-Bomber’s claims.

One of the positive aspects of this is also the fact that NATO will be forced to provide escorts for manned aircraft, meaning it’s far more expensive and logistically cumbersome to sustain ISR flights, making them rarer and, thus, drastically reducing the efficiency of the already overhyped NATO weapons. To say nothing of the expenses of having to provide constant fighter jet escorts that include up to four aircraft on constant guard duty. In addition, these jets simply don’t have the range to follow ISR aircraft throughout the mission, meaning that an entire squadron has to be on combat duty at all times, further complicating such missions for NATO. And indeed, right after the MIG-31–RQ-4B incident reported by Fighter-Bomber, NATO ISR drones suddenly canceled all of their scheduled flight missions over the Black Sea, without any official explanation.

Irish teacher released after 400+ days in jail over refusal to use transgender pronouns

...The saga surrounding the jailed teacher has been ongoing since 2022. Burke, a teacher of history and German, refused to comply with his school principal’s May 9, 2022, order to use a female name and pronoun for a male student who was in the process of “transitioning.”This decision set him on a course that ultimately led to his imprisonment. ...It was an accelerated thing, and Burke pushed it: he was fired and not supposed to go back to his old school, but kept doing so.

... His arrest and jail term are technically due to Burke’s refusal to comply with the court order to avoid the school rather than his refusal to use the transgender pronouns... Others have argued that Burke’s jail term is due to his own continued refusal to accept his firing by the school and that he could walk free if he only agreed to not present himself at the school. ...

"American private equity firms are snapping up mid-sized British companies that no one else is willing to buy. Meanwhile, financial markets commentators are pushing British business owners to sell their companies to America. What we are seeing is the final consolidation of the post-1945 settlement in which Britain agreed to be a subordinate partner to the Americans in everything military and economic. The financialised British economy is being actively weaponised against the country to asset-strip its companies and place them under American ownership."

▪️The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers plans to privatize Sense Bank and Ukrgasbank

"We are preparing two systemic state-owned banks for sale - Sense Bank and Ukrgasbank, and we also plan to appoint an internationally recognized financial adviser by the end of September 2024 according to a transparent procedure and after consultations with international financial organizations," Ukraine's memorandum with the IMF says.


A generation left in the lurch:

🟥 The daily humilation and torture of German youth. This video is just the tip of the iceberg. No one has been cheated of their future more than today's European & German youth.

▪️Born in a generation in which they are a minority in schools and cities. Left alone among wolves.

▪️Born into a culture that teaches them systematic shame, crippling their national and gender identity.

▪️Born into a world of decadence and degeneration, without structure and values.

▪️Born into a time of demographic & economic decline, without affordable housing, real career opportunities.

👉 Just good enough to finance the boomers' pensions and the (new) citizen's allowance with their lifeline, or die on the new eastern front.

✈️ But this generation has a dream: #remigration & reconquista. Older people should be a little lenient if they sometimes find the right-wing youth "too radical". The radicalism of the youth has real causes. Their ancestors have let them down at all levels.

CDC Panel Recommends COVID Vaccines for Ages 6 Months and Up Amid Concerns Doctors Afraid to Recommend Shots

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Thursday also recommended everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot.

Advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday voted to again recommend the COVID-19 vaccines in 2024 for all people ages 6 months and older — despite concerns about recent safety signals, drastically reduced efficacy among a population with high immunity levels and rising costs.

CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) also recommended everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot.

The CDC affirmed the recommendations, which will take effect as soon as the new vaccines from Moderna, Novavax and Pfizer become available, the agency said.

NEW ARTICLE: BRAIN DAMAGE caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines - 

Two massive South Korean Studies shake things up! Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines cause severe & permanent BRAIN DAMAGE and massive studies now confirm what many of us suspected. I review three studies just published!

We are now starting to get solid evidence of BRAIN DAMAGE caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. So when you get your COVID-19 Vaccine, after 3 months you get these bonuses: +140% Mild Cognitive Impairment +23% Alzheimer's Dementia +68% Depression +44% Anxiety, dissociative, stress, somatoform +93% sleep disorders ++ sexual disorders increased risk of psychosis within 7 days especially if you're in your 30s with only 50% chance of recovery That starts to explain behavior in some of the COVID-19 Vaccinated.

The Chevron doctrine made it possible for masks, shots, and lockdowns because the experts said so. Now that’s gone. Lockdowns made mail in voting a thing. This means no more mail in voting is needed. What about the pandemic? Covid never filled the definition of a pandemic, it didn’t qualify. Neither will bird flu or anything else. The experts can whine, cry, scream, and presidentially crap themselves to no avail. They lost their authority when Chevron crashed and burned.

If a wicked witch of the north says the sniffles is a pandemic because she or a health board says so, take it to court for a judges ruling on whether or not it’s a pandemic, because it’s not. This means no more mail in voting is needed, ever.

If you don’t already know your state reps phone numbers or email, now is a good time to do a search for them and make sure they know the new rules. If you want to stick it to the people who stuck it to us, this is the way to do it.

‘Stunning Admissions’: White House Pressured FDA to Cut Corners On COVID Vaccine Approvals In Order To Push Mandates

The Biden administration pressured the FDA to “change its procedures, cut corners, and lower agency standards,” to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines and authorize boosters, according to a congressional report released earlier this week.

The case for lithium

From a purely scientific point of view, lithium actually fulfils all the criteria of an essential trace element (see my Article on Lithium, the Essential Trace Element), so the only question that remains for me is how much of this vital substance the human organism needs each day to naturally regulate its vital functions. Accordingly, a deficiency has serious implications for human health, as summarised in a 1996 World Health Organisation (WHO) report on "Trace elements in human nutrition and health"[1]:

"Epidemiological studies in the USA have shown negative correlations between lithium in drinking-water and mortality, especially from heart disease [...] and admission rates to mental hospitals ". These and many other effects of chronic lithium deficiency, especially on the human psyche, have since been documented in a large and growing number of studies. For example, if you are lucky enough to live in a region where the local drinking water happens to have a slightly higher concentration of lithium, you are significantly less likely to become depressed, commit suicide or develop Alzheimer's disease. (see here) As early as 2011, an Austrian study provided conclusive evidence that "overall suicide rate […] as well as the suicide mortality ratio […] were inversely associated with lithium levels in drinking water."[2]

According to this study, "an increase of lithium concentration in drinking water by 0.01 mg/l[milligrams per litre] was associated with a decrease in the suicide rate of 1.4 per 100 000 or a 7.2% reduction in the SMR [standardised mortality ratio; the ratio of observed deaths in the study group to expected deaths in the general population] for suicide". To make suicide completely unlikely in purely mathematical terms, it would therefore be necessary to increase the dose by a factor of about 15, i.e. about 0.3 mg per day more than in regions with a relatively high suicide rate. This small amount of just 0.0003 grams of additionally administered lithium also corresponds approximately to the amount that, according to the results of a clinical trial from 2013, was able to completely halt the mental deterioration of Alzheimer's patients in the early stages of the disease over the entire study period of 15 months.[3]

I want to emphasize at this point: Lithium is not a drug in this case. Rather, it is a deficiency of these micro amounts of lithium that has a significant impact on the human psyche and brain function and is one of the causes of the disease. Supplementation corrects the deficiency and its effects. A number of researchers are therefore calling for serious consideration to be given to adding lithium to tap water.[4]

🇺🇦🇫🇷🤯While Ukrainians are sent to die in a senseless, NATO engineered conflict, Olena Zelenska splurges on a €4.5 million Bugatti Turbillon during a Paris visit. The decadence amidst devastation is unfathomable.

An insider from Bugatti's Paris dealership disclosed that a private presentation was arranged exclusively for the Zelensky couple on June 7. This sneak peek, held two weeks before the public reveal, led Zelenska to secure the first of only 250 cars to be produced. Journalists have obtained the invoice, confirming the staggering sum.

As Ukrainians endure unimaginable hardship, their so-called leaders revel in obscene luxury. This is not just hypocrisy—it's an insult to every suffering Ukrainian. How long will the world turn a blind eye to this grotesque display? Theft and destruction of nation (Ukraine) all to please the globalist masters and their forever wars. Pure evil.

🎙Subscribe @TheIslanderNews

🇹🇷 🇸🇾 🇸🇾 The Turkish army is transferring reinforcements to northern Syria.

🔻 All Turkish civil servants and government officials are ordered to immediately leave occupied Northern Syria

🔻 Turkish Air Force F-16 fighters ordered to return to bases

🔻 Negotiations between the Turkish army and Turkish-backed Syrian rebels in northern Syria are currently ongoing.

Russia facilitates opening the first Syrian-Turkish route since the beginning of the Syrian war

After the Russian-sponsored trial opening of Abu al-Zinden crossing between territories of the Syrian government and those of Turkish-sponsored terrorist factions, Russia plans to boost economic relations between the neighboring countries in preparation for future political normalization

The next step will be re-opening the Aleppo-Gaziantep (“Al-Shatt”) route, allowing direct transport between Turkey and Syria for the first time since the NATO-backed overthrow

Violence is escalating in the northwestern militia-controlled territory as well, as the new normalization will signify the return of Idlib to Syrian control, and subsequent cutting off of Turkish logistic aid, arms, and all kinds of services such as electricity, water and internet. The Turkish army will retreat back to the borders, leaving the terrorists defenseless, with the only option of ending their terror campaign and surrendering to the Syrian Army.

Northern Syria is on fire. The locals are rebelling against the Turks.

Volunteer groups are being formed in the country with the goal of expelling Turkey from Syrian territories. There are shootouts.

Apparently there are rumors that Erdogan will surrender the Syrian opposition to Bashar al-Assad and withdraw Turkish forces from Syria.

🇹🇷 Representatives of the Syrian opposition accuse the Turks of treason and threaten to hand them over to the PKK:

“You [the Turks] sold us to Bashar and his dogs.

Should we hand you over to the PKK now? You are traitors!

We will not bow to anyone except Allah."

 Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir on reports of detention camps where Israeli soldiers have tortured, raped Palestinians: 

🔶️ “Everything published about the abominable conditions was true. I have already proposed a much simpler solution, of enacting the death penalty.”

🇵🇸🇮🇱#Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir: 

The #Palestinian prisoners must be killed by shooting themselves in the head, and until this is achieved, we will give them little to live on.

Gantz believes Netanyahu cannot continue to wage war in this manner and it is time to set an election date. He strongly criticized the prime minister for the release of hospital director Shifa Abu-Salamiya.

🇵🇸🇮🇱 Abu-Salamiya spoke about inhuman torture in an Israeli prison. For two months the prisoners were starved and beaten.

🇮🇱🇵🇸 Together with Abu Salamiya, about 50 more prisoners were released.

Socialism And Communism Are Just Weasel Words For Slavery

Globalist Marxism Takes Slavery to Its Ultimate Level

‘Slavery Cannot Tolerate Free Speech’

Due Process and Rule of Law Don’t Exist in Communism or Slavery

End of Property Rights: Own Nothing and Be Happy

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